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  1. I think it may have been someone on this forum... but someone had a vision of the galaxy (or maybe the universe) from a point far away... so they could see the whole things and see how it is all perfectly balanced. The universe is all balanced. Yes, there is light and there is dark. But it balances. The beauty is the balance
  2. Hi Alex. Personally, I think there is a physical view of the world, and a spiritual view of the world. Both are true. Both have their uses. If you can spend days and days without eating (when you are in the right state), I would be very interested in whether you lose weight under these circumstances. Are you saying that if you were surrounded by a bunch of people who believe in telekinesis then you would be able to perform telekinesis? Can you perform telekinesis? If there is one doubter in the group is that enough to stop the telekinesis from working? I believe there is an objective reality, and it is not subjective to belief. But I have come to learn a little bit about the spiritual model, and it seems to be highly subjective to belief.
  3. It occurs to me that I have been thinking about my own issues and wondering whether I have been making "mountains out of molehills". I could push what I have been thinking about away and not deal with it but "what you resist persists". So I think sometimes if we have a problem to deal with, even if it's just a molehill, we have to go to the molehill. Let the molehill be important and deal with it. We are all worthy of loving ourselves. We are all worthy of finding love from others. "Be ... receive ... give thanks"
  4. Hi Rasmus, Are you old enough to be having sex? We have no idea how old you are. So assuming that you are at an age where it is appropriate to be in a relationship involving sex, keep reading... You are not a horrible person for wanting to be sexual. I was told when I was a teenager that women want to have sex just as much as men do, (and some women want it even more). Everyone has a sex drive. Some people do have a stronger sex drive than others. What is the difference between shyness, and sexual shame? Honestly, maybe the difference doesn't matter because either way you have to get over it, at least a little bit. Sex is a normal part of a healthy relationship for an adult couple. Personally I have my own deep seated insecurities. You want to "hit on" someone but something keeps you from following through. Could it be the fear of rejection keeping you from following through? if this is true then you have some deep seated insecurity that somehow you aren't worthy. And if that is true you could have two options. 1- figure out why you don't feel worthy, or 2- just realize that you are no less worthy than anyone else. You have as much right to have a wonderful sexual relationship as the next person.
  5. "Regret" means "I believe I did bad" "Shame" means " I am bad" "Guilt" could be somewhere in between regret and shame depending on your particular connotations. But I think maybe when you say "sexual shame" maybe you mean fear of revealing to someone want you want to do sexually. I have no idea what particular sexual activity you might have in mind but I have a couple of questions for you to answer for yourself: would it be awesome to do this sexual activity with another person who wants to do it too? Does it stay within the spirit of "safe, sane and consensual"? If so, then get over any shame or shyness and have fun.
  6. I agree with the concept of "enlightened self-interest". Awareness that there is an objective reality. Eg. awareness that this planet of ours is finite and cannot hold an infinite number of people. @DavidFindley where do you come down on the global warming / climate change debate? Personally. I look at the objective truth that our planet is finite and I think about how much CO2 we put into the air. And I consider the testimony of scientists (whose job it is to investigate these things) who say that it is a problem, and I do not write them off as "fear mongering" or "forwarding a globalist agenda". Well, frankly I do think there is a global agenda but that agenda is simply to save life on our planet from being destroyed by ourselves.
  7. Here is another possible explanation:. @wootton98 is trying to explain an experience that you have not had, or you do not explain the same way he does. I have had experiences similar enough to his that I feel like I know what he is talking about and I agree with it. Now you have decide whether we are both bullshitting you, or you can listen and try to understand what we are telling you. I don't know about you, but there have been times when I have been sitting in a movie theatre when I have been so engrossed in the movie that I have temporarily forgotten that I was a separate entity sitting in the theatre. That is, I was so mesmerized by what was happening on screen. There was another time that I decided to gaze at a candle. I spent time thinking and contemplating while just sitting and looking at the burning candle. After about an hour, for brief instances, I became aware of only the candle and lost track of my existence as an entity separate from and watching the candle. I think the problem is that you are so damn sure that you know what samadhi is, that you're going to tell other people that they are "dumb-asses" or "bullshitters". You could take the tone "oh, you think it is this... that is interesting... here is my perspective". But no, you feel it necessary to denigrate other people's experiences and call them dumb. Honestly, what is samadhi? I don't know for certain. Seems to me that @wootton98 and I have had similar experiences. And I have heard the word samadhi and I have spent time contemplating whether my experience seems to match the description and to my mind, it does. And so now I will go look for a description and paste it here. It was not hard to find. Wikipedia has a quote from a book by Heinrich Zimmer: Nirvikalpa samādhi, on the other hand, absorption without self-consciousness, is a mergence of the mental activity (cittavṛtti) in the Self, to such a degree, or in such a way, that the distinction (vikalpa) of knower, act of knowing, and object known becomes dissolved — as waves vanish in water, and as foam vanishes into the sea.[3] In my current understanding, when I was gazing at the candle and I lost awareness of myself as a separate entity that was "absorption without self-consciousness". But if I had forgotten that the thing I was gazing at was called "a candle" then that might have been nirvikalpa samadhi.
