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  1. Thank you for responding Garnet ... or distracted, because it resonates what we have rejected on our positive/negative behavior scale, but really annoying the fact it's like Trojan host clouds blocking other posts on the screens, and it's more and more, can by created additional shelf for advertising?
  2. All Teals videos are exceptional, we responding depends how much resonates with our life, she choosing topics by her own vibes, I would be afraid to ask such thing as you can receive an ,Elephant" in your room, a lot of entertainment on internet also many people not capable to touch this joy eat
  3. I was watching my self away from the screen , this guy feeling more confident on his bike than I'm on my chair 😵
  4. I didn't understand in French but piano guy definitely deserves these applause. Cyclists show cool, I know one too, but before watching recommend put your seatbelt on
  5. I'd like to share, several days ago I've discovered Ayako Sekino videos, she's full of joy, excitement and spirit to change the world, here is an interview: and one of the workshops video: I really love how she's expressing her self and communicating with audience, makes me wish to learn Japanese Hope you will enjoy too
  6. Each chick has its own time to get out of the egg, the same with Awakening, it's not about substance your filling mouth it's about awareness how your care about your body as your spirit vehicle.
  7. Autism Last year after watching Teals video Autism, at the same time I've picked online Ask An Autistic where topics about what is Steaming, Melting Down, Burnout and more, friendly in detail explanations by young woman, she's Autistic, pulls me for deeper understanding and appreciation towards people we usually don't see them a lot on broad light, she got a lot of videos till last year and nothing this year, more subscribers wondering where she is, and two days ago she posted video to support her by protesting to publish some book inappropriate towards Autistic people, and between lines she mentioned she got a cancer last year... I was moved inside and sharing her message with intention to support her strength and Autistic people. with love
  8. What is a Gaslighting? I've picked on this just several weeks ago during my research in Empaths and Narcissists relationship videos, Ambient abuse called Gaslighting, named by1944 film Gaslight , main character played by famous actress Ingrid Bergman. It's very damageable manipulation form, manipulator makes you doubt, confused, and guilty about your own true to get they own needs. I found very resonating situations in my past, I thought is better to avoid confrontation by being humble and to accept they opinion or actions, there actually mostly job relationships, fear to lost good face, incomes even position. I always thinking why I'm still feeling shitty, guilty, good not enough in the end of day, end deep anxiety in early morning just after wake up. Last week found several videos regarding this topic by Kristin Snowden, will recommend to take time and to watch it's two parts video little long, but very informative, at least for me. more information about this topic found authors as Ross Rosenberg and Lisa Romano on YouTube Lol
  9. Hi, I've reported almost month ago one of the topic but have no respond from any body, and motioned these kind of posts should be filtered before go viral
  10. Hi all, Christmas songs playing around and expectations in the air some magic could happens to us, message, letter, gift, meet nice person? Other evening I'm skipping through tv and thought what about to make a list of things that can be magic to some one else? like sample: 1.Giving compliments and smiling to strangers 2.Keeping calm and helpful during long queues in a grocery shops or heavy traffic 3.Sharing spiritual and practical ideas 4.Didn’t complaining or arguing reactive way even on they mind to do so 5.Forgiving someone who has hurt you in back days 6.Sending surprising small gifts and Thank You messages without ^strings^ attached 7.Don’t letting to feel people alone if they know one 8.Helping to connect people with each other by they interests 9.Recognizing good in others and validating that 10.Care about they own garden and helping next door happy magics to everyone!
  11. Amazing! wondering what length of that line in total
  12. there is pretty organized when you know each one function, and believe me no spare one : )
  13. but just found this adorable video I love it, once I found my cat practicing yoga him self my phone was in hand so I did a picture, I would call parivrtta savasana or something