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  1. Is this about trying to discredit Teal? Is this entire thread about trying to discredit Teal? I think where you could be headed with this is “it is more likely that Teal is a Satanist and less likely that the murders she claimed she witnessed actually being true”. But I think there is a flaw in that theory. Teal outwardly condemns Satanic ritual abuse while secretly trying to forward her Satanic agenda. Sorry, the theory doesn’t hold water. Teal claims to have been treated to some really horrible things. She claims to have witnessed some really horrible things. But she also makes a lot of really good videos and I believe the messages she brings are helpful to many many people. I think her messages bring hope, unity and mutual understanding. I think those are good things.
  2. Is Kirkland the brand that causes you this problem? Or is Kirkland your solution? We use Kirkland Free and Clear and don’t have a problem. Tide seems to make my wife itchy.
  3. Talking through our problems when we are not at work can make it (work life and life in general) far more bearable. So if you can afford a therapist... or talk to someone you trust... or as suggested by Garnet, get whatever it is off your chest here in this forum. Work is a paid relationship. We show up to provide our skills, know-how, labor ... and in return we get paid for it. We don’t always have to be our absolute best selves but to a large extent we are expected to check our issues at the door.
  4. When you say “leave your family” do you mean simply move out? Or do you mean “leave them behind and never talk to them again”? Your parents will always be your parents. Childhood is full of ups and downs. A lot of the great things that happened (not all) were caused by our parents. And a lot of the shitty things that happened (not all) were caused by our parents. Some parents seem to think they are entitled to you being at their beck and call. Personally, I don’t believe that. But I believe that you should always be open to a relationship with them.
  5. Bruce Banner was researching how people could achieve absolutely amazing feats of strength under extreme circumstances. Like mothers lifting up a car to release their child that is trapped underneath. Enough adrenaline and maybe each one of us could lift a car. Stuff like that. So he hit himself intentionally with gamma radiation to see if he could achieve those same feats. It worked.... but he released the beast. Figuratively speaking, the Hulk is inside of each one and every one of us. It is there for our protection. The Hulk is strong but doesn’t have the power of conscious thought. Absolutely!
  6. When you have an emotional reaction and think to yourself “huh... I wonder why I am having this strong reaction. This reaction seems out of place to me.” Pay attention to when you are triggered. Then you will need to be brave enough to look within and find the answer. Teal’s Completion Process says to sit with the feeling and ask yourself “when did I first feel this way?” The theory is your subconscious mind will reveal what is lurking in your shadow. (Either that or your subconscious mind will put up barriers, so it might take a while to dig things out.) Be open to what comes up. You goal is to reveal your truth, not beat yourself up over it.
  7. There are lots of forms and types of meditation. And lots of resources that can help. “Headspace” is an app that teaches meditation. my favorite app is called “insight timer”. It has literally thousands of guided meditations. But in simple terms you are trying to quiet your mind. Of course thoughts will come but you can just acknowledge them and let them go. Don’t get upset with yourself if you get caught up in a thought. Mediation is single pointed awareness. If you fall asleep and lose awareness then you aren’t meditating.
  8. Okay ... so I looked back and I found the “destructive idea that leads to mental illness” was (words to the effect)... people think they can be whatever they want. If someone thinks they are a POTATO and the world supports their delusion then that is a destructive idea that leads to mental illness. Well, I agree that if a person believes they are a potato then they have a mental problem. However If we take the argument the other way then I would claim that rigid adherence to (some) definitions would be just a destructive. “Men should be men and women should be women” seems like a purely positive statement but what if the statement is taken as “women are meant to be caregivers to children while men are meant go out into the world and work”. A lot of women want to have a career. Some women want to raise kids. But to force women into some role because “women should be women” would be frustrating and potentially damaging. Some people are gay and lesbian. To force them to be straight is believed by psychiatry to be damaging. Some people believe they were born as the wrong gender. To force them to remain as the wrong gender is damaging. (See the video below. She claims that the call to authenticity is very strong.) The argument gets stretched a little too far when Rachel Dolezal (an obviously white woman) wants to identify as a black woman. So far me, a moderate position seems reasonable.
  9. Can you explain some of those destructive ideas that lead to mental illness? and you never commented on that video from School of Life. The video proposes four markers of emotional health. Those were self-love, candor, communication and trust. What would you say are markers of mental/emotional health? What ideas are destructive to mental health?
  10. No, it’s really not fine. We should all be aware of destructive ideas that leads to mental illness. But what destructive ideas are you referring to?
  11. Brené Brown: lean into vulnerability You have to cross through vulnerability for just about anything worthwhile. Creativity and putting something out there means “I created this... I think it’s good” You run the risk of being told “nope, it’s not good.” But to put something out there will always require that risk. Brene says there are two voices that you have to push past 1- it will never be good enough... and 2- who the hell to I think I am (to put this out)? But on the other hand, leaning into vulnerability is one thing. Turning into a narcissist know-it-all is going too far. “Trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too...”
  12. Frankly I think Teal’s books might be “antibiotics” for the spirit. Shadows Before Dawn - I say start here. The Completion Process Or If you want another author, which might be an even better place to start: LovingKindness by Sharon Salzburg
  13. Weakness On one level I know that leaning into vulnerability is not weakness. It takes strength and courage. And on one level, I want my heart to be open and filled with loving-kindness both for myself and for others. And on one level, I know I need to treat myself with that loving kindness. Self-nurturing is good. Self-indulgence is okay once in a while. And I know that self-abuse is not good. But on another level, I wonder why I am so weak that I need self-nurturing? Why am I so weak that I need to treat myself with loving-kindness? I shouldn’t be so weak to need that. I should be strong enough that I don’t need all of that. But I’m not. Fine. I am weak. I’ll admit it. But I only hope that I’m not alone.
  14. On the contrary, I am surprised that you aren’t suicial and have all kinds of issues of hating yourself. Truth is, i am glad you are happy and healthy, but I wish you were not such a total asshole. It is my hope that you come to understand why you have been banned from the forum, what is it, 7 times? I hope you uncover all of you ego defense mechanisms and discover that underneath it all you are actually no better but no worse than the average joe. (Certainly we already know that you are much better than a serial killer or a pedophile.) And so I will say again: -may you be happy -may you be healthy -may your heart be open and filled with loving-kindness, both for yourself and for all people in the world -and may you know true peace in your life
  15. I would say that you validate the Hulk in that anger is sometimes appropriate and necessary. But not in the sense that the Hulk is right to pick on or terrorize another part of yourself. You also have to validate the part of you that wants to run away and hide. Life is scary sometimes. The tender part of you has to learn that she can face the world and doesn’t need to invoke the Hulk. She has her own strength as well. (This brought up some emotions for me. I’ll have to work my way through them when I get the chance.)