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  1. There is could be a deeper reason if you feel this way, no body wanted to trigger that, but if you feel you was little rude you can send your self on naughty step for 15 min and don't shoot good will messengers any more
  2. during this morning breakfast I though about yesterday, last week, list of fallen expectations, what I was pending to do and still didn't, then I was imagined my tomorrows breakfast and what I'm going to think about today, and then I've realized I can create right now my tomorrows memories about today, because it not happened yet, so it pops a plenty possible to happen things on my wishes and suddenly all past worries disappears. Think, what you wanting to remember tomorrow about today, and do it. Best wishes
  3. I thought the shadow work is different for everyone, each tree shadow is different and even more different each human, as we coming from different globe places and cultures we care with in self multidimensional body energy fields like sample on a following picture I was thinking about my self, is this the one of my shadows to join to community and to give some advises to somebody I've not seen, to tel you have to watch this or that and you'll be fine, how much is that true? It could be I just additional time trying to heal my self trough somebody, sometimes I'm getting sad when didn't receiving respond from somebody I'd like to, but maybe these people just holds on because they see more, and the main thing is I have to find answer, and if someone giving advice they do because from they perspective is the very best, hardest part is to connect these perspectives with Love
  4. maybe you got just lucky smooth childhood, usually from memories sticks out traumas, to refresh your memory helpful to visit the places of that particular time, what I did last summer, the smell, old items triggering and images pops back.
  5. someone say the perfect relationships is when you waking up with strawberry in you lips
  6. I believe is other Sources and Infinities
  7. @jm105 your life is the thoughts what you thinking, no body told you did that (ruined) you just convinced your self and looking around for additional validations to approve that, maybe at first start to think from ,,I'm ruined my life" to >> How I can make feel better right now, This Minute This Hour, watch Teals How to feel better, Feel Hopeless. You have to stop care what you Don't Have and to star value what you Do Have, suggesting to check next video, may it makes more sense where the life joy from gets other people have a good day
  8. Hi @Mr. Tinkertrain, I think there was a video Resentment, will helps to fine and neutralize dominating elements you negatively thinking about.
  9. i think E/motion is that short kick between Experience and motion sure it's from a joke perspective, I think it's kind a flow energy of perceiving the world trough all 6 senses , in Teals video Holly Grail is description what is emotions, each time I listen drives me to tears..
  10. ...I got a feeling just visited Venice, it was like sound of evening meditation. Thank you Teal
  11. I'm digging around my soil for several months now, and what I found burns my skin out of the bones. I said earlier I'm afraid of projection, but I found I'm afraid of Attraction, and more the root stays still the same I'm Afraid, so Why I'm afraid? Of not approving who I'm, then who I'm? did they know who I'm? (people manipulates me) Yes they know, but not Me, because the true was right on my f*king nose, and I couldn't see it! I got very good visualization and I'm capable to see project Done in very first meeting, just letting feelings to flow through my heart and the image appears in my head. I was using it for a years for my bespoke carpentry and refurbishing projects and I never thought this is any benefit. Recently I'm studying all types of personalities (I hate people labeling sorting/boxing) in many videos I recognized my self in HSP and empathetic. That's explains my broken relationships and why I'm feeling so emotionally exhausted, because my sensory was overloaded I made non rational decisions. It's like several days I'm scanning my past through this Prism and couldn't believe, is this could be my Core, what I was hiding from outside as disability have to be flipped by me and started to tread as ability? Appreciate for any respond. Thank you vincent
  12. @HolographicLight hi, sounds you overloaded and continuing to bread on same frequency, I'm agreeing with your diagnosis regarding today world, it sucks, some people don't care, but if your feel this way, that means the universe pushing you to stand in to square inch with expectations to make improvements what you see is not right in this picture, to make how you think it supposed to be. If you think you are high sensitive person check out on line for tips how to cut of distractions and care about your self First, then reintegrate your self in to your environment trough your heart and empathy. That's our job to make in tune and clean that own square inch first and after to connect next one. Best wishes adding a video picked this morning thought suits this topic Amanda Flaker regarding Lack vs Abundance Matrix, she familiar with Teal lol
  13. @shirl90, mostly all illness coming from our living style, we have to remember how many years our body in that environment. Surgery is invasion in to living cells, they become ill during years of wrong care. Pretend you go for surgery and after that you continue to live style as before how long you going to be ok? Have you tried alternative medicine methods, diet, exercises? By the way this is family routine.