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  1. greenbirch

    Based on other sources as well as Teal, it seems that trauma is an energy block and can be released with methods that address energy. Therefore, acupuncture could help. I would concentrate on all the sensations that come up during the session and apply Teal's techniques for healing the emotional body/completion process. Give yourself love and compassion, and welcome the sensation instead of resisting it. Immerse into the sensation: what color is it, does it have a texture, etc. Gently ask questions: when was the first time I felt this way?
  2. Thank you for your thoughts! You have a very good point about psychology and its limitations. Psychology is a science, and science always lags behind. For example, even if it's obvious that the Completion Process heals people, science won't accept it until it has been proven by a proper scientific study and even then, people can just ignore studies that don't fit their current paradigm. So thank you, your comment has made me think this further. There must be a million ways to help people and one should not get stuck with the most obvious and conventional options. I completely forgot about the point of unity! Thank you for this reminder And it's also a good point that belief has great power in one's experience. If anyone has personal experiences about how they used their pain to help others and thus, further heal themselves, I am sure those would be great stories to hear! No matter how big or small these acts of helping are or were!
  3. greenbirch

    I would like to connect with Teal Tribe people. I don't feel like the people in my life would understand or appreciate talking about the completion process for example. Or, they would not be open enough to explore subjects such as someone having extrasensory abilities. I want to open my mind to different possibilities and people. In addition, I want to deepen my understanding of the topics Teal talks about, and the best way to do that is to talk to others about these subjects.
  4. Should people who are healing start helping others? Hi everyone I'd like to hear your thoughts on something. I watched a video by Teal in which she said something that I find interesting: "There comes a point at which your own healing process takes you to where you have to be actually helping other people and that becomes your way of finding further integrations in yourself" What do you think of this? Have you experienced a pull to help others as a result of something you have gone through? Is this something that people going through healing SHOULD do and prepare for, to somehow help others? Personally, I have been going through healing for a long time and the better I get the more I seem to be pulled towards psychology. Thus, I am considering getting a degree in it, but I have many insecurities regarding this decision (I already have a degree in an unrelated field, for one). Now I am wondering if this is a factor that should be considered in making this decision. A sign, even... 😳
  5. greenbirch

    Cool, thanks for the tip. Need to read about that
  6. greenbirch

    This is an interesting topic. Can anyone recommend resources that could be used to educate oneself about this topic? Other than participating in Reiki training. Is there some other type of training? Have you read books that are useful for this? YouTube videos, something, anything?
  7. greenbirch

    Exactly! This is so well said! But it means that yes, alcoholism can be cured. Any addiction can be cured. Addictions serve as a mechanism to hide something painful. Your brother needs help to solve the underlying problem. Teal definitely has great material. Did you watch the video on addiction by Teal? Of course, your brother needs to take responsibility and accept the help that is given him. The important thing is trying as best as you can to keep seeing your brother in him, even though sometimes he may do things that hurt. It doesn't mean sacrificing oneself - if someone really hurts you, you should take care of yourself, and that might mean cutting that person off from your life for a while. But never give up hope and always have your door open for forgiveness and that moment when a person that hurt you is ready to take responsibility. Is the treatment worth it? Well, even if it does not cure him completely, it might help him and your family recognize what was missing in that treatment and what he still needs. Going into such a treatment may also act as a valuable wake up call to your brother. It's easy to be in denial when you're an addict. I don't have personal experiences with addiction clinics but I have a brother who is a recovering alcoholic. He went to one treatment where the addicts lived together with counselors in a tranquil place in nature, doing chores and trying to heal. That one experience did not cure him, but it was a big deal to realize that this is how bad the situation is - and also to meet people who are in the same situation, or worse. He talked about people who left an impression on him, and it was clear he did not want to advance as far with his addiction. As to my brother, I am not entirely sure what happened to shift him from the drinking spiral into recovery. Things got so bad that me and him had a very heated confrontation and I cut off ties to him completely. Some months went by, and then I heard from my mother that he was doing better, applying to schools and jobs and looking for his own apartment. I opened the door for forgiveness. Now we are becoming whole as a family again. I see that he is in deep pain, ashamed of himself and scared that he won't be accepted... and I also see his intelligence, his curiosity about the world. I try to support him by showing interest in him. Nowadays he starts his days with a 1-hour walk in nature and is starting a daily meditation habit. All of this feels quite miraculous. I think me establishing boundaries and showing that his actions have consequences might have had an effect. I wish your brother and your family strength. Keep us posted on your situation, if you have the energy. And remember, the addict in the family is not the only one who may need help; we are not taught how to deal with alcoholics, and you and your family also need support, both emotional and practical support. Where I live, there are services for the family members of addicts: you can call and talk with a professional and ask for guidance. I encourage you to seek help also for yourself, if you feel that you need it.
  8. Synchronization Workshops: experiences, what to expect? Hi, I am thinking of going to the synchronization workshop that is held in Stockholm November 4th this year. I have never been to Teal's events or in fact, any events of this kind. I have read the description of the event but would like to hear more from people who have been to these events: what are they like, what should you expect or prepare for? What was your experience? Are people usually likely to connect with each other there? Thanks
  9. greenbirch

    Happy birthday Teal! Thank you for sharing yourself and your wisdom with the world
  10. Thank you for sharing your journey! Showing how you have and are overcoming such great challenges is very encouraging and inspirational. I had not heard of EFT before, seems like it's worth investigating! This is so beautifully said. It's sad how running from pain seems to be the default reaction for humans when being with the pain caringly instead is healing. I am struggling to learn this and have lots of resistance with regards to owning pain and memories that hurt and therefore. It's important to hear this message.
  11. greenbirch

    I think what Scot said about having an environment where you can be yourself is very important. When you can be yourself, there is a safety which makes it easier to feel negative emotions as well as positive. Perhaps the emotions are hidden/not felt because it was not safe to feel... So teaching yourself that it is safe to feel should help Besides the feeling of safety, two things come to mind that have helped me start feeling emotions again: mediations focusing on the sensations in the body and cultivating a positive attitude towards emotions, negative and positive. There are many ways how emotions can be felt in the body (like the lump in your throat) and by becoming more aware of those sensations one can become more aware of any emotions that are happening. The second point is simply encouraging oneself when something is felt: "I feel annoyed - I feel something, wonderful!" So in a way, trying to call out the emotions and letting them know they are welcome.
  12. greenbirch

    Hello from Finland Hi! I have been following Teal's videos for a while now, since 2016. Her teachings have helped me tremendously, and I would like to get connect with like-minded people. I am a bit shy but I hope I can challenge myself positively by talking and sharing with you all in this forum. I am happy to get to know this community. See you around!
  13. greenbirch

    Oho, ai täällä on suomalaisia! Siirryittekö Facebookin puolelle juttelemaan vai?