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  1. vincent

    After watching this video YouTube pops more on my screen, realized Claire was making these videos for years and awakening what life is for and what to do with it comes to her at age of 12, hear another youtuber sharing experience of knowing her , question why we can't see life values till we about to lose it? And her own experience of dying, you don't have to comment, but I recommend to watch it. R. I. P.
  2. vincent

    Literally it's a Coffee and Shaking if translate from Lithuanian, didn't realized other meanings when the words very common, now going have a look.
  3. vincent

    ,,A man's life is more simple - got a job, bought a car, acquired a place to live - life is good,, Garnet, I wish it would be so simple as you just described this is a part of nature is programmed in own body cells, a man as a masculine cares about more delicate female, a man cares about hard robust things, and a woman about motherhood and to keep warm house nest, but before it happens each other have some how to attract, so a men gets new car to attract Her an she sharps eyebrows and steps in to hill shoes to attract Him. But seems last century a female domination coming back, I'd noticed little over a balance, maybe is for good, hope will be less wars.
  4. vincent

    Garnet, you not alone, we never seen own First Man in Lithuania
  5. vincent

    When you pity sick A girl age of 21 was ill and dies, but she left beautiful message and I couldn't not share..
  6. vincent

    I resonate with your grief, really sorry for your lost Garnet, I believe your fish got contrast incarnation in new unlimited space and free reality. Regarding Feng Shui, thank you for continuing this post, about 15 years ago in a book shop during my daughter reading princess stories between shelves I've spotted Feng Shui book, for me it was very interesting as there was a lot of images how to design a house interior also exterior, it was directly resonates with my job, I always lack of arguments when it comes to the point of explanation to client why it should be done this not other way, you have to accept all new philosophy, which is mean for someone to deny they own trues. It's complicated things and elements looks balanced for me or you, it wouldn't be for other person.
  7. vincent

    Thank you, just cached a blink created by nature..
  8. vincent

    I'd believe a person with monk mindset is on right side, and a talking guy, for me looks like character from tv soap show.
  9. For many could be boring, but as this what I'm at the moment studying about, I found several more with different explanation angle, one video the Empath the Codependent and the Narcissist, who's what? and mind bending ,,What problem do you want to be?,, best wishes V.
  10. This is a story from first lips about the system and patients
  11. Yours reaction is correct Majda, I'm familiar with Teals state regarding Vaccinisation , this video is protest against misleading Netflix documentary film, which is just promotion of pharmacy industry promotion to keep you productive, in resume my opinion is with 8:15 . V.
  12. @Gogo.o hi, you said: I do do that. I do take things personal when my self esteem is low. And i need love and appreciation and validation to feel secure. this is validation of Codependency or as Dr. Ross Rosenberg says SLD Self Love Deficit Disorder. This is a hard to star to love yourself when no body does, but this is a key from being Needy to become Attractive, check earlier Teals video about how to find self Worth and self Love. Lol
  13. vincent

    Garnet your posted album very much resonating me to Ishvari and it's my favorite
  14. vincent

    Maybe you didn't experienced significant contract yet, to name what is a light and what is a shadow in your life