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  1. Barbara77


    thank you so so much for your blog & video It feels like I have lost hope and every stability and there is no way out. Here in Germany there is so much pressure concerning the vaccination ( I don´t read the news anymore). I hope I will find a way to feel empowered again.
  2. I am shaking all the time during parts work (even my head). Sometimes it is really scary but so liberating... thank you, Teal
  3. Barbara77

    Raven Meditation

    Teal always knows what we need
  4. Barbara77


    follow my joy
  5. Barbara77


  6. Barbara77


    peace and truth
  7. Barbara77

    Stability Aid

    I Can't Thank You Enough
  8. thank you so much for this lots of love to all premium members
  9. Barbara77


    how peaceful I am.
  10. Barbara77


    the man I am in love with.......because he is not by my side.
  11. Barbara77


    Tarot Readings Declutter my home

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