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  1. Hey Denni,

    Here's my Astrology chart and notes. There are things said at the time that my Astrologer didn't put into these - more like personal commentary from her Guides picking up things from me present there and my Guides, I guess.

    Anyway, be appreciative for any feedback from you  :-)
    Crystal Rob

    Rob Astrology Chart.jpeg

    Robs notes from Christina Richter.pdf

    1. Denni


      Sweet. Thanks.  Yeah I'll definitely give you my feedback.  I'll send you mind shortly. 

  2. Rock on! All true and I feel the same way. Rejection by far, I believe, is a big childhood trauma for me. But I will face my fear and be present at all times. I am happy for us. Well said. I agree with you. I giggle sometimes when I see that people think one emotions defines them. It may be the dominant emotion that is affecting them at the moment. I remind them that it is a valid emotion and validate their situation then show them that the emotion change and that it does not define them.
  3. Wonderful discussion. Hilarious thing...I'm both open and mysterious at the same time. Not sure how I hold this way of being but I believe it has to do with my nature. Observing myself I noticed that I am quite open, but only enough to spark curiosity or interest in others to know more...perhaps that is where the mysterious illusion is perceived from others. This is my speculation, because I don't consciously aim for this effect. Instead, I hear others describe me as mysterious. LOL. I notice I am not open when I believe I will be shamed. These are usually times that I am going through pain. I suffer in silence most of the time. I'm too scared to be judged or shamed. So I seek ways to soothe myself. In the past, I did in unhealthy ways. I suffered a lot, but learned a lot, and now I soothe myself in healthy ways. However, I still have this vibration within me. My next step to be open with my pain is to seek a therapist. The good news is that I am building the courage to accept this shame and understand it so that I can defend myself when I open up and someone shames me. When I state defend myself, I mean teaching others of the dynamic that is happening and then reminding them that nothing wrong is occurring only seeking to connect and be present for each other. I have a lot of opportunities to practice with my partner. Thank you this was an awesome discussion.
  4. Hi fellow souls! #bowtou.  Working on this sketch today, and heading to beach with daughter later.  Hope everyone's day is swell.

    ganesha flash.pdf

    1. Garnet


      Beautiful drawing! wishing you to have a great day as well !

    2. Denni