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  1. "Educated professionals drive to work past people who live in a primitive state, more like animals in their behavior than people." "as a Gringo, I may as well have a dollar sign on my forehead." "locals do not relate to me as a person but more as a resource and have no moral issue charging me four times as much as they charge other people." "it is impossible for a vegan to find anything to eat unless they grow it or make it themselves." "most people here are so relaxed that they operate on a time system all their own and do not seem to bothered by meeting standards of any kind." "Integration is everything... People live their lives in a state of dis-integration. Most people think they are a unified singularity, but they are not. I know that this will be a whole new chapter of my teachings in the coming years." "It already has been, but I have not addressed this issue directly with the public yet. I have not yet drawn attention to the fragmentation that exists within people. I have not yet exposed this as the real reason why our relationships are so impossible to maintain. " ... I'm sorry you were offended. I was also offended, as I'm sure many were and will be.
  2. Almost all of this post made me cringe... I didn't realize until reading this what a privileged lifestyle you were used to leading, Teal. The lack of vegan options?! Really?! I've traveled far and wide in Latin America (by the way, this is also "America), and found your description: "people who live in a primitive state, more like animals in their behavior than people," disgusting. Would you ever say the same if you strolled through a ghetto in the Bronx? What made it ok to pass judgment on a culture you know nothing about, and one whose language - both soul and otherwise - you clearly don't speak? Perhaps you took your authenticity too far this time. Think twice. Lots of people read your blog. You sound like an uncultured fool here, and that's coming from someone who has loved your work for some time. Some dialogues are best kept between our mind and the Creator's. You are a guest in Costa Rica, essentially exploiting the country's resources, labor, and wealth for your personal gain and message. Perhaps you're missing theirs - humble yourself. You are not that special. It must be painful to live with such a burdensome ego. Sorry it took traveling down South to realize that. Life dismantles all of us back to zero. Take care & may Costa Rica bless your inner life, and your work. Integration into your idea of the ideal world... is not integration at all.
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