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  1. Cam913_

    It is a good workshop question, and I would recommend the completion process. As @Alex7 suggested, the root of the chronic intestinal blockage/lower back issues is unresolved emotional trauma, and the most efficient method to mitigate those issues is the completion process. (Although it is not necessarily easy, and you may need a practitioner).
  2. Cam913_

    Your Personal Rat Cage What is your "personal rat cage," and what are you doing to break free from it? (What has been holding you back from freedom and how are you letting go if it?) This thread is meant to inspire action and to help the community get more vocal about their efforts during this restructuring of societal consciousness.
  3. I know, I tried deleting it but it didn't work.
  4. My grey agate crystal.
  5. Several women died in these attacks: lesbian and bisexual women. Among them were Amanda Alvear, Kimberly "KJ" Morris, and Mercedez Marisol Flores. The attacker was inspired to do the shooting when he saw two men kissing, yes, but he harmed far more than just gay males on the night of the shooting. Gay men are not the only victims. I cannot imagine that transsexuals feel nearly as safe as they did before this incident. And it's clear that the shooter would have done the same to transsexual individuals if he had the opportunity. This is about humanity. This is about everyone. And this issue will not be mitigated by anger, vengeance, and deeper separation. We are all human. So long as we continue to widen the space between "LGB," transsexual, and straight people, the more inequality we will have. At a time like this, we need to be driven by our compassion, not by our anger.
  6. Cam913_

    I think you're doing great for yourself and you should continue. This is what works for you, this is what has healed and re-integrated you, and your ailment is a thing of the past. Well done! You've managed to do what so many have not.
  7. Cam913_

    I am not Teal, but I'm 99.9% sure that the answer to your question is yes. Gender is not the same as sex. Gender is mental; it's an identity. So, if you associate as a male, but have female organs, your gender is male, and you should be encouraged to embrace your masculinity.
  8. The LGBT were a perfect target for him because something about our way of life seems threatening to him. Fear is the root of all prejudice. Teal has probably four videos that delve into this topic, and her blog has explained so too.
  9. Cam913_

    I like ASMR; there are some videos that incorporate spirituality, and I love that. It's not quite like meditation, but it's healthy and elevating.
  10. Cam913_

    Everything in the universe is an expression of the same source energy. "Source" can also be called "God," or "Infinite Intelligence." You are a manifestation of source energy, and so is everyone around you. We are all "God." This is called oneness. Everybody, every thought, and every challenge in your life is an expression of Source. Many people struggle with the law of attraction because they don't realize that negative circumstances are actually good for them. Your higher self has chosen specific negative obstacles to help you expand and overcome them. You must learn to embrace these obstacles, without punishing yourself for manifesting them. My advice to you is to meditate, watch a lot of Teal, and worry less about finding your truth; it will come to you.
  11. Ignorance, misunderstanding, and fear leads to prejudice. The man who did the shooting is afraid. He feels powerless, and for whatever reason, he sees gays as a threat. So he physically harmed 103 of them in an effort to regain his sense of power and safety. Do not let your own ignorance, misunderstanding, and fear lead you to believe that Islam is to blame for this. It is easy at a time like this to resort to a state of revenge (because it is a higher vibration than fear and powerlessness) and then look for someone to blame, but it will only fuel more prejudice and hate. We mitigate this issue by enlightening one another and manifesting a world where there is less fear.
  12. Cam913_

    What is your idea of stability? (Is it financial stability, spiritual balance, or safety?) How might it entrap you? If you're in control of your own stability, then why would you fear becoming powerless or unfree? These are good questions to ask yourself before proceeding to take action.
  13. Cam913_

    This is a personal question. If you feel as though his therapy does not serve you on your particular spiritual journey, then you must find a new therapist. (Or practice a method of self-therapy/re-integration). Your intuition will tell you this. In fact, it probably already has.
  14. Cam913_

    Work on opening your sacral chakra. (If you are unfamiliar with this concept, a helpful and recommended tool is Carol Tuttle's Chakra Series on YouTube). Work on spiritual sexuality (spiritual masturbation/sex for growth and enlightenment). Savor and enjoy everyday things (food, nature, a walk, music). Spend time where your creative juices flow (maybe in nature, or alone listening to music, maybe even in the shower).
  15. Cam913_


    Don't forget to outline all of the reasons YOU think she deserves you. Maybe then she'll be less convinced that she doesn't. Remember that suicide is a valid option; never tell her it is a "bad" choice. Help her weigh the advantages of living verses leaving, so that she may come to a better and more wholesome conclusion. Ultimately, she feels like the challenge of life is too much for her to handle. Be patient and verify her emotions. She feels powerless and alone. Your presence, validation, and insight will help her realize that she is not.