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  1. Heidi Havula

    San Francisco 2015

    The gentleman who had lived in South Korea and moved in back to his parents was awesome. Somehow during that part I felt genuine spark for spirituality again for the longest time. It's hard to explain... but I felt relieved and happy. Thank you!
  2. Heidi Havula

    Spiritual Funny

    Luckily I have a very cheap sense of humor, loved it!!
  3. Heidi Havula

    Preventing Suicide

    Nice! The best of luck for the interview!
  4. Heidi Havula

    Real Healing

    I feel like what has held me back when realizing these types of lies to oneself, if you will, is the fear of nothing coming forth to replace the old way that's not really working but you would like to stay still anyways. Afterwards it feels better to stick with the change, but tell that to my brain... :P
  5. Heidi Havula

    Creating Pain

    This has been a thing my mind holds dear - if it's possible to go on living without having any kind of crisis ever again, I hold on to any kind of promise for that. But I have noticed that it does not make sense or feel right... It's nothing more than a coping mechanism. It has been easier for me to notice that from other people in spiritual forums, but it is my pet peeve as well. Hearing this does make me feel more at ease, since some of pain cannot be avoided, it means I don't have to (try to) control the world around me that desperately. Preach.
  6. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't benefit you.
  7. Heidi Havula


    As someone that has studied so much no one around me had the persistence to do the same and end up having a burnout... I will appreciate any future insights on the topic.
  8. She had a strong persona on stage, but I witnessed the 'melting' happening as the video progressed. I'm happy for her and wish all the best to her partner as well<3 Now I kind of want a shirt that has tagline about the mirror universe...
  9. I must say my honest thought and feeling during this video was uncertainty if I have gone through this or not. Guess I'll have to wait for the video or blog post to be published. Very interesting stuff nevertheless!
  10. It was like a flash in Finland No problem, dear one!
  11. This video both got me to appreciate the choice I made (took the risk he was afraid of) and grieve that our connection did not stay as good as Teal and Blake's... Thank you.
  12. I think not everyone will, look how fast veganism boosted itself in markets. And also knowing at least a fraction of what Teal teaches is a sign your ego might worry, but I doubt it will hit you. Well, I cannot know, but I'm deducting.
  13. I don't know if it's out of empathy, but I begun crying when she said "and there are many people making that decision [to die]" in the end... It's like an internal 'no... Don't do that!' If any of you reading this attended the previous online workshop and did the group exercise, this just might be what Teal meant there with denial of your current reality.
  14. Heidi Havula

    Self Help

    That's the exact issue I ran myself a few months back - every time I would drop down to shadow work by myself, I would feel so utterly alone that it created a wall I couldn't get past no matter how I tried. Now with the wonderful help of Tomass, I feel my progress has skyrocketed. <3
  15. Heidi Havula

    Positive Suicide

    Bravo. Can totally relate to this message. Being suicidal comes from a place within that yells 'this is not what I want, none of it!' and all it wants is to be seen, loved and cared for. It's true magic when one can provide its needs. And when you realize the reasons you have felt suicidal, but don't anymore... Damn. If I'll ever get famous, I will thank Teal for saving my life from despair publicly. But now I can do it via Premium and settle for that. Thank you.
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