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  1. Scot

    Seems to me... when I get to talk about the deep stuff... with someone who feels the same way... I don’t feel so lonely.
  2. I have heard it said that samadhi (sometimes translates as absorption) is enlightenment. This is a state of consciousness where you feel “at one” with everything. I have also heard it said that samadhi is often mistaken for enlightenment but actually it is not enlightenment. In the Maslow hierarchy, Maslow placed “self-actualization” as the peak of his pyramid (depending on the version). But I think I can say with confidence that self-actualization is not enlightenment. In eastern religion, especially Hinduism, “self-realization” is considered a peak of experience, if not enlightenment. In the state of samadhi, you realize that Atman is Brahman and you realize the Oneness of everything. But I think I can say with confidence that self-realization is not enlightenment. I do not claim to be enlightened, and I can’t say for sure what enlightenment is, but I think enlightenment is not a destination but a process. Every time you learn something new, you become a little more enlightened. It starts when you first start to understand the world and first start to understand yourself or others And it ends when you completely understand all of your own motivations, the motivations of other people, and understand how the whole universe works. In other words, it never ends.
  3. Scot

    I wish I did have an insight. All I know is that when I read your post, my heart sank a little because I hope the best for you. There doesn’t seem to be any ultimate answers. There only seems to be increased awareness. So you are self-aware enough to know that you are acting from trigger to trigger. I view this awareness as a good thing. The first step in solving anything is to become aware of it. Maybe it would be nice to be ignorant and happy and just have natural instincts to always do the right things. But I can tell you that my instincts don’t always lead me down the perfect path. And I believe nobody else has perfect instincts either. Everyone gets triggered. Nobody is perfect. But I think the question comes down to “how can we love someone if they are not perfect?” “How can we be loved if we are not perfect?” Well, nobody is perfect. So it’s either “we have to make a choice” or it’s “there really is no choice: we have to love. It’s the only option available”
  4. Is the big eye roll because you agree with the video or because you disagree with the video?
  5. Scot

    @Harris sounds to me that the passage is saying that life could have started here on Earth but we would be unable to determine the exact conditions under which the start of life occurred. The time is too long and the conditions on Earth too diverse to have a definitive answer for the start of life.
  6. The classic book “What to Expect When You are Expecting”. And for the baby get “I Have Loved You Since Forever” by Hoda Kotb. Get lots of picture books. Get “The Emotionally Absent Mother”. Read it and then try your best to not be Emotionally Absent parents. But please remember: there is no such thing as a perfect parent. But there is such a thing as a good parent. Don’t beat yourself up for not being perfect. Do your best to be good.
  7. Scot

    Is the argument that the age of the earth is too young for DNA to have developed? otherwise you just end up with a problem of infinite regress.
  8. Scot

    That seems like a very pessimistic view!
  9. Scot

    Except it actually is successful. You are the fish on his line and you’ll remain the fish on his line for as long as you keep talking to him. In conversation with normal people, there is at least some recognition from the other person that you have made a point. Render gives no recognition of your points. And that is extremely frustrating to a person who believes he or she expresses themselves well. And a person who always backed down as a child might decide as an adult to not back down. But here is the kicker: if we take him at his word then Render actually believes he is making solid points and we are ignoring his points. From my perspective, I believe I am trying to ignore his insults and get to his points. And, now that I think about it, as long as I try to ignore his insults and try to get to his points, I remain a fish on his line.
  10. Scot

    Hi @strangebotwin I am a 50 year old guy who is looking for the same thing you are. Feel free to private message me if you want.
  11. Scot

    One time when I was having a therapy session, the therapist exclaimed “Oh my God! you’re cured!” My immediate response was “There is no such thing as cured. There is only practicing good habits.” Keep practicing good habits. ❤️
  12. Scot

    I don’t know about this “kidney problem if you walk the dog too late” idea. I have never heard of such a thing. But that does not prove it false. I think honesty is the best policy. Tell her that you love riding your bike at that time in the fall. You be should be you. And she should be herself. And you should see how you get along. In any relationship: have you authentically expressed your needs? Have you given without expectation? Have you received without guilt? Have you acknowledged the things that matter?
  13. Scot

    That is not domination. That is integrity. Problem is that you used the word “domination”. Thank you for the clarification.
  14. Scot

    Don’t feed the trolls