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  1. What was his name..? Was this put on youtube? i guess i missed it.
  2. Also, enjoy this awesome ol' warrior. She's the greatest and really knows her stuff. suits this article well! Catherine Austin Fitts-Painful Process Coming for America Not Going to Be Pretty Get to know how it allll works!
  3. Get educated people! this is very serious, and not a time to argue and try to be the loudest Enjoy. Ron Paul speaks out! Economic Collapse is coming Donald Trump BANNED Speech - Economic Collapse in economic collapse in 2016
  4. what is collapsing is the corrupt system. and if we want to keep safe and become great help to this forward movement, we must learn REAL history, get to know the political system since history is living in this current moment, history is in the making people. nobody is immune to these events since even your savings can get destroyed if you are not careful, which is why you should pull your money out of large corporate banks. you don't need them. create your own place to stick your money, invest it in something independent and positive basic laws of economics and finance should be what we all should get studying. including real history and get together with like minded people.. get actually out there to find nothing is as bad as people say. You really should visit, specially the non touristy areas there. Don't believe fake news. infowars baby!
  5. Sounds like the caliber of dreams I have every night and if i manage, throughout the day! ( I dream like 3-10 a night ) and dozens of not hundreds of reoccurring dreams, etc. I wouldn't know what it exactly means BUT if you can, keep it in mind alot until something will trigger you to remember more of it, etc.. And if you ever get lucid enough, perhaps call for this mermaid.. helps if you have a specific name to call, but intention will work just as much.. simply imagine her and speak something and perhaps you will learn more about this. BUT also look at how it all pertains to you.. even dreams of this level can still have a very personal meaning, specially the bit about when Teal yelled at you. It could even be how you may think she'll speak to you in person somewhere deep down..
  6. I had very similar experiences myself as well! I'm a Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw but always seem to get sorted into hufflepuff. an amazing amazing house!
  7. Loooooved this one.. would be awesome to travel with you and experience such things together. I'm a super sensitive empath since my birth.
  8. Perhaps we can meet if i can manage myself there ? also, there is always internet. such as this forum. PM me anytime! I missed this event even though i was looking forward to it for almost two months in advance... I saw the possibilities open to me and was robbed of them.. always another day though. she is also inside my heart. <3
  9. I agree and resonate with the comments of all. I too face this same dynamic, almost every word spoken, Teal.. Although, I don't have as much to lose... I would love to invite you to my home whence it's finished and just surround you with those you love. The old saying/mantra about surrounding yourself with those who truly love you for YOU goes a long way. Many of us are ready to die for your cause. Much like myself, though I'm quite feeble, I'll still stand by you anywhere despite me being rather weak whilst being at the prime of 23.. got nothing much to offer you. But, best way to disarm hate is with unconditional love right? Much like Aikido... one simply uses the other persons own strength against them. Not even self defense or to harm "residence" in that. simply aid them to move through you. Perhaps spend time with the honorable martial arts? Karate, Bushido, Kyudo, Naginatajutsu, Shaolin, wing chun. the act itself clears the mind. You're bound to find an awesome Sensei. ( makes me think of that Chinese master you met in your early days. and also about that guy who took you pain unto himself, revived/upgraded your entire self from the ground up. ) I want to see you soar even higher, when positive flow meets momentum.. Nothing stops it.. even tai qi, and qigong. These things are truly magical. and bolster self love & for others around you. I love you Teal. i love you so very much. I desire the same thing. We need more teal tribe meet ups and simply get out there together to have loads of fun being vulnerable with each other, etc. But also advocate teal with the same zeal as the haters, so far many of us dont do much ( for reasons I'm sure, but we could all try a little harder. Next chance I get, I will offer my home to teal tribe meetings from time to time. ( when it's renovations and reconstructions are finished.
  10. Love this so much... It'd be so fun to write something together, Teal. =3
  11. Love this blog so much. Thank you Teal! I'd love to go to Toronto.. I've only ever lived in and been around Vernon, Enderby, Edgewood, SalmonArm and places like that and to be honest, not alot seems to be happening in these places either..
  12. Indeed! I also have thought alot of these things but alas, these are the people that others will take information from, BECAUSE they are speakign a language they understand and it feeds into their current bubble of comfort of knowing, etc. so of course they spout nonsense and say that she doesn't make sense... but they don't want to admit and perhaps don't realise that they just don't GRASP what Teal has to say or is doing.. many are just threatened by her.
  13. Well, it's like how youtube have reactions, and reactions to reactions and so on. But with the same energies as this blog, where she does something like how she presents her ask teal videos. there she could articulate at will. <3
  14. @Amit It'd also pull the hater out from behind the screen and she will be confronted with fact, without emotional charge. gracefully providing informative responses. Even if some of them have to be a bit blunt. Give them something to think about. like, some sort of web talk thing.. perhaps with other teal tribe people in chat, supporting her all the way through. heck, even Blake could be there. OR even that Michael Brown Guy. Would be awesome to see a talk between them in general, perhaps collaborate together. People deserve this process. And whether or not somebody was inspired by or " stole" something.. It's still for the greater good, and all it's doing is spreading the energy and publicity of certain topics, making these things a little more available for open discussions and healthy debates. Not many people can even have healthy debates anymore due to people being so triggered and all about happy happy land. when that's a big scream that shows how ill people are, emotionally and stuff.
  15. This is one of the main things I've been wondering, since many of them don't even know her, so why not have them simply meet, and have them express their concerns to her face, and see how she responds. it may just surprise them. ;3 That, and everyone will SEE that she is not what the haters are saying. I think many got on the wagon when people tell one guy " hey, this girl has copied your work"
  16. For some reason i don't feel like this is finished..
  17. AWESOME AWESOME AWEESOME! This hit strong chords with me! =D
  18. I've thought about this all the time even around my earlier ages, around 14. Turned 23 yesterday! <3
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