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  1. Eloquently written <3 I'm a blogger myself, and this just makes your heart melt. I've been on both sides of loving and hating Teal...my objective opinion is Teal's incredible to have conjured up such attention, epic attention would they call it? Even if it is negative, and it doesn't feel good. Teal is magical and mere mortals aren't really as powerful as she can be when it comes to Universal Creations. I've been a fan since the beginning And I've learned to evolve WITH her even though it's been a struggle. We now have a mutual understanding, but if people have negative experiences with her, then it's kind of a call to better yourself so you can "play the game" if you know what I mean. I truly am not sure if people need connections as much as she claims they need them. All I've ever experienced in my life is people taking advantage of me, so if I've turned off my need for human connection by 90% then maybe there is something wrong with me. I think it's society and a broken World. *shrug* but I've been much better without people than with poeople...and that even includes the Love of my Life and my Twin flame with a fucked up Mormon family...I know..Ouch. Maybe I am too, cause currently the struggle doesn't feel worth it at time. Look for the "Moments." and Hope for a Brighter Future *stars* Love Kat (niss)
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