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  1. I say, the whole  truth is seeing all sides- circumfrence of the circle.    Zen -consciousness is  the point in the centre.    The cricle of  truth cannnot be acurratly defined but it can be described weakly in our bastarized   twisted english  language.     Only  though  an  Angelic language could we define truth accuartly.    Try to listen to what people mean rather than what they say;     other  - Wise    Teal Swan will sound like flake to you.              Sometimes  She has to try so hard to dummy it down for you.

    1. Red Rooster

      Red Rooster

      Ricky Red Rooster, you have foollishly defined the undefineable ZEN.   You found it in the middle of the circle  with truth all around you.   Zen is not a centre- circle place.   Rather you were in a place of Zen.

    2. Red Rooster

      Red Rooster

      I sit core-rected.   Thankyou, mydear self.  I was out of ReZen  LOL