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  1. How do you know between when to do CP and when to do parts work? Im a little confused about that, thank you for the info Teal and Team
  2. What procesos Teal? How do you find something that you don't know how to search or don't know how it looks?
  3. Hi the vídeo that she recommend is "what to do when you are upset" or something like that is about being upset, I don't remember perfectly the question but I remember that was the vídeo she recommend
  4. What if you can't afford a CP practitioner?.....well maybe just wait for Teal's video
  5. How do I step in to my narcicist part And see my own "badness"?
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking also haha
  7. Hi guys can you show the part when Teal works and demostrate with lyne(sorry if I write it wrong) how to mediate and reconciliate oposite fragments with in our selfs, are you goin to show it later? I think is a really important part of this workshop and a really powerfull peace of information, thank you
  8. Thank you for the vulnerability Teal, I can totally relate to this right now....just thank you ???, hope you are feeling a little bit better now, I send you a tight hug ???
  9. no manches neta?! jaja que genial eso me agrada y me hace sentir aliviado también
  10. I know rigth? That was great couse I live in the city of Mexico and I use to hate that song so much for other reasons and meanings but now I can relate it whit this, friendship, safety and Teal, haha I just love it? (sorry if there's bad spelling lol)
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