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    Yeah I've been thinking this too. For a while I tried to escape my humanness by un-needing people. Really what that did was ignore wounds in me that need to heal through relationships. I don't think that many people's purpose is total enlightenment to the point to where they do not suffer and everything is perfect in their lives because... Then what are they here for? We are human for a reason, and I think way too many people are trying to not be human.
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    You're the best! I totally agree that you are a revolutionary also. You call for a kind of change that makes most people uncomfortable; you call for them to trust themselves in a world where we externalize our trust, and you call for them to embrace the emotions that they've spent their life running from, disowning, and/or denying. Your words go deep enough to where they are polarizing by nature. Your teachings require us to do as are doing: to forsake the flow of society and instead float down our own river, which runs in the opposite direction. I ran through many spiritual teachers before you, and all of them taught me masked self-hate and coping mechanisms. Your were the first teacher that said, and made me understand, that there is nothing wrong with me, and you are the only teacher that's made a real and positive impact on my life. Keep being revolutionary; we need a revolution of consciousness. I can't wait to the day I go to Philia (awesome name btw)! Thank you for all that you do.