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  1. Scot

    With regard to what happens after death: nobody knows for certain, so I think I’ll let the mystery be
  2. Scot

    This thread is supposed to be about reality. So let’s try to get real. Unfortunately all I seem to have is speculation and perception. So, to my mind, Render has made his intentions pretty clear: to protect the world from people like Teal Swan and her ilk (and her ilk includes @Done Now, @Inquisitor, @Scot and now @Garnet). And he seems to want to fight he system from within and the will try to convince us of our evils ways one person at a time on the Teal Swan forum. What is so heinous about these people? From Render’s perspective we encourage suicide, encourage letting yourself get raped, and argue that reality is totally and purely subjective. And he would be right: We would be heinous if we believed and encouraged all of those things. But we don’t. I do not want anyone to commit suicide and I believe Teal Swan doesn’t either. I never suggested that someone let themselves get “raped”. And we could argue back and forth whether reality is purely subjective but it wouldn’t mean that someone is evil. Render has said “i know people like Teal Swan. I was introduced to them by my brother”. I think Render is triggered by those espousing post-modern and New Age ideas.
  3. Scot

    As far as I’m concerned, Garnet could have put my name in that list too and I would deserve to be there. Seems to me that I have been thinking of myself as the “anti-bully”. But “anti-bullying” is still bullying. I bet we all think of the opposite side as being the “bully” and think of ourselves as being the “anti-bully”. And so I think we are all playing the blame game. (You started it. No, you started it... and so it goes.) Anti-bullying is still bullying. This thread was originally started in order to talk about “Reality - what it is, and what it is not”. Now, personally I would like to define “reality” as “that which remains true even if you don’t believe it”. In other words, reality is objective (outside of the mind). However, our picture of reality is a creation inside of our minds and our minds are subject to all kinds of unconscious biases and subconscious crap. I would rather try to use the word “perception” for that which is subjective. However, the only picture we have of reality is inside the mind and the mind is subjective. So is reality subjective? No. Can we be fully certain that our interpretation of reality is objective? No. Can we actually know anything at all? Yes. But we gotta admit that we don’t know what we don’t know.
  4. Scot

    This is directed at me. I wrote a post encouraging a woman who is past college age to follow through on her desire to have sex with a boyfriend. However, she also alluded to seeing rape everywhere. I hoped she could find a loving and caring boyfriend who would treat her with tenderness and they could enjoy sex. That is not rape. Render, were you imagining that I was suggesting that she let herself be brutalized? No. Okay? No. I was never suggesting that she let herself be brutalized. Now, if you want to tell me that I’m still wrong then let’s have that discussion. But otherwise, can you drop it?
  5. Hi again. I think this goes to the question of how closely the circumstances have to match before we say “it’s an exact match”. Want to tell one of your stories? It could be interesting.
  6. I have been here for a while, but I wouldn’t consider myself to be the typical Tealer. (Could just be my mistaken intuition about what a Tealer is supposed to be. I imagine that Tealer fully believe that crystals have consciousness, and a Psychic can predict the future using Tarot cards.) Me: I try to take a philosophical approach. Physical reality is real. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Scientific research is a valid means to determine truth. When psychics are tested, their results are about as good as guessing. You can’t know what you don’t know, and intuition is occasionally right, but often wrong. (At least mine are often wrong.). However, I also know that I don’t know what I don’t know. So it’s possible that a talented psychic can divine the future (but I doubt it) However, I agree with you that Tarot might give insight into the subconscious. I am not certain about the Law of Attraction. There does seem to be an intelligence that organizes the Universe. However, I am not sure if that intelligence is “out there” or it’s all in my head.
  7. Yes. Let’s all hate each other. That will be better. After all, everyone on this planet is a fucking asshole. If someone annoys you then treat them cruelly and without mercy. On the other hand, no. No. Okay? NO! Everyone on this planet has fears. Everyone on this planet is a little bit broken but everyone deserving some respect and some kindness. Even Render deserves some kindness but he keeps pushing it away. At the very least, he won’t accept any kindness from me. Kindness is gaslighting, isn’t it Render? No one could possibly extend a little kindness because deep down, everyone is an asshole. Right? So, I’m going to try this again... First a wish for myself: May my heart be open and filled with loving-kindness, both for myself and for others. And the exact same wish for anyone reading this post (including Render): May your heart be open and filled with loving-kindness, both for yourself and for others.
  8. Scot

    I have a book called “The Emotionally Absent Mother” and I have done some of the exercises. One of them is exactly what you just did: write a dialog with yourself to give your younger self the acceptance she needs (needed). Good for you Emily. 💚
  9. Scot

    The following seems to me true for me. I don’t know if it will be true for you. Based on a few School of Life videos and a book I have been reading, we need to be taught to have basic trust in the world and our own sense of worth starting at an early age. If that didn’t happen fully, we can make up for it later. Sounds to me like this women opened you up to trust. So she will always have a special place in your heart. She will. If you do have a lack of trust, the books say that you can still find it. Partially from the help of kind friends, and also within yourself.
  10. This is a pure example of a heart that finds joy in hate. Render finds joy in hate. Dalai Lama: “Don’t let someone else’s behaviour destroy your inner peace”. (Or words to that effect)
  11. Scot

    From my perspective, I had been trying to explain my perspective for a very long time. And I tried to understand Render’s perspective. I wrote many many posts trying to explain both perspectives and show how they differ. But Render refused to believe that I was actually telling my perspective. He refused to acknowledge if my understanding of his perspective was getting close to right. It seems I am incapable of explaining my perspective to Render. i give up
  12. You called someone (I think it was Inquisitor) a “Fag” just recently. That is a derogatory term for homosexuals.
  13. Scot

    It was in the past. I might explain it that my analytical side was running wild and my emotional side wasn’t engaged. No worries now though. My softer side is engaged now too.
  14. By the way, I was that person who Skyped with Garnet. Seemed to me that we had a really nice time and I would like to do it again soon
  15. Scot

    Hi Millie, thanks for answering. yes, I am talking about emotional intimacy and yes, I can definitely feel these emotions. Very deeply. Things were the way I described them above. Maybe people get into different modes. i have been practicing meditation, including but not limited to the loving-kindness meditation. I am happy to say that my heart is open.