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    I love you Teal for who you are, I especially love the fact that you are honest about your struggles as well, it always shows me that it really is all right for me to be where I am. I have actually come to enjoy the learning process thanks to you and my suffering decreased greatly
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    8 y/o energy vampire Hello! My problem is the following: I noticed that my 8 y/o cousin became an energy vampire and sucks everyone down. The funny thing is that none of her family members are energy vampires, nor is she neglected. Upon meditation, I found out that it was because she indulges in youtube videos and she watches contents that are not even meant to her age group, e.g. horror gameplay. She is literally addicted to it and her parents have trouble with managing this situation. It also came out that because she connects to the videos so much, that she totally disconnects from the family during these times. Then, when she comes back, she sucks on everyone so badly, that we all can barely move. On one hand, this is something for my aunt and uncle to learn, so I cannot take it away. Then there is also my older cousin, who is clearly someone I ought to teach- it is never a burden for me. Then there is the child, who deprives herself from love and causing harm to others- something that is painful to witness. They are not really spiritual, I have no idea how to aid this situation. As this problem is close to me, I am sure I can do something that is in alignment with the universe- can't risk doing anything else. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello there, I may be able to help you Llisa, as I have been in similar situations. So that you know what I am talking about, I also developed autoimmune, it is mostly effecting my thyroid and I was diagnosed with Lupus. I have had over 28 food allergies, could barely walk from the pain even, not to mention that I have been walking around with a blood sugar level of 2 or that I can't even count how many times I have been in near death situations. I have also tried my best regardless of the situation to do things, errands, and school... (Currently recovering, you will see how just below this) So what did I do? I may write this randomly a bit, mostly because I have discovered a lot of good and new stuff the past year. Have had my allergies for 7 years and my symptoms for 15 years. First I went into an autoimmune diet. You can find it as autoimmune paleo mostly. This helped me a lot with decreasing my allergies down to 4ish and to lessen my inflammation. May not taste good at first, I admit, but after that, it is going well. Also, in my case, I had to include natural sugars and leave out xillit and stevia, as my liver and thyroid did not approve of those. After one of the near death experiences, where I have lost all, I decided to change myself as much as I could-for the better. I literally sat down with everything, that annoyed me, asked myself why it annoyed me, then shone some decent view on it. I guess it was integrating it, but well, this decreased my level of stress and it is just awesome! First I had really nasty migraines, not just your normal one, but one that can be only treated in hospital- but I couldn't even talk when it occoured, let alone move at times. I actually had a neurology professor treat me, but he couldn't do much. He only told me to call an ambulance at the first symptoms, as not even his best medicine has worked- not to mention the fact that I suffered from side effects as well. Here what saved me were the herbs. Taking a few herbs cured me out of a continous, 4 month old migraine, in just TWO DAYS. Ever since then, I highly prefer herbal remedies, and they work for me way better than synthetic drugs. I am also free of side effects. For the pain in my body, I actually have not used anything. That has been excruciating at times as well, as the pain level of them usually reached up to what I had experienced when I had a bleeding in my spleen. What I did here was that I have just decided to stop fighting the pain and simply acknowledging it as the messenger. It is there, sometimes it does get hard to walk, but I do not suffer anymore. I sometimes only notice the fact that I can hardly move. Lately, I have found that almost everyone has parasites, but most don't even notice. Especially if you have some kind of disease, I would put money on it, that you have a bad case. Currently, I am undergoing my second parasite cleanse, this time around with a gall/liver cleanse. For this, I use Hulda Clark (MD)'s way. Here I must warn you that a gall/liver cleanse is more delicate, as you must not have bigger gallstones or live parasites. I suggest you see a certified natural healer of some sorts before attempting it. However, if you are allowed to do it, I can certify that it helps a lot. After 15 years of suffering, it actually turned out that I have had chronic Lyme disease all along. The autoimmune process and allergies are also just symptoms, so if I heal, it will get better. There is also a chance, seeing what you have written, that you have it as well. I have been under treatment for 6 months or so, and things move slowly. If you want to have a reliable test for it, check out the elispot test- I had to send my blood to Germany as well. The Elisa came back as negative for me as well- it's accuracy is around 20%, yet they are diagnosing with that. I have had no tick bites that I noticed, nor a bull's eye rash. Coinfections may be also present. Well, I tried to be short and I hope I have included what had to be here. You may want to think about these, or find alternatives even, and pick what resonates with you
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    Thank you Alex! It feels just right, because it was just a couple weeks ago, when I noticed that I usually identify with similar characters in fiction. Now I feel excited about writing this list you mentioned!
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    How to get to know who you are? So, hello people. I would like to find out who I am. Kinda. So, the story goes as such: I went to a seeer/spiritual healer person in my area after a longer period of time. He said that I should find out who I am to aid my expansion even more. I know he is right with that. It has even turned out that I have been watching videos that would aid me with that, like you need to experience what you are not to see what you are. I have even found my core negative imprint (misinterpretation) and my life goal (appreciation, yaaay). The catch is, that even after a -----load of work that I have done in the past few years, I have literally no clue about who I am or whatsoever. Apart from my job, which is, funny enough, translating. But I am kinda not my job. Well, he did say it wouldn't easy in my case, as I seem to have taken up quiet the challenge- and others have referred to this as well. I am thankful for any help LY