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  1. I'm torn on how to get my needs met I'm a 20 year-old bisexual woman (turning 21 very shortly) who's never kissed anyone of the same sex before (outside of my family members, that is), and I'd very much love to have that kind of experience; however, I am constantly torn on how to go about getting that need met. On the one hand, I am very impatient about it, and oftentimes would like to just go out and find a girl to do it with so I'm not waiting in agony for it to finally happen for me; but at the same time, I do want to wait until I'm in a relationship with someone I love so it can be more special. One block I have in terms of doing this is that I don't know how I would approach a girl who is a stranger and tell her about my situation so that it can happen that way, but I'm also terrified of ruining good friendships that I've invested in (which at this point, are very few, and even fewer that I've had actual romantic feelings for) by making that kind of a leap with them. I know the answer is supposed to come from within me, and that only I know what that answer is, but I've been waiting for such a long time now (several years, in fact), that I just feel like I need some guidance in figuring out the best way to meet that need.