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  1. You sound like you feel the same way I do. I usually feel like if I can just explain my perspective again, and make it clear that this is my perspective then the other person will understand. However, if one side is not willing to even listen to the other then the conversation isn't going to go anywhere. how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change. i recently came across "integral philosophy". One of the ideas is that there are levels of consciousness. At one level (red level) there is a warring, us vs. them, you are either with me or against me mentality. At another level (green modern level) there is a realization that we all have to share this planet and there is no "us" vs. "them". There is only "us". (All of the whole human race). There is also an "integral" level that comes to realize that all of the levels are important and very necessary. lastly, I have also been listening to a podcast series called Live Awake. One of the podcasts is "our warring self vs our infinite self (releasing anger)". One time when I was particularly upset I listened to this episode and I really released my frustrations and came to much more calmness. Try listening to that podcast.
  2. Being vs. Caught in the moment When a person is caught in the moment, or maybe "caught up" in the moment, part of their mind is turned off. Maybe they have been triggered. Maybe they're angry, annoyed, and they lash out against whatever made them angry. Or maybe they lash out against people who just happened to be there. A "mob" is caught in the moment. "Mob mentality" is where a bunch of people all turn their conscious minds off and can no longer be reasoned with. In such cases, "mindfulness" would suggest taking yourself out of the moment and reflecting on your own actions. On the other hand, "being in the moment" implies peace and serenity. Others might not quite agree with me, but I think that "being in a peaceful and serene moment" still involves turning part of your mind off. And that is a very nice place to be and I certainly want to cultivate my own ability to get there. I think it is rare and beautiful when it happens.
  3. I am coming to believe that "spirit" is about being in the moment. Unguarded, unrestrained, fully in the moment, with your conscious mind or ego out of the way and letting your spirit sing, or dance, or express your innermost thoughts, whatever it is that your spirit wants to do. So in this sense of "spiritual", sex could be spiritual. Give yourself over to the moment. As far as I know, folks in BDSM circles having been giving themselves over to the moment for years and years, but BDSM may involve some sort of power exchange. The "top" or dominant usually does things to the bottom (or submissive). The bottom gets taken for a sexual ride (but within the limits and boundaries set by the bottom). And the top gets to take their submissive for a ride (but must respect the limits and boundaries set by the bottom).
  4. Seems to me that Adam's response to Majda and his downvote for her latest post confirms what I have been trying to say: 1/ Adam thinks you have to be 100% with him or else you must be 100% against him. 2/ if you aren't with him he will put up walls, down vote your posts, and call you a tool, or a cuck and make a variety of insults. Adam might say that I don't know what I am sayIng and that I don't know him. And he is right. All I have to go on is his posts. And as far as I can tell, Adam's latest behavior just proves my point. Adam: I'm not trying to insult you in this post. I'm trying to describe you. previous history would indicate that Adam might scream at me for a post like this one and tell me he is not interested in my opinion. Well, Adam calls himself a truth seeker but he does not appear to listen to anyone's opinion unless it matches his own.
  5. I am no expert on the Crusades. I barely no anything about the crusades. So I went looking for information. And I found confirmation that indeed the crusades were defense against Islam. So the video above has confirmation. Does that mean the crusades were 100% righteous and good? Not quite. Because the crusaders also pillaged as they went along and kept the land for themselves instead of returning it to the Byzantines. So does that mean the crusades were 100% evil and bad? No, not that either. Sometimes we want to see things as 100% good or 100% bad, but things are usually not so simple as that. Walt is not 100% bad even though he has been compared to a serial killer. And Neptune isn't 100% bad either although I disagree with much of his political views and I don't like his jokes. And me? I can't say for sure that I'm 100% good but I can say that I'm not 100% bad.
  6. Adam, you seem to consider Walt and me to be your enemies. Do you love your enemies? Or do you hate them and scorn them and scream at them and curse them? You have said that you aren't Christian.
  7. Who says that releasing sexual fluids is so bad? I think you are looking for answers for why you feel fatigued but grasping at straws. I really have no idea why you are tired but it seems more likely it is stress. Try meditation. It might help you reduce stress and find some joy. Try Metta (loving-kindness meditation) try body-scan meditation. Try all sorts of meditation. I have an app for my iPhone called Insight Timer. It has literally thousands of guided meditations and it's all free. I don't think releasing sexual fluid is the problem. I think if you find some joy you will find more energy.
