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  1. I love a Blake and Teal interaction ! It warms my heart every time I see them together laughing!
  2. Once again thank you Teal for your authenticity !
  3. CarolineK

    "If I Was A..."

    car, - Tesla Electric Car vehicle, - water glider color, - all clear, clean, dark and deep colors hero, - my self feeling, - longing landscape, - soft meadow hills in the mountains smell, - lilac music, - harmonizing vibes flower, - cyani (corn) flower tool, - carving knife wind, - a soft warm spring breeze sweet, - candy floss gemstone, - (need to find out the name of the green stone) time of day, - morning dawn Expression, - astonished fruit, - strawberry superpower, - transporting different times and places animal, - ferret symbol, - ancient amulet thought, - a wild phantasy, clothing, - a romantic lilac fluffy dress with laces and frills all over, or just a simple self-udjusting blue satin longline corset for best pleasurable support and hugging comfort food, - all kind of vegan salat-bar on ice with dressings and fruits from the whole world body part, - brain song, - a ballad about love, hate, harmony, resistance and romantic romance, book - the never ending story water, - arising to the surface in the rocky mountains, jumping and splashing over rocks flowing through a forest above and under fallen wood trunks, and finally mumbling through blooming meadows into a clear green mountain lake. number, - infinity, sound, - frequency of the heart chakra L.F.
  4. CarolineK

    Celebrate Yourself

    Sad World For me there is not much to celebrate. I am just me, -emotionally disordered. Not more, not less. There is no shame and there is no worth or self-worth or self-disrespect. Yes, I make wrong decisions and mistakes, -but this is ok. I also make right decisions J , -also OK. Very lately I lost the little remains of trust I had, especially family related people, friends I not need to mentioned, I don’t have any, and some other things which I don’t want to mention. My whole life I have been lied to and trust amongst so called friends have been misused most of the time. I don’t feel angry or hatred about these people. I am only deeply disappointed and hurt. I feel no emotional anger, fury or rage. I guess sometimes in the past to a certain point I gave up. Even with my health conditions suicide would not be a solution according to my believes. It would be like a dog is trying to catch his tail. In best case it would be a reset. -It is very easy to make bad to worse. So I try to work with things which are available to me and try to be grateful for that what have been given to me. We like also to overlook the small things we have which became naturally in daily living to us. So I’ am just me with my higher-self working at the moment to get re-connected consciously and working on the completion process. Only the past few years, once in a while if someone comes across who is in honest and deep need if I can I help, and only if I have recourses to do so. I can enjoy and be happy for a moment with the other person if someone gets a little fire back is into the soul. You can see so nice and clear in the eyes. I do not ask for any kind of return. It is enough to see a smile and a little hope of the other person. Sometimes it happens that I got panned trying to help. Well, sometimes it’s not really your business. It’s OK again life goes on. One day at a time, today is today and tomorrow… will see. L.F. PS. Reading my lines, maybe there are some self-worth issues. Something I will chase down the next few days.
  5. CarolineK

    Happy Birthday

    Dear Monday Child, Thank you for being here!!!! And A Happy Birthday Dear Treasurable Teal! Please continue “bulldozing” the world -I like your style, your way of doing things and your personality! You are one of a kind. Inner peace and freedom L.F.
  6. Greetings from Austria, due to poor internet connection at my remote place I will be only present with my thoughts. Good luck, all the best enjoy and treasure the opportunity for being part of the event. !!! We should never take things for granted. L.F.
  7. CarolineK

    My Philia

    Whenever the spirits are heard, guidens will lead to such “presents”, -always. Everything is possible, nothing impossible, if we listen and follow our deepest emotions within. Awesome!!! Just awesome!! ..........maybe once in this life I will able to visit this retreat as well. Nothing should be taken for granted, others are struggling we are blessed. Love light and inner peace. Respectfully L.F.
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