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  1. Marthay

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    I was uncomfortable too. She was so anxious I felt like saying get off the freaking stage! I deal with alot of anxiety and can't be around people like that. Teal was super chill. Teal inspires me.
  2. Marthay

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 1/2

    The opening was so incredibly painful. I so relate to the doll complex. I've got some major healing to do.
  3. Thank you, Teal, for sharing this. As a black woman I have always been aware of the racism and have experienced it myself so I was not surprised at the event but, hope people could finally wake up and see what has always been happening in this country. When you said, "African Americans always saw it," it brought me to tears. Finally, someone could see the pain and didn't deny it or want to. I can recognize my prejudice against white people, Mexicans, and even blacks because of my experiences but, I am willing to change because I truly want to live in a world where we can celebrate each other'
  4. Marthay

    Elephant in the Room

    I hate that your gift causes you so much pain. I am sending love to you, Teal.
  5. I appreciate your need to always be honest with us and see things in a bigger perspective but, of course, it still hurts. When others say Ignoring them or "stop being insecure", They don't have your haters so how would they understand? I hope that your following gets so big that their voices are drowned out and they began to question what they are doing. I have felt more whole listening to you than I have my entire life! Thank You !!Thank You!!!
  6. Marthay

    Happy Birthday

    OMG, Teal looks so sweet when Graciela hugs her! I love it! Happy Happy Bday Goddess! 1
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