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  1. State and freedom are just two things that won't fit together.
  2. Dear folks, I am reading from Europe and I am really a bit shocked by what I am reading, so much pain, isolation, depression. Specially I am touched by the posts of my-alterego-and-me, Vick1, Monika Zimova, also others to a special degree. WTF is going on in your country? European countries are actually going to loosen their bonds, Sweden is going ahead, Austria will follow. In Germany people start to stand up for their rights. England and even Italy are questioning things. Nobody will be willing to live under a 1984 regime. The spring is wonderful, the air is clean, also thanks to reduced air
  3. It‘s great that at least someone rises the deepest questions, as You „Teal“ do. Sometimes there seem to be more questions than answers – which btw is not a bad thing, because sometimes good questions are anyhow more precious than shallow answers. If this universe is to create Love, it needs separation. Because, if you want to move things together again, you need them to be separated before. The „law of attraction“ needs separation. Also, this is the root of consciousness, because consciousness, awareness needs an opposite, a counterpart, a border, to awake at. Thus, consciousness is a form of
  4. You shouldn‘t be too impressed by these nice little fellow spiritual teachers. Their „perfection“ is nothing but vanity. A little candy they sell for making money (not good for healthy teeth, as You obviously have). A few words of Lao Tse will set the things right. It‘s all said since 1000 years. The light is always the same, but the sorts of ignorance change. So, perfection is never without imperfection, they both belong to each other. Perfection needs the imperfection to be there, as imperfection needs perfection to belong to. The „I“ needs the „not-I“, the light needs the darkness, the beau
  5. If you feel like a "stranger" in the country you live in, it could also mean that you might have a sort of "mission" there. But well, sometimes it can feel too tough and you might want to have some retreat times at least. So I rather tend to the second part of your suggestions.
  6. Wise men say, that homesickness is caused by missing the nature spirits of the land you grew up in. The Amerindians said: „We are a part of Mother Earth“ and they meant it, literally, as the human body is an arrangement of earth‘s substances. With „every breath you take“ you breathe in the specific local breath of Mother Earth at that place. In very ancient times people may have died, when you tried to put them to another continent. We have so far emancipated from that, but still sometimes may feel „sick“, homesick, when planted into another country. This shows how deep the coherence is with t
  7. When I visited the Tor once upon a time, can‘t remember the season, I had an amazing experience. I didn‘t take the stairs, but went on the spiral path around the hill which led upwards. The air was calm, there was not a tiny movement, I think it was in the morning. About half the way up I felt a wind slowly coming, and the more my feet carried me higher, the more the wind was increasing. So I exspected a strong breeze blowing over the top of the hill. And indeed it was! The more I arrived at the top, the more the wind was piping, and it almost turned out to become a storm. I could lean against

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