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  1. Amen to this. Moreso, how do you deal in situations with people of lesser consciousness who don't realize they're following orders to be safe.
  2. You are so right and dead on again relating to the aspects of control in people these days. SO FEAR BASED. It has come to such a tumultuous level in our society that people feel they need to have to exert their ego power over you if they feel intimidated. So gross. I can't believe they shamed you and told you that, wow. They just wanted to make a scene for recognition and notoriety. They should be thankful someone is coming to their country to wake them the hell up!!!
  3. This is by far one of, if not the, BEST workshops ever so far! So many crucial topics have been addressed. However, I missed the ending to the procrastination part after the "potty break." I need the answer to this on how to deal with procrastination, it seems to be left out of the video. Thank you and much love!!
  4. What if you make the changes to yourself, but the other person or people do not reciprocate? I know your probably going to say, "then they shouldn't be in your life." It's sad when those other people are your immediate family. Cutting them off if they're unwilling to acknowledge me or support me in my life is cold, but likely something I'm going to have to be mature enough to do. Then starts the exhausting game of trying to find conscious people who really do want to reciprocate relationships..
  5. We love you Teal!!! Your honesty, authenticity, humor, and sophistication, all of it combined is a force that many people are extremely intimidated by. Too many people are still insecure and unconscious about themselves in this world to truly understand the consciousness you're raising. People get so triggered by truth and I find it hilarious. Their ego's flare up and kick right in. You will forever be a lifelong icon of mine, a beacon of originality and relatability. You are my go-to person for TRUTH, both spiritually and physically. Thank so much from the bottom of our hearts!
  6. HolographicLight

    San Francisco 2015

    The Moved Back Home segment at 2:36:00 is amazing! Thank you for clarifying that regressing back to your expansion point is essentially attempting to "live with the trigger." Teal, thank you so much for this clarity! I am forever grateful for your assistance in my life
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