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    Thank You. L.F
  2. lonly ferret

    You are beautiful You are beautiful !!!! What would be, if you say for the next few weeks every time you look into a mirror “I do not know who you are, but you are beautiful,......... I love you........ I like your eyes and the color." Did you ever look closely into your eyes realizing the patterns and fine structure your iris?? Did you ever appreciate this fine and amazing instrument? Observe what you else like on this person? Hair, make-up, beard or non, ....... how would you like the person to improve YOUR like- and love-ness. Don’t think about as you! Think about as a partner! Think about as your partner in the mirror. What would you like to see as an improvement or change, sexiness or appearance? Make a wish for one change once a week or so and make it come true in the following days. Would be interesting to read feedbacks if you noticed differences in your daily life after some time. L.F.
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    Hi There you have an address of the location? I would like to do the booking. I was not able to find anything. L.F.
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    Two Twinkling Stars Two Twinkling Stars (last Friday) It was Friday afternoon was in the underground train standing next to the door facing in opposite direction of the trains movement heading homewards from work. As the train entered a station a saw a man, not very taken care of, sitting on a bench holding a small pizza-box in his hands. His hair was somewhat longer and a total mess and his clothing old, not torn, but gave an very worn out impression. As the train stopped he got up and walked unsteady and slowly towards the train dragging his feet with his worn shoes. "Oooh my! Not again! A drunk one!" I thought instantly as I saw him coming closer. His eyes where small, half closed and his shoulders hanging. There is not much of a life left I thought. He entered the train and found a place next to the door just opposite from me, facing direction of the train movements. I thought again hey I am the ”lucky one” a homeless drunk close to me. But something was different. There was no odor. He didn’t smell drunk or like un-flushed toiled as many of the homeless do, which I came across during my daily commuting. My senses got stronger that something is different with this guy. A couple stations later he fetched out some coins from the pocket with his left hand while holding the pizza-box in the other hand. He held a handful coins in his shivering hand trying to count them. Most of them have been cents covering a few bigger coins. I thought f... , poor guy another one who fell through the social grid. He was absolutely not the typical homeless which I see some times here and there in the underground stations. Many of them drunk a few drug addicted. Usually I do not do such things, but this was different. I searched my pockets and pulled out a 5euro bill (= approx. 5 $), stepped a couple of steps toward him and put the bill in his hand where he still was counting his coins, and wished him a nice weekend. It took a few seconds before he overcame some sort of confusion since he had focused only on his coins. Slowly he lifted his head and looked at me. His eyes opened up and he began to smile. At the same time his eyes got some sparkling and came to life again. "THANK YOU" he said calmly in a low voice not easy to hear, with the background noise of the train. "You are an angel" he continued. Then he told me a bit about him and what he been doing. He is a musician and artist writing songs and other stuff for theatres when asked. Unfortunately I had to stop him and excused my self because I had to get out at the coming station to catch the other train getting closer to home. Actually I am not an angel, just a Lonely Ferret, whishing for freedom and peace. L.F.
  5. lonly ferret

    Thanks for the hint. I am familiar with this book. unfortunately due to a genetic defect which got activ some unknown years ago. Things are not that easy and I am so to speak of grid where all my test results make no sense at all at current knowledge. I followed as well this"diet" most of the time. L.F.
  6. lonly ferret

