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  1. A couple of things that I think will help: - what a person can be, they must be. For you, from what you have said, you must love. You need to love fully, completely, truly madly, deeply. If you don’t do this then you will always feel like you have cut a part of yourself off. - I don’t know what your “love language” is but I think you need to figure that out. It will be easier if you manage to find a partner who has the same love language as you. But if you fall in love with someone who has a different love language, you might need to understand that you partner does not love you “less”, but they do love you “differently”. Find the Love Languages book or information online. Teal has referenced the Love Languages in a video.
  2. Everything we have known, every person we have ever loved, or hated, or laughed with, or fought with exists on a pale blue dot that we call Earth. There is goodness, love, hope and opportunity... There is also evil, hate, division and walls... we don’t have to hate the hate. We can work against hate and evil without giving way to ourselves hating. But the love, the hate, the good, the evil, it all just works to bring us to where we are. Teal overcame the worst kind of torture that I can imagine and she knows that it all brought her to where she is now. Whether we like it or not, the universe is unfolding as it should. And that is the miracle.
  3. A couple of thoughts for you: -my approach to codependency might be overly simplistic but here it is. Enabling another person’s self-destructive behavior is codependency. But supporting and encouraging positive behavior is not. Supporting and encouraging someone to be their best self is interdependence, and it’s a good thing. Consider the following three levels: -self-nurturing is good. We all need and deserve to nurture ourselves. People who love themselves know that we need this. -self-indulgence isn’t so great but once in a while, what the hell. We can indulge ourselves once in a while. -self-abuse and self-destruction is not good. People who love themselves do not abuse or destroy themselves. much love, Scot
  4. Yes. My feeling is that your statement “I am a big time overthinker” is spot on. You are way over thinking this. i met another overthinker on another web forum. You remind me of her. I chatted with her for quite some time. If you are the same: a big time over thinker then here is my advice. - be willing to access “yes” for an answer. - if you don’t accept that “yes” actually means “yes” and you keep asking over and over, then you will turn that “yes” into a “no”. So your desire for reassurance will eventually push a wedge into your relationship. - if your online girlfriend says that the time apart will not be a problem then trust her. - bottom line is: we all need to learn to trust and learn that we are actually lovable. And what makes us lovable? The fact that we can love back and we can trust. That alone is what makes us lovable. May you be well May you be happy May your heart be open and filled with loving-kindness both for yourself and for others. But start with yourself.
  5. I agree with what Mai-da wrote in her answer. I judt want to add my own two cents: we know our conscious minds quite well but sometimes our subconscious has more of an effect on us than we realize or we even care to admit. Carl Jung called the parts of ourselves that we are normally not aware of the shadow. The shadow isn’t necessarily dark in the sense of evil but it is dark in the sense that it is mostly hidden from what we normally think about ourselves. However you can come to know more about your shadow by introspection. Shadow work and Teal’s “Completion Process” are essentially the same thing, in my honest and current opinion. But the Completion Process has a strong and defined structure (set of steps to follow). Shadow work may be less structured or differently structured.
  6. Oh my... disclaimer: I am SO not a dietician! I was wondering how long you would stay on your fruit-only diet. It seems to me that the idea is that fruit is really easy on your system. So fruit-only is just a temporary thing to just give yourself a break. i don’t think you have diarrhea but I do think you are having a digestion problem. I just came off a course of antibiotics. It is well known that antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria that lives in your gut and helps you digest food. When you take antibiotics, you tend to get diarrhea. And so, it is a good idea to eat yogurt or some other probiotic to repopulate your gut with good bacteria. For me, yogurt is just fine; I don’t need fancy probiotic pills from a health food store. I have been eating a cup of yogurt along with each meal. It seems to help my system. I am planning to keep this up for while. And I also plan to use kombucha tea because it is also a probiotic. But kombucha I think is also supposed to detoxify your liver. And so it might make a person’s diarrhea worse before it starts to make a person’s diarrhea better. Probiotics might be the thing that provides “pranic energy” that some spiritual people talk about. Of course, I don’t know but I am trying it for myself. what helps me may not help you, but I wish the best for you. Scot
  7. Why is that Morpheus? I humbly ask that you give one simple example. Be open. Be honest. And keep it simple.
  8. Hello @toemilyjune super! I am so happy for you! Recently I have personally felt like my channels have opened up. “Channels” that I didn’t even know existed now feel open. i am told that the spiritual path is not a straight line. I am told we should reasonably expect a few road bumps, pot holes and detours. Thank you for sharing your journey on this forum. I look forward to seeing where your path leads. And if down the road, you should happen to walk into a valley of darkness, fear not! You’ll have friends with you. (song) what a day this has been, what a rare mood I’m in, well it’s almost like being, in love I’ve a smile on my face, for the whole human race, why it’s almost like being, in love
  9. Here is a link. This seems so true! Here are 6 of the 8 things. 1. They manage to find the worst in everything – always finding the down side. 2. They hate their friends. Miserable individuals seem to make "friends" with other miserable individuals. 3. They spend as much time as possible distracting themselves from reality. 4. The first thing they do every morning is get pissed off about having to get up. 5. They don’t like themselves very much, but still think they’re better than the rest of the world. 6. They believe those who are happy must be ignorant, yet are still jealous they can’t be as happy themselves.
  10. Hi @toemilyjune are you planning to follow a fruit only diet just for a detox period, or is the plan to stick to fruit only from now on? dieticians might say that you can’t get the macro nutrients (proteins, and fats) and micronutrients from fruit only diet. I am not a dietician and I expect that my diet is not what one would consider “perfect”.
  11. Hello, I was hoping that someone who practices the Completion Process would answer. But it has been a day and so far, no responses. So I will start with a disclaimer that I haven’t explicitly followed the Completion Process myself. I have read the book cover-to-cover and I think I can see value in the process. I am very glad that it worked or works for you. I would say that you should trust your gut which seems to be telling you “I just reintegrated a huge chunk and I need to take a little rest from Completion”. i am sure that you just need to trust your instincts.
  12. I saw this video from School of Life
  13. Hi kieranessa There was a time that things were not going well between my wife and me. She said maybe we are not the right people for each other. That was actually a start in improving our relationship A couple of things have helped: - I decided “I gotta be me” and “you gotta be you” and we will see how we get along. - I also decided that I will not leave my wife unless I understand exactly why I am leaving. “I don’t know why we are having difficulties” is not an acceptable reason to leave. i saw a video on YouTube of Ali McGraw talking to Oprah Winfrey. In the video Ali says she finally understands why she divorced her husband(s). “Because she didn’t show up for her marriage” she said. I am gonna “show up” for my marriage. I’ll be me and she will be her and we will see how well we get along. good luck to you.
  14. Could you say those words that you wrote above to him? Maybe to finish your sentence it would better to say ... “but right now it would be great just to be heard”