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  1. I just popped on inspiring video, realized it suits to this topic, a man sharing his Near Dead Experience
  2. It's just coincidence, yesterday was Teals video Problem with Diagnosing Mental Health Issue, and today I've been labeled as an autistic and been referred for ASD to NAS, this was my fourth visit in three months since first time last autumn opened GP door. I can confirm they care about they paperwork only, just sucks, when I've tried to add additional symptoms regarding my latest research I'm resonate match more to mixed adhd and my anxiety, but this part was ignored, doctor looked at screen and seems followed list To Do to match me to Symptoms and put in to File. Sucks I've picked this little over year ago, and I know for my self what the Truth is, but now for siblings I would be able to explain certified option about differently wired brain work. My daily routine full of spirals ,,meditations" why that happened, why they did to me , why I'm feeling been manipulated, gaslighted, why I'm focused to fix my past, why I'm feeling guilty, worthless, powerless.. and how you can feel when last several people you've trusted actually realizing they building triangles and ,,pissing" in your shoes for long time now I'm reading New manual about my abandoned my self.. filtering my Past trough new algorithm, walking by the river with long stick and trying to reach and lift out of deep water my missed body parts, trying to find people helping to me to recognize my missed parts...
  3. I'm hardly imagining how to be father to 54 old man, I just can guess that slow motion influencing technique, which has gaslighting aspect, will be cracked in 5th second by him after you walk in. I would go easier way ,,straight to the salt" Hear is what I'm worrying about , and This what my friends thinking about that.
  4. Several decades ago it was no discussions to hear around like this, yes internet flood of information drives your life looks virtually, like Candy Crush game, where you have a spear life or someone can borrow when you out of yours. From universe perspective to kill yourself is equal to kill someone else, if you think you in a dead end road this is only your thoughts, your body is nothing to do with a situation you're in. It's just your limited perspective where you accepting that as THATS THE END. It's problem of society, when I mentioned recycling part for suicide that's my black joke, of course in these days in each supermarket supposed to be mental help center with instant therapist help, instead when feeling critical and going to GP, they giving you appointment next week or later, makes you feel just worse
  5. When you're mentioned deadlines, I thought people with ADHD have an issues to complete they tasks and projects, a week or two ago I've posted a link with helpful coping techniques of Linda Walker (she's coucher), you can find on YouTube. Main thing is struggling to manage the timelines in your reality. Is never late to know your self better. P.s. he have to watch him self to feel what resonates with in
  6. I'm wondering too, why by side of supermarket recycling facilities no body created yet section for self service suicide with various options... I'm not angry, but sorry this perspective makes me feel sick.
  7. Pictures of today not each year we capable to enjoy white winter, yesterday afternoon was snow storm overnight added another 5 cm that's a lot in uk
  8. It's tough when you in a whirlpool of overwhelming feelings, in reality it's about validation, maybe in a current place you missing that, look at your qualities been resonated that's what you want to be that's who you are, in a life it's not about who you going to be with, it's Codependency, it's about what you do, what you radiate out of you that you will attract. Sorry but instead continuing listening song Love Hurts which is will makes just more hurt, look what you can create out to the world of that beautiful energy. Lol
  9. @ElaAdamek hi, misinterpretation is very common when you adding your own thoughts to the things it was said, to keep in same dictionary recommend Teals videos to check first, may you find your answer there already waiting for you, you can connect any practitioner directly or to put your problem on the screen probably the fastest way to get right respond. best wishes
  10. so for me it's not very clear, are your about to sell this sofa, or your looking for another sleeper?
  11. Regarding ADD and ADHD Found some videos helping to explain how to recognize symptoms and to cope with i it, medication says it's like glasses makes you see better but don't helps to read, you have to find out what is your text about, recommend this video may you will recognize struggle symptoms in your self I love the fact she mentioned about struggling to do you task possible you doing it in wrong day time, possible at that day time that part of your brain in low or rest state. Linda Walker she's got another video with many coping tips P.s. just ignore coaching info in video I'm not advertising
  12. If you are Here you got a Problems, and we will fix you (juts kidding) Welcome to forum
  13. This sample makes better to understand Teals video How To Find Your Negative Imprint
  14. I completely understand Mai-da reaction, is there possible the psychiatrist is your shadow animal ? also Ryuraven I like your calmness and how you placed your notice in to the words