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  1. Lleo Oneiro

    Gold Cobra Standover Lleo Oneiro born 08 19 1980 Fred Durst born 08 20 1970 there exists a slither of degrees where Real Leo's abide King of Kings Gold Cobras Check this Waking up aggravated Stupid shit man I hate it Bitches lyin' bitches cryin' Suicidal? get in line Gettin' mine bouncin' freaks Loosing sleep countin' sheep Absolute cash and loot Men in black packin' heat Born and blazin' rotten raisin' Fingers up time to waive 'em Show these players playin' that They better get there ass to prayin' There won't be nuttin' but dice After the cut in the guttin' Like a fish they gonna wish They never pushed my button The door is shuttin' and a knife Will do you no good You gettin' nuttin' while I rock here in Hollywood I'll tell you somethin' else You can take it to the bank I don't give a fuck what none of y'all people think Holdin' the gold it's so gold it's so golden y'all Golden cobra that's right Yeah, that's right (Shut the fuck up) Feelin' Korn going blind Free as hell doin' time I'm insane can't complain Flush you turds down the drain Down the hatch throwin' craps Throwin' matches on the gas Check the match check the will Check the ride payin bills Burnin' mouths wanna smile If you're feelin' versatile Versus while flippin' bitches Grindin' trucks skatin' ditches Hatin' all the Harley hatin' Knife is slicin' shit like bacon Sick and tired you is fired I'm the truth and you's the liar Holdin' the gold it's so gold it's so golden y'all Golden Cobra
  2. Teal's Anatomy of Lonliness cover Who's.. why would yous NOT put Teal on the cover?
  3. Lleo Oneiro

    Don't muck it up and have other people post as Teal. If Teal hasn't even come on this forum, what does that say about her
  4. An "Ask Teal" Thread on the forum Of all things present, "Ask Teal" seems to lend itself.. "Have a question for Teal? Ask here! Teal cannot answer every question; Teal will drop in and catalyse your spirit when she can!" And please, don't muck it up and only have her reply to the questions there. You screw up once..
  5. Lleo Oneiro

    Smoke and Mirrors You confessed one day to have been a snake and deceiverBut when your moment came, to shed that skinYou just slithered away You just slithered awayCrystal clear to us all, when you say “We all want the same thing”That you don’t, you want the bigger piece and the praiseThere are those who have seen, and those soon to bewareWhat your smoke is concealingJust a trail of bones, atop a lemming's hillAll fallen preyAll fallen preyAll fallen preyTo the liar not a saint not a martyr Just a snake and a liarWe used to believe, when you'd say “We're all in this together”No more, we all seeNow the mirror is broken, we all know what your spell was concealingJust hollow eyes, a stolen crown butNot a kingNo, not a kingNo, not a king or a Queen Just a liar Not a Saint Not a martyr Just a snake and a liar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG_7wH82rI8
  6. Lleo Oneiro

    For 0033 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_LApFnTfP8 Cruel and cold like winds on the sea Will you ever return to me? Hear my voice sing with the tide My love will never die Over waves and deep in the blue I will give up my heart for you Ten long years I'll wait to go by My love will never die ~_* ~ ~ ~ *_~ Come my love be one with the sea Rule with me for eternity Drown all dreams so mercilessly And leave their souls to me Play the song you sang long ago And wherever the storm may blow You will find the key to my heart We'll never be apart Wild and strong you can't be contained Never bound nor ever chained Wounds you caused will never mend and you will never end '''' Cruel and cold like winds on the sea Will you ever return to me Hear my voice sing with the tide Our love will never die
  7. May 15 Uranus into Taurus square Mars in Capricorn, conjunct New Moon & Mercury Expect Earthquakes Volcanoes and Bitcoin EQ likely in Egypt, Italy, Ukraine region
  8. Lleo Oneiro

    Mmmhm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPDp0Rfb1Og
  9. Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady by Lose inhibition. Don't resist. Take it in <3
  10. 17 LI L7 00 Star & Hurricane of Diamonds Two zero one seven is upon us & well into the second quarter. The mayhem in the planets isn't over yet. Unstable futures, global calamity, new truths, old lies. Be joyful! Make this year count! Play and love as if this year is the year you'd live forever. Diamonds in the sky! The world alight! Everything's bright! Even lies delight! tchüss <3
  11. Lleo Oneiro

    Forums moderated by fools and halfwits are consumed by users discussing the rules. The mods here are going through altering people's topics, tags and posts.... this is rape. Goodbye.
  12. Lleo Oneiro

    Fuck you and your cunty ignorant parabolic propaganda. What this pig vomited is disinformation. You see this post and play the bigger dick card because you are a halfwit, not an emperor. Shitting on a positive post
  13. I've been in this online forums yard for 20 years. There is an over emphasis on vanity, appearances here in Teal's forum; in regards to rules, some are set because the powers that be are worried some forum behaviors are bad for business and your speech, art, experience here is being nazi'd in fear of losing money, power. I'm not guessing or lying so deal with it. Shouldn't have to explain this. Spammers, bots, attacks to the forum's ability to function are all that is required. Micromanaging busy-bodies are people with mental disorders. However, much like world government's these psychopaths get power due to acquiring resources and means of distribution, such as communications in this case with the forum here. As long as money is first priority, the cyberpunks will never be free.