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  1. deniz

    About The Sexual Healing Course

    Yes! Thank you! I have a deep desire to connect and exchange with shamans on this high level of consciousness. I do feel loved and connected with my partner and kids and some friends. But there is an actual desire to do the WORK with highly wise and gifted people. As you say: the feeling of ‘YES’ that Teal gives me is so good. If I would have it my way I would have long long conversations everyday with Teal and Eckhart Tolle. I do a lot of things in which I grow: I love my work and it is challenging, and I do courses like the coaching school, I flamencodance at a high level of difficulty and train every week, I do intensive Yoga. I do have fulltime learning opportunities. But with Teal and Eckhart I feel a sense of understanding and belonging nobody or thing can give me. So how to put another thing there? They feel like home. I still think I might have a blind spot and not see something: I suspect I still am running away for going within me and find the wise shaman there. Still! But it feels lonely to do that. I feel lots of resistance. I rather ‘talk’ to the fysical mentors. I guess I need to go within and sit with the lonelynes. To be honoust: T and E don’t provide new info I did not know before. They give me conformation. Hey maybe that is it what I need: conformation. But I still want that feom the wisest on the planet.
  2. deniz

    About The Sexual Healing Course

    I really need to do partswork and cp on my dissapointment every day when there is no new content on premium or content I already have seen (on fb or ealier in time). It is not normal how I am a new content junky. Why? What ‘lack’ am I experiencing that is filled by these few minutes of Teal? Where does this feeling of craving come from, what would happen if I never see new material from Teal? What would be so bad about it? What is the real need here? How can I meet this need in another way??
  3. deniz


    I love the peace and sound of the wind in this video. I wish I could translate interdependence into Dutch in a way it catches the meaning and frequency of the word. Cause I think this what I do when I work with teams and organizations. I help them work out the specifiek way they are interdependend, I help them create and experience more intimacy while focused on the business goals. I strugle to put that in words in my native language and feel I got it exactly right in English. So maybe this means I should focus on growth in the international market. Anyway. That painting definitely needs to be on my tea mug and laptop cover!!!! Also love the shaman feeling of it.
  4. deniz

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    Yes find Ram Alsamann on facebook
  5. deniz

    Teal Tribe Refresh

    I know a guy who organizes cp events in Germany and charges quite a bit for that. He gets cpcp’s to work their ass of at those events without paying them. And it works for all involved. They are all happy so I guess there is a balanced value transaction there
  6. deniz


    It is a three star reataurant. Number 6 in the world.
  7. deniz

    Is Source Really Love?

    That was short! Please record longer lectures!
  8. deniz

    If You Could Return...

    Don’t mean to be disrespectful, just out of curiousity and for my own education: do you withhold yourself from visiting a prostitute? This is why that profession is the oldest in the world: they provide intimacy and relief for those who can’t have it any other way.
  9. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Yess! I agree! And Teal is doing more and life q & a there too. I am in an opposite timezone and would probably miss them even if It would be announced here.
  10. deniz


  11. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Yes and it is addicting too. And I think some people get even more isolated because of it. There is a ‘fake’ sense of belonging the communities give. People don’t realise anymore how true real life connection feels like. On the other hand, it saves eldery people and already very isolated people from killing themself.
  12. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    What I noticed in the forums is that people posted questions or tried to start a discussion but very few people answered. There was not much real interaction. Not like in the fb communities. I remember Blake asking us why there was so little interaction. I guess most of us are not here on premium to interact with others. We are here to follow Teal in the front row.
  13. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Hmmmm ok. Thanks for your quick response. You are the sweetest.
  14. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Hi dear Gabi! But they must have been? I never purchased one and have bingewatched them soon as i became a member. So where did I see them? I appologize ifI am wrong.
  15. deniz

    Chicago Workshop Recording 2014

    Ok need to get this of my chest: Hey team! Why are you posting workshops and saying they are new while I have already seen them? None of them are new, they were in the workshop-list. Do you want to give the impression you have new content while there is none? Or have they vanished for a whole and added again? What is going on? I supscribed to premium because of the promise there would be an online synchronization workshop worth 20,- for free every month. Just wanted to remind you, you(actually Blake promised that) did not keep that promise. It is also obvious Teal is not involved in premium at all. She comments on facebook but I wonder if she even ever looks at the comments and questions on premium. In spite of my complains I can not unsuscribe cause don’t want to miss a single thing...and because of the new workshops ofcourse. I also sometimes (not always) enjoy the comments of others here. And I am a strong supporter of Teals organization and Teal ofcourse. Thanks for listening. much love, Deniz
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