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  1. A river in a south or Central American jungle
  2. Omg I love this one so much ! One of my dream themes is the same as teal I am always trying to lead people through apocalypse kinda situations and get everyone out safe . Shit another thing on dreams came up for me a couple days ago before this update too. it was a parts work I was doing and I realized the aspect of me that felt exhausted and wanted to move but couldn’t is something I dream about all the time .
  3. Green calcite is my spirit mineral larimar is my favourite because it’s the most beautiful blue and texture and it’s energy is super something I need in my life .
  4. AshleyElizabeth

    Teal's Son

    this is so beautiful thank you for sharing . I am flooded with gratitude knowing the sacrifice you are making to your femininity and how hard it is for you to be doing all your doing and having a son and still going all in .
  5. AshleyElizabeth


    I miss the grounds on Philia so much but more so I miss Costa Rica and the nature !
  6. AshleyElizabeth


    This one was so good I had to rewatch like 3 times . my valuable lesson in friendship this year came from a very special friend she’s teaching me that i matter exactly as I am .
  7. 1. My sensitivity . 2. my intensity . 3. acting before I think things through I do it from a place of freedom to follow the beat of my own drum recklessness .
  8. AshleyElizabeth


    Honestly overwhelm and stress is my theme of my life so everything life is overwhelming for me
  9. AshleyElizabeth

    Childhood Story

    My youngest tv obsession was the Lizzie McGuire show and I identified with to the point of obsession the main character (Lizzie played by Hilary duff my soon to be favourite obsession singer ) Lizzie suffered from parents and friends who didn’t understand her a brother who always was up to make her life hell and massive Social anxiety and self doubt she was also a deep thinker and had a strong inner voice she was powerful and followed her dreams . <I was 7 years old approx my second big childhood obsession was the Harry Potter films / books . I suffered from dyslexia as a child and I remember I used to pretend to read in grade 2 because I couldn’t . When I got a sniff of my first potter book though I became a book work and my passion taught me how to read . ive never identified with a character or a series more in my entire life the obsession is real . I identify with Harry because his the orphan shut in who was heavily abused by life’s circumstances and people . I identify with him Escaping to this adventure where he was this powerful chosen one who could access real Magic he become powerful with true friends by his side that were thicker than blood . he was there to save the world . Still gets bullied throughout his time at hog warts . He also bonds with his owl to get through the hard time’s . He bonds with one particular uncle , is a little geeky but tons of special gifted and powerful .
  10. AshleyElizabeth

    Lucid Dreams

    I had a lucid dream once where I figured out I could fly and I just started flying and taking off from this little island over and over again so much fun
  11. AshleyElizabeth

    Liver Flush

    Can someone link me to the liver flush teal recommends is it painful to pass the stones ?

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