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  1. If it came down to a choice between someone you are physically attracted to, and a person who you are good friends with, the better choice is the friend. Friendship is a better basis for a long term relationship than physical attraction. On the other hand, if you find someone who you can really be friends with AND you also find physically attractive then I think you really have something! AND: Even if you think you have found your soul-mate and you are really in sync, I do not believe that two people will always be in sync 100% of the time throughout an entire lifetime. AND: No person will ever fulfill all of your needs 100% of the time. Maintain a group of friends as well as your one special person.
  2. Consider the people who like you. Why don't you like them? Is the relationship too easy? Consider the people who you do like. Are you unconsciously attracted to people who are difficult? look at your relationship you have with your parents. What do you like? What would you like to be different? Don't subconsciously re-create a problem or fall for a familiar pattern that you would like to avoid.
  3. Do we ever stop reencarnating?

    i was under the impression that Dr. Ian Stevenson had written a book demonstrating proof of reincarnation. However, I just read an interview in Omni magazine. Here is a quote from Stevenson from that interview: "All the cases I've investigated so far have shortcomings. Even taken together, they do not offer anything like proof." website:
  4. Do we ever stop reencarnating?

    In Buddhism, it is believed that the purpose of one's life is to break free from samsara, the cycle of birth-and-pain-and-death, to achieve moksha and nirvana.
  5. Lets talk about the source.

    We generally consider our universe to be "all that there is". If there are other universes then we can't get there from here. My understanding is that Source is the source of all things in our universe. It is the source of things we consider good and we consider bad. It is the source of EVERYTHING. Sometimes we say that the things that we consider "bad" must in fact be good in the eyes of God but our limited minds can't understand the greater good of having the bad. It could be said that Source wants to understand everything both good and bad news this the greater good is experiencing everything. I have also heard that Source is no more advanced than we are collectively. As sentient beings come to understand themselves and understand the universe, Source also learns. If that Source was actually created by something or someone outside of our universe then we can't get there. I just googled for Ultron. I don't know anything about him/it Personally, I think the idea of Source is a model to explain the sense of connection that a person can feel with all that is. Our 3D world is also a model. Which model is correct? Both at the same time!
  6. How I See The World

    Hi Teal I have been trying to see auras and I can see a "brightness" or a "presence" around people and objects but no discernible patterns or useful information. So far I cannot reproduce your ability to see useful information. Once a long time ago I was out on a date with a girl. We were talking and I got the impression that a sensation went up her spine. Of course I couldn't see it or feel it but I definitely had the impression that she felt "energy" rush up her spine. I am reluctant to say for certain that she experienced kundalini energy rushing up her sushumna channel but that would be consistent with the descriptions I have read. I am trying to say as politely as possible that I am skeptical but I would love it if your abilities could be proven. I would love if you could arrange of a mutually satisfying test with the James Randi organization and win the James Randi million dollar prize!
  7. forms of therapy

    Depends on the type of therapist. I see a person who practices "psycho dynamics". It has the same basis as freud's "psychoanalysis". The idea that unresolved issues in our past cause problems in our present. They might not use the words "shadow work" or "inner child work" but it sure seems like the same thing to me. You should ask your therapist what type of therapy he or she practices.
  8. I just did a google search for "medical marijuana for depression". There is some evidence that it helps. Also some evidence that it could make depression worse for me, the one time I was really stoned I was very very happy when stoned but felt terrible for a long time after. For me, the high wasn't worth the crash. I also remember seeing a regular user of cannabis who said that it always leaves her worse off than she was before
  9. Third eye

    That sounds like "closed-eye hallucinations". I hope someone WAY more knowledgeable than I comes to this thread to offer some advice. When meditating, I find sometimes I see colors and patterns I don't associate that with third eye Until then: take it easy. Proceed slowly and carefully
  10. accidents and attacks

    What were the circumstances where you were pepper sprayed? What were the circumstances where you hit your head? without details, any answer would just be a guess
  11. Have fun with your friends. Having fun is important Look for connection. "Feel with" your friends Watch out for giving off any sort of "holier than thou" attitude. Remember to stay humble. Even though you are on a spiritual journey, you don't have all the answers. Once we think we have all the answers, it does not take long until life clearly demonstrates that we don't even know all the questions yet.
  12. Emotional Processing: Integration vs. Release

    I have read your post (twice) and I don't know what you have in your past. I care but I just don't know. We do need to resolve emotioral trauma. Absolutely. But on the other hand I have a question. You said at the beginning of your post that you are 17, almost 18. That should mean you are finishing high school and should be starting another phase of life. Maybe college. Maybe get a job. So I am asking if it is possible that you are looking for something in your past in order to distract yourself from something coming up in your future? Growing up is scary. We do need to nurture our inner child. Absolutely. But we also need to learn that we can take on responsibilities and grow as adults too.
  13. Need help to interpret this dream.

    It seems pretty obvious to me that you are looking for wisdom. You said that yourself. But the question is what kind of wisdom? Here is my attempt at wisdom. It seems to me there is a struggle between learning and growing as an individual (which is important and we all have to do that) and connecting (which is also important and we all have to do that too) From what you have said, it sounds like you are in a "learn and grow as an individual" phase. Did the dream give any insight into what area you want to learn and grow into? You said you got the sense of what the scrolls were about even though the language was foreign to you. Good luck on you quest, wherever it leads
  14. Actually the optomistrist I know is a bit of a nerd. He isn't particularly cool. Actually I'm a bit of a nerd too. I'm not cool either. But I'm open to claims about energy, and emotional trauma having big effects on our health and lives. And I'm trying to evaluate the arguments and understand the entire model including 3D, 4D and 5D.
  15. When all you have is a hammer, all problems look like a nail. "Emotional trauma" may actually be a factor in vision. If Teal's Completion Process or some other emotional therapy helps reverse nearsightedness or farsightedness then you might have something. "Lack of eye exercise" may also be a factor. Apparently nearsightedness is much much less in cultures where people are out working in the fields looking at longer distances. Apparently, Nearsightedness is more common is people who spend lots of time focusing at closer distance. If eye exercises can reverse nearsightedness or farsightedness then you might have something. "genetics/heredity" may also be a factor. If you gather statistics that more people with glasses have relatives with glasses and more people who don't need glasses have relatives that don't need glasses then you might have something. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any more potential factors. However, I'm open to your suggestions on other potential factors.