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  1. senay

    What a beautiful idea, Teal! Let us all feel our connectedness!
  2. senay

    David's attitude is light and joyful. His twenty years of experience and his openness to using whichever process feels right in the moment lead to a relaxing freedom. He has helped me through several dark moments in my life. I felt completely held and understood as well as very safe. After the sessions I observed my attitude towards life shift in major positive ways. I am very thankful to have him by my side. This world feels more open with him here.
  3. senay

    My experience with Daniel as a Completion Process practitioner is that of total comfort and security. He exudes such calmness and certainty. I was able to drop myself completely and knew that everything is okay. Nothing is too much or too intense, he can hold it. Daniel gives true unconditional presence, reflected in his warm voice.