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  1. vincent

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Recommend to check book by Mikhail Tombak Can We Live 150 Years? Your Body Maintenance Handbook introduction how does your internal ,,factory,, works , why we get sick, food, and several techniques to clean your abdominal systems
  2. vincent

    Regular Job

    question from series we know how your life should looks and what you should do, it's so disturbing when someone of close ,,friends,, asking some question you realizing they completely out of understanding what I'm living in
  3. vincent

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    I tought this sounds 3 in one, Teal prepairing horse kick to a stomach for Blake, Happy Birthday Blake ! Have a lovely party all!
  4. vincent

    Mercury Retrograde

    in several past years I've pretty good adapted F*ck The law of Attraction wich is simmilar to Law of Attraction demanifestation. Here in UK with all clearence stuff people going to carboot sale, or just leaving outside the front gates and buy the next day things disappears .
  5. vincent

    Mercury Retrograde

    wondering as no Forums sectione left does this is the cose of cutting shadows away ? Some how Ive missed that information, anybody?
  6. vincent

    Mercury Retrograde

    that's explains why I all week dumping all cluther from boxes, shelves, storage, papers, clothing...
  7. Most surprising moment to me was when the pillow under Teals head turns in to ... Graciela :))) Great to see Teal in positive vibrations Hi everyone I'm in a country side at the moment and often piking a dog with me during fields and woods cycling, he's keeping me grounded and attached What Is, instead spinning 5th dimensional things on your mind when you just your self, yesterday I saw a Stark peacefully one leg standing on a car bonnet in full car parking place , I come so close I could reach with my hand, he was looking to me observing but calm, I was feeling he's broken heart, sadness, loneliness, or that's what I feel was only reflection of my self, I left him standing on one leg and seams he's living in acceptance What Is around him. Later people told me he is celebrity in that town, he's was late to leave before winter and someone saved him from frozen during winter, and on spring let him out, but bird stayed near people the most rest of the time. It's sad seems lost connection with other birds.
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