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  1. Russell


    Left home at 16, for a different kind of school. Enjoyed that, right up until the same abusers followed me there.
  2. Russell

    Beach Day

    Yeah, those are scary. Rip tides kill more people on the coast than anything else. Glad you’re okay.
  3. I’ve had far worse...
  4. Russell

    Time To Respond

    Welcome to my life... Seriously, wasn’t even able to walk good when that started.
  5. Russell

    Knowing What You Want

    Problem with knowing what you want, sometimes there is no shortage of betrayal.
  6. Russell

    New Family Member

    Super awe. Remember that eclipse too.
  7. Russell

    Childhood Friend

    More than just sucks.
  8. Russell

    Question Reality

    Lmao, will do.
  9. Russell


    Well, when you think about it, maybe you should be flattered at how hard of a push back you see over that one...
  10. Russell


    Yeah, if only...
  11. Russell

    Parenting Dynamics

    Oh god, that I can totally see.
  12. Russell

    Community Dynamics

    Yeah, being used. That much I can relate to.
  13. Russell

    Sliding Scale Of Trauma

    Maybe just a little out there...
  14. Rotflmao.... Feeling the redhead thing. “Today, we fight in the shade.”

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