    Hi Kim, same name but M.:-) ans same blood typ! interesting. since a couole of months I am not able to eat animalproducts any more. it started with farmed meet, a few weejs later with wild like rabbits, dear,....... then even eggs or other animal products. even hony. I have severe blood issues (jak2) sort if rear blood cancer. my thyroids are also having probkems and doktors want to remoove them compleatly. But I refused. the symtoms of consuming any type of animal products wind up lika a mild form of food poisining. so I had to change within a few weeks to vegan. To make life easier my ssystem does not coup well with lactose, glutamate, soja, tofu. I get alergi reactions including vomiting. Doktors are not able to help. All test and examinations are with meaningless and confusing results. To make my situatoin short regarding food. I have qiute good body responds with vetgetabkes and fruits. especially all kind of berries.Also I make juice with frozen berries mix I buy at the supermarket. 2pound mixed berries 5soupspoons shugar and a have squeezed lemmon blended in a mixer with 1quart of water. I add some additional water for drinking. This is all new for me, It is experimental, no doctors have been able to help or provide some support. so for my case I have no other option. I absolutely do not recomend to experiment with health, I just want to share my story and health issues and findings with you. I wish for nobody to get into situations like this. L.F. sorry about poor spelling and englisch wichbis not my native tounge and writing on my mobile makes it a bit chalinging aswell:-)
  7. lonly ferret

    a few years ago. flying back from the US to Austria by Lufthansa. 2 suitcases each 45 kilos about 90 pounds. 4 larger handbags and a rocking horse with a steel frame for my children. I visualized getting through with it easily for 2 weeks before the flight. to make the story short. I was chevkin in one of the first. the lady ask me what tis constructoin of wraped and taped is. I taped the steel frame around one suitcase the horse eith the 4 handbags as handcarry items. she told me this is non standard luaggde an almost double the weight. and the hand luaged a no go. she called an assistance. both where laughing about my creative constructions making jokes every body had to lough. the assistant meant he had children and they would like to have the horse. joking arround I refused. then they where calling the supervisor. more loughter. finally the took some pictuers of all from us with my horse. at the end people where pilling up behind me. the horse was spezial handcarried by the airline folks snd for the oversized and over weight luagged I didnt had to pay one cent. they whished me all the best und a good flight. L.F. sorry about typo errors I am posting via mobilephone
  8. lonly ferret

    Dear Casey, I would see a doctor before taking any supplementary's I am working with my thyroids a few years with severe issues. first I would look at T3, free hormone ,• T3, total ,T4, free hormone , T4, total , TSH Thyroglobulin auto-abs , Thyroid peroxidase auto-abs , TSH receptor auto-abs before doing something wrong. and then maybe after consulting a doctor to have some of these checked as well. Don't play with your thyroids and let them not removed without investigating all possibilities before. I managed to get them back working again after total failure and small tumors. Gamma-GT, Alkaline phosphatase , Iron, Transferrin, Transferrin saturation Iron-binding capacity, Ferritin, Urea nitrogen, Creatinine, eGFR (MDRD-formula) Potassium, Sodium Red blood cells , Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, MCV (mean cell volume), MCH (mean cell hemoglobin), MCHC (mean cell Hb. conc.), Red cell distribution width, Platelets, White blood cells Glucose, fasting, Glycated hemoglobin, Glyc.hemoglobin, HbA1c (IFCC) light and inner freedom/ L.F.
  9. lonly ferret

    @Noor Hi there, I read your lines and see confusion, uncertainty and insecurity, although you went a long and challenging way in your life. I have a slight suspicion and one question to you. Do you know, -who you are? I mean the true YOU? Light and inner freedom L.F.
  10. lonly ferret

    Simple, On what are focusing?? L.F.
  11. lonly ferret

    Dear Wash; Not much I can say..... except it is a challenging situation by all means. I can feel and understand your dis-ease very much. I looked something up. I can not put the link here but look for " How to Overcome Addiction - Teal Swan " Maybe this will help in one way or the other. Light and inner freedom L.F.
  12. lonly ferret

    Hi and Hellooo from Austria Hello from Austria. it is 2:30 in the morning and I am thinking what to wright here via smart phone. in case you like to question me something please go ahead. As you might notic my english is not the best.:-) light and freedom within L.F.
  13. lonly ferret

    Whenever the spirits are heard, guidens will lead to such “presents”, -always. Everything is possible, nothing impossible, if we listen and follow our deepest emotions within. Awesome!!! Just awesome!! ..........maybe once in this life I will able to visit this retreat as well. Nothing should be taken for granted, others are struggling we are blessed. Love light and inner peace. Respectfully L.F.