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  1. deniz

    Is Source Really Love?

    That was short! Please record longer lectures!
  2. deniz

    If You Could Return...

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful, just out of curiousity and for my own education: do you withhold yourself from visiting a prostitute? This is why that profession is the oldest in the world: they provide intimacy and relief for those who can’t have it any other way.
  3. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Yess! I agree! And Teal is doing more and life q & a there too. I am in an opposite timezone and would probably miss them even if It would be announced here.
  4. deniz


  5. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Yes and it is addicting too. And I think some people get even more isolated because of it. There is a ‘fake’ sense of belonging the communities give. People don’t realise anymore how true real life connection feels like. On the other hand, it saves eldery people and already very isolated people from killing themself.
  6. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    What I noticed in the forums is that people posted questions or tried to start a discussion but very few people answered. There was not much real interaction. Not like in the fb communities. I remember Blake asking us why there was so little interaction. I guess most of us are not here on premium to interact with others. We are here to follow Teal in the front row.
  7. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Hmmmm ok. Thanks for your quick response. You are the sweetest.
  8. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Hi dear Gabi! But they must have been? I never purchased one and have bingewatched them soon as i became a member. So where did I see them? I appologize ifI am wrong.
  9. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Ok need to get this of my chest: Hey team! Why are you posting workshops and saying they are new while I have already seen them? None of them are new, they were in the workshop-list. Do you want to give the impression you have new content while there is none? Or have they vanished for a whole and added again? What is going on? I supscribed to premium because of the promise there would be an online synchronization workshop worth 20,- for free every month. Just wanted to remind you, you(actually Blake promised that) did not keep that promise. It is also obvious Teal is not involved in premium at all. She comments on facebook but I wonder if she even ever looks at the comments and questions on premium. In spite of my complains I can not unsuscribe cause don’t want to miss a single thing...and because of the new workshops ofcourse. I also sometimes (not always) enjoy the comments of others here. And I am a strong supporter of Teals organization and Teal ofcourse. Thanks for listening. much love, Deniz
  10. deniz

    Shattered Glass

    You probably have a strong coping meganism of dissociation. Part of you is protecting you from the pain. Probably your mind is very active aswell. Be patient. Little steps. Did you watch Teal’s video ‘how to feel’? also, foregive me but Ayahuasca is a great medicine to bring you in touch with yout emotions. It connected me to my fear. I never ever could imagine that fear felt so overwhelming, so numbning, so horrific. Aya helped me. I needed that to connect more and be less judgemental towards frightened people. Worst night of my life.. but if you do, please find a true shaman
  11. deniz

    Rejecting 3D

    Are you one of them?
  12. deniz

    Rejecting 3D

    Sooooo true and the reason why I stay away from spiritual communities in general. My experience is that some very conscious people can be found in the business world. They can be succesfull business leaders, very down to earth and at the same time very present and authentic about their shadows. In my country shamanistic modalities are gaining popularity in the corporate world. People are ready to go a step further than the usual personal development coaching and training.
  13. deniz

    What Lying Looks Like

    Beautiful question! Can I find the whole interview somewhere?
  14. deniz

    If You Were A Drug...

    Auahuasca definitely. She is a sister. We have similar energy. I mirror fears of people. Especially fear of insignificance. Meanwhile I love and resist Aya. She shows me all kinds of hel. My biggest fears and traps I am in. Loops that repeat. She also shows me life is all about the hand reaching out to another hand. That is also my purpose. To see people and offer my helping hand. So that is i teresting the side effect I have on people is the opposite of my purpose. And it is also in allignment with my own need to be seen, heard and be received with my hand reaching out to help.
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