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  1. I love the time stamps. Really easy to navigate and you can choose exactly what you want
  2. iv'e found my answer.
  3. This one really hit home. Coming to terms with the FACT that what you want you won't ever get is tough
  4. Could you please make this video public. People need to see this.
  5. Cyra


    really really looking forward to your new book. when will it be out?
  6. Cant find part 2 of this workshop
  7. Cyra

    Elephant in the Room

    she never said it was an issue exclusively for her... pretty sure she doesn't believe its "only her" who feels this way. Everyone awakened has some sort of extrasensory ability, in your case it may be clairsentience and claircognizance... Because you seem to be extremely intuitive...when we are kids these abilities are even more pronounced, but we just learn how to filter them to fit in to societal norms. Think back when you wernt as able to read people and now...why is there a difference? what has changed? why cant everyone around you read people as well as you do? because you recognize your extrasensory ability without even knowing you have them yeah, extra sensory abilities do play a role. with her she can see beyond just the tone of the voice, the gestures etc, she has clairvoyance which can see within peoples body, she can see the tissues in the throat grow as people lie or defend themselves... she can see their heart start to pump stronger when they are afraid to accept things. I feel having an elaborate visual as her does make it much more annoying for her.
  8. Cyra

    London 2014 - 1/2

    I wish the voice quality was better had to strain myself to hear each word.
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