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    Dear Teal, These days, in the age of internet trolls, everybody is going to have some haters. It's a fact of life. Having haters is a sign that your message is spreading. Your spiritual attunement is so profound that the tests the universe throws at you will always be profound, too. I know you feel hurt at times, but you of all people know how to let the hatred wash over and pass through you. You are up to the task. Seeing the writings of your online haters did delay me from getting interested in your work for a few weeks. But as time went on, I noticed that the they don't even make logical sense, whereas you DO make sense. Anybody who takes the time, as I did, to explore the haters' collective message will see them for what they are: Simple, basic trolls with bad grammar! It can take years, even centuries, but the truth always prevails in the long run. I have now watched hours and hours of your videos, interviews, and synchronicity workshops, and I can honestly say I have never disagreed with your opinion on ANYTHING. I love your work and it has changed my life. I have told many people about you. I send people links to videos I think they will find helpful, and I give your books to people as gifts. When I tell people about you, here is what I say: “Teal does have some online haters but I have looked into it carefully and I don’t believe their message has any merit. Click on their links and read their blogs if you want to, but don't let them distract you from giving her message a chance. Just watch a few of her videos and see if they ring true for you. When I listen to Teal, I feel like she is saying things I have always known but did not have the words to express. It is profoundly soothing to listen to her speak these truths. Some of what she says seems a little far-fetched when you first hear it. For example, she talks about other dimensions, angels and star seeds. I never believed in such things before, so I was a little freaked out at first. But she makes SO MUCH SENSE when she talks about things I already believed in that I was willing to give her a chance on the more outlying topics. And what I have found is that as prolific as her work is—so huge in both breadth and depth—she never contradicts herself. The consistency and internal logic of her overall message is astounding.” Much love, Janice