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  1. Russell

    Salt Flats

    Certainly seems to be helping us here. Dangerous living on the coast, but many choose it anyway. Life’s always a little different where salt hangs in the air.
  2. Russell

    Judgement Exercise

    Me, judge? Never…
  3. Yes asexuality is real. It could be from trauma, but it will almost always cause it. So to the trauma we go. No, I don’t talk to them. It’s like ‘awe’ a hater. You guys are so cute. Always gives me a giggle. Bring your shit to a workshop and I might care.
  4. I’m pretty sure you can talk about vaccines, corona, your emotions, and pretty much anything that doesn’t directly defame Teal. Her platform… Yes, there’s a bit of denial. Don’t feel bad. You fit right in. You’re probably going to remain a bit fragmented trying to make sense of the situation like that. If it’s actually emotional integration you’re after you should work with a real CP practitioner to identify and guide the actual parts involved. I get the ‘sense’ that I should call BS and go with your problem has nothing to do a virus. Of course that is basically the same thing she just said.
  5. Russell

    Thank You!

    Well, you see, that is an easy, almost effortless manifestation from here. And you notice how filtered it has to be. Hope you can hold onto it. Nothing written in a language recognizable as love has ever passed between us without countless hands laying everything more important on it. Not that I have much to add now unless you really want to hear a barely controlled trigger storm. The ‘toxic exposure’ shall we say, causes seizures in my real life. Which is neurological damage. It takes years to heal and more years to retrain whatever was lost. Always been the nature of the beast for me. What a lot of people don’t seems to get is that what was is long sense gone many times over. All but erased by the very means others tried to use to hold onto it.
  6. Russell


    Left home at 16, for a different kind of school. Enjoyed that, right up until the same abusers followed me there.
  7. Russell

    Beach Day

    Yeah, those are scary. Rip tides kill more people on the coast than anything else. Glad you’re okay.
  8. I’ve had far worse...
  9. Russell

    Time To Respond

    Welcome to my life... Seriously, wasn’t even able to walk good when that started.
  10. Russell

    Knowing What You Want

    Problem with knowing what you want, sometimes there is no shortage of betrayal.
  11. Russell

    New Family Member

    Super awe. Remember that eclipse too.
  12. Russell

    Childhood Friend

    More than just sucks.
  13. Russell

    Question Reality

    Lmao, will do.
  14. Russell


    Well, when you think about it, maybe you should be flattered at how hard of a push back you see over that one...

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