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  1. This truly has blown my mind .. I relate so much to the depth of suffering and the imagery of the sense of separation and the anguish and darkness.. it pulls on my illusions of the past of which I have went through mental break downs through pain from the sense of separation fed by fear.. The imagery of being all of the universe is what has become my hugest fear and spurred my delving into the pain of my being .. the pain of isolation and lack of love... I felt and believed at one point that I never wanted to evolve to the point of awareness that I would have the realization that I am all the universe and then end the games of suffering by coming back into myself because I was afraid in that moment of realization and uniting with my whole true self I would begin to instantaneously dissolve the illusion of physical reality and at the same time I would dissolve into being the universe and all that is and then I would be simply a point of consciousness in the vastness of empty space and I would forever spend infinity alone... in nothingness.. as the torment of being alone inside of nothing would be more hell than living a life with moments of connection of visual and tactile beauty.... However I now understand this is not so.. that I would never wish to stop evolving and I will always choose awareness and unity and love over pain and separation.. This is my new choice and awareness .. I believe that when we all evolve to that point of awareness we will then begin to raise bond all the layers of vibrational realities (illusions) and expand into the truth of our being which I truly believe we are the many aspects of the a much larger soul and all that we are is the genetic information configuring itself within the zygote forming a new life that is existing within the womb of its mother.. about to be birthed..
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