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    I think we feel the most alone when we are going thru hard times . Maybe for a minute you will feel a little less alone because someone read this and someone responded . I don't know if any of us get away with having no hard times in life. It can really make you appreciate it when things are good. If it has a beginning, it will have an end. Hang in there. Sending love and prayers your way .
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    I was curious about this topic and did a quick read on the internet about it. I learned that water is hard when there are too many minerals the in it. Usually calcium and magnesium. You can buy water softener kits for dishwashers , washing machines and faucets. Swimming pools obviously hold a larger volume of water than that. Maybe you could buy one for a faucet and put it over a hose to fill the pool ? Would probably take days to fill depending on size of the pool though. Is there a pool store in your area ? Or a pool store online would know ☺ Does the shower or bathtub bother their skin ? If not , they could be reacting to chemicals used in the pool ? Good luck though ☺
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    Images/pictures in my head Hi everyone. Not sure if this is where this topic goes . I get pictures and images in my head , like a snapshot , that usually happen in my immediate future ( within an hour). This happens everytime someone I know has passed on. I am 52 now so it' starting to become more frequent. I have no control over when it happens. Are there exercises I can do to control when it happens. If I can control it , what am I suppose to do with it ? Thanks 😊