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    Motherhood, You are teaching me much about myself. Giving me the confidence to find truth; the gratitude to expand and contract; the patience to question; and the wisdom of unconditional love. I am learning to create the world I want, for she is I, he is I; they are I. Although I feel betrayed, I recognize a momentary truth because I trust they will guide us to our joy. Shedding an old skin for a more adapted experience. Raising the frequency of each cell with intention through gratitude, compassion, and touch. Going within to be present with the moments that have been neglected for generations. I am here. I am here. I am here. Thank you for your authentic and reflective guidance. <3 Always in all ways. T
  2. I would love to live in an existing intentional community with children to learn from those around me how to live freely without the addictions socialization have instilled in us. A place where I have the opportunity to learn and teach without fear.