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  1. Hi Teal I have been trying to see auras and I can see a "brightness" or a "presence" around people and objects but no discernible patterns or useful information. So far I cannot reproduce your ability to see useful information. Once a long time ago I was out on a date with a girl. We were talking and I got the impression that a sensation went up her spine. Of course I couldn't see it or feel it but I definitely had the impression that she felt "energy" rush up her spine. I am reluctant to say for certain that she experienced kundalini energy rushing up her sushumna channe
  2. Brene Brown (TED talk on Vulnerability and another one on Shame) says that if we try to suppress negative emotions (sadness etc.) then we end up suppressing all emotions. During one of the TED talks, she put up a picture of a "swamp of sorrow". She said (something like) "We need to get into the swamp of sorrow. Not to set up house and live there. But to walk through the muck and get to the other side"
  3. It's definitely not about the celebrating the "ups" and trying to ignore and suppress the "downs" Maybe it's about riding through the "downs" with confidence that we will make it to the other side.
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