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  1. I'm bringing a renewed concept of connection with me to my intentional community.
  2. I think most inflatable vests like that are pumped up with an hand-held device that is attached to the vest. I found this website that has a good video that explains it that I thought was helpful. https://www.squeasewear.com
  3. Tony P

    Creation of Self Concept

    I'm in kind of an onion patch of healing myself, but it's more related to self love. I'm glad you mentioned the situation, where every day presents itself with another layer that is asking to be healed which makes more sense than what I was thinking. I had the visualization of being on one of the rungs in the spiral of progression (from one of your older Ask Teal videos about feeling like you've gone backwards). Every time I feel I have an epiphany about how I work and my place within the world, I'm waiting for the euphoria that used to come after those realizations (the space between the lines of the spiral), but the next day I am presented with another layer of the issue! Can't a guy get a break?! Haha but really. I've also been feeling more easily overwhelmed by the world recently. The more I tap into my intuition, the more I get bombarded with information from other things and people when I step outside. Yesterday I went to a huge antique store only to feel all of the objects reaching out to me. Lots of connections people that have passed, and lots of stories stored in those objects. It's like channeling, only it's not just a person reaching out to you from the other side, it's people from the other side reaching through these objects. I stayed as grounded as I could because I didn't want to get overloaded with information, I came to shop, not to be medium. It was really strange walking around, looking at all of the objects and immediately knowing more about them than I should. There are a lot of sad stories there. I would love to go back, only now I don't want to because I don't want to cry. It's hard to separate the objects from the people they belonged to, because most of the objects are only there because someone died. I love that I have the ability to tap into objects, and communicate with people that have passed as well as help heal people people that are here, but I can't help but ask why? I don't want to be a channel even though it is a gift that I could use. The only way an empath can survive is to create boundaries so they don't feel what others are feeling. There is a lot of information that I get sometimes and I just don't know what to do with it. What is the benefit of knowing what people are going to say before they say it? I know a lot of it is linked to survival, but I'm not fighting for my life every day, so what do I do with all that information? Makes me feel really out of place sometimes.
  4. Tony P

    Teal's Epic Dinner

    I can't wait for you to release more recipes!
  5. Tony P

    Teal's Dirty Little Secret

    Sometimes things are in the mainstream beCAUSE they are so good! Don't knock it just because a lot of people listen to it! I thought we already knew all of Teal's secrets! I mean she even told us about the cotton balls.
  6. Tony P


    I thought that you were carrying a red Solo cup which gave me a bit of a laugh (I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought that ). I felt immediate connection to this video because I have been exploring my own connection with intimacy and my own needs. I took myself through a process of looking at certain aspects of myself that were giving me some trouble and they told me that I was having difficulty accepting parts of myself that I deemed "ugly" and therefore unloveable so I decided to positively focus toward these aspects and see what I liked about them and how they actually benefited me instead of focusing on what I didn't like about them. They told me that it wasn't the aspects themselves that change, it is only my perspective that changes, and only then can they transform. I have been starting to realize that everyone and everything is already inherently beautiful and lovable. It is the natural state of things. So when you opened the video by joking about how the obviously amazing and beautiful scenery behind you was a horrid and ugly part of Costa Rica it reminded me of that. Man, so many synchronicities in my life, it's getting pretty freakin weird. It's like my life has turned into a big fun-house of mirrors! Love you, Teal!
  7. Tony P


    I grew up in a small Mormon farm town in Idaho. If you weren't Mormon or conservative enough to look Mormon then there was pretty much no room to make friends. Elementary school was fine enough but once middle hit nearly all my Mormon friends simply stopped talking to me. It was isolating and definitely impacted my social confidence. I'm glad i went to high school in the city!
  8. Tony P

    Seeing What Others Cannot

    Oh wow, I checked out the channel, this is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much!
  9. Tony P

    Spiritual Misconception

    You are right, thank you!
  10. Tony P

    Seeing What Others Cannot

    It's interesting that you mention this, as more I connect with myself and center my focus the weirder things get. "Coincidences" left and right. Synchronicities everywhere. Lately I have actually been seeing...beings. Not all the time of course and I don't want to sound like I've flipped my lid or anything. But sh*% is getting weird.
  11. Tony P

    Artistic Flow

    This video made me cry. It makes me feel so unbelievably safe.
  12. Tony P

    Elephant in the Room

    There will always be people who aren't able to hear what you have to say. But there are also many people who are excited to meet you that can't wait for you to help them lift the veil from their eyes.
  13. Tony P

    No Internal Enemy

    Happy Birthday, Winter!
  14. Tony P

    Mommy Mode

    Ah! So sweet! Mom points for you!
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