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  1. Jan muller


    I have heard once and it feels really true, as soon as you are going to explain why you think and/or do things you have lost. The energy is gone. Try that and see if your energy disappears or not after trying to explain yourself regarding those mothers. Hugs
  2. Jan muller

    Frozen in Time

    Omg teal thank you again and again for this deep and honest info. It makes things so clear for me and everybody. And I just have worked with that issue of the little boy left alone much to early and having difficulties with being left alone in my relationship. So been there done that. Love and hugs
  3. Jan muller


    Hi Teal. Funny that you mentioned that with spontaneously to Bali and at the same time you having responsibilities regards Winter. And yesterday you told us to just throw the keys away and travel away from the family 6 month. ? But if you have children and even grandchildren then you also have responsibilities. That also can be a challenge for a free lifestyle. Hugs and thanks for all your help and advise
  4. Jan muller

    Shadow Work

    Is it just me that I can’t hear Matthias and Sergio is this video. ?
  5. I think this is the start of the change we want. People are choosing more Union and less political Union. Most of all the countries are controlled by 1 % of the population, the rich people, and the control and pay the politicians. And both the rich and the politicians don't listen at all to the 99 %. So now I think people will chose more and more against the "normal" political situations and choose more change. And change will give uncertainty feelings like we all know. And it will give also a lot of beautiful possilities to do things better and differently. More equal, less divided. Less war, violence and throwaway community but more sustainable. Lets us do this together.
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