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  1. Yes yes yes, we are here to create and experience earth and the amazing contrasts that includes. Soooo rare sooo beautiful, thanks Teal.
  2. We need your truth Teal, thanks for being who you are..
  3. Such an incredibly difficult situation.. you have such a vital life purpose, yet the shadow side of it looks virtually unbearable. You must be exhausted on every level. Personally I would contact Eckhart Tolle.. go visit him.. ask him about this and hear his perspective/advice. He’s so insightful, like yourself. I’d love to hear what he says. Like you he’s so wise, but different too. Not better. Different. Thank you Teal for the truth you allow to come through you, I find your YouTube videos and your teachings totally invaluable to my journey. There are good people out here who appreciate you and what you do, so very much. Thank you for your sacrifice and I’m so sorry that you are suffering so much under its burden. Love to you, from an ordinary person who blames you for nothing. I hope you’re ok and can find a path through.
  4. How do we do this and integrate our kids into the world. For example Master 8 says no to washing up, a seemingly simple thing. But the fallout affects the rest of the family and how they feel about him and themselves. To let him make that choice and to go back to his book and lack of engagement in the family and life doesn't help anyone. I am keen to bring my awesome kids up the best I can and would love to learn to mix autonomy and functioning within a unit. Another example M8 didn't want to go to training for his team sport last night. It is his first session and I know he is still finding his way. I made him go. He ended up having the most fun he has had all year. I felt crap being a hard arse but knew if he didn't go he would find it harder and harder to go. Where is the balance.
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