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  1. jamesis

    Hope this helps... Hey MsSassy, I have been in your shoes before when i started becoming more aware of the people, things, and situations around me. I know the very feeling of needing that guidance or assistance. Books can help, pets, crystals, movies, inspirational speakers on youtube, friends, family ((of the two, i am speaking on the ones that empower and support your desires, feelings, and truth--depending on your awareness...because those in the contrast can be a guide as well, depending on how you use the experience)). There are many things as people and beings that helped me along my journey, and continue to do so. I can help more If you may still need it. I have been on this journey for some time and have learned a tremendous amount as well i have a great abundance to help pretty much literally anyone no matter where they are at in there awareness / and level. It also helps to continue what you are doing, but take breaks and pursue what you truly desire in life. In my experience I've seen how the things you need and want will come to you from the most interesting even surprising of places, as well those that do not need to be there any more, will fade with the attachment. I know how it can be with the partner as well, I've gained and lost partners due to that too--even 'friends and other things. Fortunately for you, yours is there to help and stay. Guides come in literally all shapes and sizes, so keep your mind open to possibility, opportunity and answers. Hope this message finds you well, as any others out there with the same or similar issue.~
  2. jamesis

    If this helps.... I'd say, trust in what you already know. There are clues, sometimes very obvious things that would be an immediate red flag for our boundaries and beliefs. Those feelings are throughout the body, depending on your focus and awareness. I feel the intuition flows all throughout the body, from head to toe. Hopefully one can decipher what their body is telling them and how it's conveying those clues as well. In my experience with "gut" feelings (these could be labeled the bad intuitions), i had a sickly, off , sometimes "dark" feeling about a person, environment, situation, food, etc. 9/10 times I was right when i came back to analyze the situation with some help, even professional. I don't want to tell someone that that feeling is always right for them, however, just feel into it and use what you know and if it feels you need help, do what you can and believe to look for answers. They are out there somewhere, hopefully closer than you know it. I can label the " good intuitions" the ones where you just feel drawn to a situation, or a person, or crystal, or food, yet don't know why--yet you feel attracted to it or them. These usually turn out to be very useful and enjoyable experiences. These are usually in the chest for me or head as inspiration. Sometimes as time goes on and things change--things start to become obvious what to keep and what to get away from. As for panic attacks, these are the emergency intuitions for me. This is usually when I am not paying attention to something important, or putting in too much energy into something that doesn't need to be AS important. And / Or I am more in the head like replaying bad memory or future negative projection than anything. (To be honest, that anxiety can be switched after some self work for inspiration and hopeful anticipation. That gut wrenching feeling will become jittery butterflies. Ultimately it's about becoming grounded, centered, and aware. There are tools and techniques that can help for this. Hope this helps whomever it applies to.
  3. so far, life has been a growing out of the fear that's held me back from chance to opportunity. This is a message to any page viewers as well. It's like coming out a shell. I'm new to this site, but have been a follower of Teal's work for some time. Just would like to share what i know and learn from others where i can, connect with others and see where they are at in their spiritual awakening, or even slumber. There's always something to learn, even if it's just reinforcing what's already my "truth".