  8. The goal of any business is to make money. That is it. Now if you have an immediate reaction that "just making money" is evil, I would like you look a little deeper. Maybe a company wants to put out a quality product. But of course they want and deserve to make money doing it. I say that there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, if a company puts out a crappy or even dangerous product, pulls the wool over people's eyes to convince them that it's good then that company is pretty evil. Problem is there is a big grey area in the middle. A product sometimes needs to be "good enough". If you totally overbuild your product and someone else produces a product that is good enough and cheaper then guess what, the overbuilt product isn't going to sell.
  9. I think both of you are playing. Both of you two think you are the horse and think that the other is the dog. Was the game fun while it lasted? Favorite wrote: Fascism is the elimination of personal rights and individualism for the greater good of the state. To my mind that raises two points for discussion. 1/ are rights and individualism really being curtailed or eliminated? 2/ is it really for the good of the state or for the good of the individual? what if the state tries to eliminate personal rights and individualism under the cause that it is for the people's own good?
  10. I listened to a pitch from one multi-level marketing company. This pitch was the only advertisement allowed by the company. The pitch was completely directed towards recruiting more sales staff and not really directed to selling their products. So... if you are one of their marketers/salespeople, the only advertisements allowed do not really make people want to buy the products then what you have, in my opinion, is a pyramid scheme dressed up as MLM.
  11. If you believe in these things then why did you turn up your nose when I wrote "don't let anyone take away your rights as a person" ? it was in a discussion of gender equality. You also posted about how feminism ruined women's good looks. individual right and personal freedom includes the right to dress the way you want. However, If you want to work in, say, an investment bank, a face tattoo might not be acceptable.
  12. Hi, A couple of things: 1/ Secrecy provides shame a place to live. Shame dissipates when we get things out in the open. So it is no surprise to me at all that writing your post made you feel a little better. Don't feel ashamed. We all get stuck and need a little support from time to time. 2/ Doing what helps you feel good about yourself is good. Just because people in the past have made us feel bad about ourselves does not mean that we need to make ourselves feel bad. We need to treat ourselves like was actually like ourselves. Teal makes the point "Ask yourself, what would someone who loves himself or herself do?" 3/ your boyfriend sounds abusive to me. I hope that @s0147392 comes into the thread to shed some light. She seems to be knowledgeable about abusive relationships. 4/ Every person on this planet deserves the right to pursue their happiness and fulfill their life's purpose. That includes you.
  13. A white person who wants to live in China, work with Chinese people, have friendships with Chinese people but does not identify himself as Chinese, would not be trans-Chinese. However, a person who feels that being born into a white body was a mistake. And he or she feels that make-up, or plastic surgery to become Chinese would be correcting the mistake then that person would be trans-chinese. This person has a discrepancy between their subjective reality and objective reality. In the yoga model that I have read, the core of a person is pure consciousness and is attribute-less. The consciousness does not age. It does not have a gender, race, creed or color. It is pure consciousness without any other attribute. However, a person is more than just consciousness. A person has a physical body and a person identifies with certain desires and life goals. Problems and lack of acceptance happens when the physical body or desires/goals don't meet with societal expectations. I suppose some of us tell our sons and daughters "Son, you should have a career befitting for a 'man'" And "Daughter, you should have a career befitting a woman, such as mother or house-keeper." Problem is, the attribute-less soul finds these roles limiting. Most men are physically stronger than most women. But some women are physically stronger than some men. Not all men are cut out to be firefighters. Some women want to be police officers and fire fighters. A woman who has the talent and wants to be a CEO might make a better CEO than many men. (I would not make a good CEO and I don't actually want the job.) And some of us tell our sons and daughters "You can be anything. Don't let anyone take away your rights as a person." We view this as progressive and an ideal to strive for. But the position that "you can be anything you want to be" seems to be stretched to the breaking point when it comes to trans-race.
  14. David, you do come across as rather harsh. I think your harshness could be a barrier to communication. Really? Did you have to use the word clueless? I have known Adam for a while now and there is absolutely no way he is going to admit to being "clueless". Me personally, I studied I tiny bit of philosophy in university but only three courses. Although, I will admit to not being knowledgeable at all in the area, I would find the word "ignorant" to be somewhat insulting and the word "clueless" to be quite insulting.
  15. Here's my analogy (and other people have definitely come up with this before me) In physics, particles such as photons behave like both particles (physical objects) and also like waves (energy). The dual slit experiment investigates this wave / particle duality. deBroglie hypothesized that actually everything behaves like both a particle and a wave. Certain questions in physics can be answered by thinking about particles and certain questions can be answered by thinking about waves. But everything is a wavicle. The above is just the analogy. Here is the "question at hand": In normal waking consciousness, we see the world and ourselves as separate physical objects (physical). But in certain states of mind, we can turn off our perception of ourselves as separate physical beings and feel "at one" either with another person, or object, or everything. If you model these perceptions (feelings of no separation) as "energies coming into alignment" then you start talking about "vibrations" and "we are just waves on the ocean". We are individual waves and the universe is the ocean. In his way, every physical object is just a wave and we can come into alignment with it if we are in he right state of mind. But then the question becomes: is this energy model the truth, or is it just a state of mind? Personally, I say both are models and both models are valid. We are wavicles.