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  1. deniz

    Denial Exercise

    For all of you who feel like spiraling down cause if the focus on what is bad, wrong and is going to get worst, I love this video of BECC. She is one of the early close students of Teal:
  2. deniz

  3. deniz


    I totally agree with you and I think that Is the art of living: trusting that what ever is what is, is for a reason and is perfect. It centers you in the now and now is all there is. We can’t influence what is happening in our outside world but we have a choice how to react to it. I don’t think it helps to try to figure out future scenarios and cryptic messages. That is the opposite of following our intuition. But we need to know the difference between the inner voice of fear and the inner voice of inuition. Almost nobody in our western world, spiritual communicty included, is intune like that. I guess Teal is seeing a lot of people are not following their intuition. But the effect of her message is that people get even more afraid. Cause a lot of people are way out of balance. Is someone starting self sustainable projects cause Teal said something or cause it feels right?
  4. deniz


    I am sorry, how can we expect people to see what Teal is seeing? People have always been in their mind and not listening to intuition. How can we expect otherwise? Majority of people in the spiritual field use spirituality to escape. I really really don’t understand how this message could help them. I think messages like ‘don’t you see, it is going to be worse!’ create more fear and isn’t fear the nr one reason why people can’t hear their intuition en do the right things. I think it is completely normal that people want to believe that this is all temporary. I think we should not judge them and also not say how bad it is going to be. We can only keep doing what it takes to make people more aware, centered, grounded. Maybe this ‘vacation’ will help them to do that. I wonder, you guys who say ‘thank you Teal’: so what will you do differently now? How did this message help you? Are you now more able to listen to your intuition? Or do you feel more fear and make descisions from a place of ‘trying to survive’? I prefer Teals other messages: Feel your true feelings, go dive deep into them, integrate them without ‘thinking about’ whether they are real or not. Do everything to get into that inner state of balance, to the centre of the storm. From there... listen to your PERSONAL hearts voice and act.
  5. deniz


    And this is probably why I have little moments every day in which I feel overwhelmed with jou without really mentally understanding why.. ‘This is what I came here for’.
  6. deniz

    Terms Of Rescue

    Yes! And to my experience what also happens after integration is navigation towards an other profession.
  7. deniz

    Terms Of Rescue

    A lot of people want to offer others what they actually crave themselves. Lots of people want to offer emotional support, guidance. But the receiver can feel something is off. So so many coaches, even cp practitioners are not doing what they do from their heart. A simple way of finding out if the mission one takes on is in alignment is to ask the question: what are you already doing all your life without thinking about it and what will you continue doing even if you were a millionaire? The next question is: how do you transform that into a service or product. And be aware: if you love entertaining for example, it does not necessarily mean you also need to be an independent enterpreneur. It is really a ‘skill’ to manage your own business. But maybe you love being around lots of people, doing physical simple work and be the clown or ‘happy center’ of the group, raising the vibe of everyone around you. The work itself is insignificant. Your role in this working community is your mission. Also ask others what they see you doing. They can see it very clearly if you don’t. For example you recognize real coaches by their completely open (empty) attitude and constant curiously towards the individual motives of others. They attract people easily who tell their stories. When they do their groceries they automatically ‘coach’ the person at the counter. And they never give advice, they ask questions.
  8. deniz

    Millenial Retraumatization

    YESSSSS! Very valuable!
  9. deniz


    Yes I had the feeling. A video more suitable for you would be ‘meet your needs’!
  10. deniz


    I can’t help thinking how large Teal’s suitcase is and how many new outfits I get to see she took with her to Costa Rica! This is my very 3D field of interest..
  11. deniz


    It is soo personal. Maybe for you it is the most self loving thing tot do to watch neflix and allow yourself not to be occupied with ‘fixing’ yourself while it is self loving for me not to watch netflix and work with my shadows. Nobody can tell you what escapism is for you. Maybe you use this video to bulldoze yourself more...
  12. deniz

    3 Shadows

    The course adds nothing new to the book shadow before down and anathomy of lonelyness: ofcourse the form in which the info is given is different.
  13. deniz

    Self Sabotage

    There is the softness I love so much!
  14. deniz

    Tips For Now

    Yeah and I think we don’t panic very easily. We also don’t drive those huge pick up trucks where half of all supermarketproducts fit in .
  15. deniz

    Tips For Now

    Timezones.... it is evening already beautiful tho! Not much panic in the netherlands (yet).
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