  8. The pale blue dot In the picture below, there is an arrow pointing to a pale blue dot. That dot is Earth. That dot is our home. All life that we know of exists on that pale blue dot. Whether you view the Earth as huge or view it as small is a matter of subjective perception. You might think that posting such a photo is forwarding a globalist agenda. But there is an objective fact is that the Earth is finite, not infinite.
  9. Hi TatianaM, i definitely think you are escalating aggression. I can't really speak for the homeless dog but at one time I did watch a lot of Dog Whisperer. It is possible that you jerked your hand away and appeared scared and this dog reacted to your being scared by becoming aggressive. (Some dogs are like that). And with your brother, he escalated aggression by splashing with tea. And then you escalated even further by going for the kettle. I think you have to take an honest look at why you are escalating. Do feel like you always have win? Do you feel like you can't rely on anyone else to help? If you feel like you can't rely on anyone else then you might feel like you have no choice but to resort to physical violence. When I was younger, maybe I got convinced that if I asked for help then I was "telling on someone" and I was a fink. So I did try to take matters into my own hands when I probably should have asked for help.
  10. Hello River Siannon I would say that the 5 elements you are talking about is a model. It is not the model used by scientists but that alone doesn't make a bad model. A model is supposed to help explain something. A model is useful when it is useful. But how do you find this model to be useful? The scientific model is that the universe is composed of the 100 or so elements on the Periodic Table that we learned in chemistry class. This model is extremely useful to describe the physical world. I am not saying that the 5 element model has no place. But what is its place?
  11. Actually I was speaking more generally about my thoughts on how to "connect to Source". I remember a Teal video where she said something similar. If you want to connect to someone you have to let your guard down. And if you want to connect to Source you have to do the same thing.
  12. A snake shows up all over the place as a symbol. I really don't know what it means. Freud thought a snake is a phallic symbol. Jung thought a snake represents transformation because it sheds its skin. If a snake bites you in a dream it may mean you think you have been duped in regular life. A snake as a spirit guide could indicate you are a healer. I had a dream like experience one time while trying to meditate. A snake showed up in the dream. I googled for the meaning and found the symbolism as described above but I honestly don't know what it means.
  13. Teal has an earlier book called "Shadows Before Dawn". In it, she describes another process that she went through before she even started with the Completion Process I am really not trying to recommend this book. i am trying to say that you might need to take some time before you are ready for "completion". -show yourself some loving-kindness. -if you think you aren't worth loving-kindness, I disagree. I think you are. Just because some people didn't treat you very nicely does not mean you should not show yourself kindness. -be patient with yourself. These things take time.
  14. (It's a metaphor) Kirk: lower our shields Chekhov: ... huh? Why? Kirk: because we're home. Chekhov: But shouldn't we keep our shields up all the time? Kirk: Our mission is to explore new worlds. We can know them intellectually but we will never feel them with the shields up. The shields keep us safe and we need them, but sometimes we have to lower them. Nothing can touch us when the shields are up. But we can't fully feel unless we turn the shields down. Chekhov: Starfleet regulations say to never lower shields below 20%. Kirk: I don't want to follow the standard protocol. I want us to feel. I want no boundaries. I want unity. I want our soul to be uncovered and unashamed. Turn the shields to zero. Chekhov: But that would leave us completely vulnerable. The slightest hit could be devastating. Kirk: We are stronger than that. If we never lower our shields we will never feel. We have to have the courage to let our souls touch the bigger world and let the bigger world touch us. Chekhov: are you sure that it's going to be safe? Kirk: Chekhov, we are at Source. This is home.
  15. Hi AnnaKonda, My advice: Talk to people that you trust. Do you have any sisters? A close friend? A co-worker? We all need to stand on our own two feet, but we also need support from the people around us. You probably will have to face your deepest fears but you don't have to face them all at once, and you don't have to face them alone. If you can get some of this stuff off your chest with a close friend it will help. Getting some of this stuff off your chest by writing it to the Teal Swan forum might help too but the advice that comes back might not be the best. Sometimes we need the help of a professional. Do not deny your rights as a person. Don't let anyone make you feel like you have less rights than anyone else. Take little steps. With each step, ask "What would someone who loves themselves do?" and then do that. Good luck