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  1. AbsoluteWave

    Scot. If you realize, CNN still pushes that he is STILL talking about it when he hasn't for ages and often apologized to the families and often CNN keeps hurting the families and making stuff up. why not listen to the whole shows to see when that stuff comes up? when it does, you get that there was alot fishy but he never said nobody died. ALOT can die during false flags etc. As Lionel says. WE are the mainstream. AND the phone and the military internet is a trojan horse but we can now do so much with it, connect, learn, get things otherwise restricted if you live in a globalist run area etc. tune into the live videos and special videos from infowars. all the best people respect him and all he has done since i was born. like 25 plus years ago.
  2. AbsoluteWave

    On the note of slander, go watch how CNN and others literally tell lies in hopes to truly hurt people . Why not how peter fonda says to kill ICE members and give their children to child traficking EVILDOERS, and dares to call for kidnapping Barron Trump and handing him over to a group of offenders. Like, the baaaaad kind. Hmmm... What about Bill maher, a big depopulation junky that calls for recession and suffering of human beings and destroying chances to better themselves like they can all do right now , specially small businesses and the like. giant bonuses and raises etc. anywho, calls for recession just to oust trump. sounds just like the huge bias going on between lisa page and peter strozok's 30 0000 emails and texts to eachother. Hmmm why not go read them all? Trey gowdy and others already have their hands on it and the current IG report has really got the good people in the DOJ really pissed off about the corruption that has been going on at the highest levels etc/ We can go on and on.
  3. AbsoluteWave

    Why is it after alot of the great people from this forum disappear and when when we do... it all goes to shit? like... the list of crap people are talking about here is almost in circles and almost half of them here are like pseudo intellectuals who really don't have any of their lives together lol.
  4. AbsoluteWave

    Actually if you knew anything about infowars is OFTEN including the best analysts around and the like and POINT OUT what is already mainstream etc etc. the elite hate him and everyone in his grass roots self made organization. sorry to say but the term conspiracy mean two or more people or entities that will work together to commit a crime etc. and conspiracy theory was created by the elite to snuff out anyone who questions anything they come up with to cover up everything they do etc. THATS the reality. So stop playing smart when you have not dialed into everything, read all the elites books, looked a the georgia guide stones and the like and just witness how they ACT on air. such as gruber who literally has said on tv that thank god you are dumb and have the memory of a gold fish as he raises the health care costs etc. Everyone dedicated to truth and fighting for the destruction of the NWO is right there at infowars and many other places. the grestrest of the radio world also love Alex and know his style and his angle of passion etc etc. he believes in humanity and wants prosperity for all. but apparently we all want to love Jeff bezos who just made a few weeks ago hundreds of millions of dollars just in high rises alone and has the same stuff alex has, which alex stuff is approved by the most legit places across the board, just bezos waters down everything and makes things super expensive and calls Alex a snake oil salesman. like come off it. become aware of the elites tactics, study who is who and how one knows the other and the like I remember this too!!!! Strange but do we know truly for sure on that topic?
  5. Where Have All My TEALTRIBE Friends Gone? You guys were just the best most awesome awake brothers and sisters i have ever seen. truly were going against the grain like i am etc. Dialed into reality and alot even here in this community cannot suck it up and give us a chance to truly speak and such without making us a strawman and commence burning down what they make us all to be. @Neptune
  6. I have not lived in netherlands since this last year and a half sadly etc.  but alot has come out of coming back to canada.

  7. AbsoluteWave

    Why don't you go see the reality? Go watch the great speech he gave at the rally of 1000s for tommy robinson, who was being a journalist, exposing child grooming gangs right beside his salon. There is alot to tune into. Please, keep up or you will be left in the dust and it wont be fun. people who are committed to life, change and learning are the ones who will survive into the golden age, many will lose the will to live on mainly due to more and more releases from like vault 7 and the like. Also learn the elites tactics and read all the books and the like. Well the pro nature things is great but their other policies matter more, much more since there is history of things we need to solve first. the liete have had rotted things out for ages. so it will take some time to truly drain the swamp. and if you also notice that everything now is nazi and super super right. there is no such thing as left and right anymore etc. Why not do some more research by more investigative journalists that are being censored to this day? find out why that might be. because they are effective.
  8. AbsoluteWave

    PLEASE lets get this going because there is tons of revealing content out nowdays from all kinds of sources and all walks of life and expertise. People like @Neptune And others have been so nice to me and seriously awake and can see right into the lies of project mocking bird and all the hysteria that has been brought up and cooked up from absolutely nothing. I too want to help QUELL peoples irrational fears and allow an open and polite dialog to where we can provide all the proof that is needed for these people to do their own research. I don't want anyone to become useful idiots and the like. that is another trap set for us but also that we fall into ourselves as well. PLEASE. I want to start ACTUAL dialogs to where we create another branch of wisdom and create an atmosphere that is so dialed into things that we all can prove wrong all the talking points from the neo left and the elite and expose what they are doing to this day and oh so passionately because they are on their death rows. I mean, go check out heidi vandenberge's great work. she used to be the most super christian that you could get, like the baaad kind, as in super fearful, super this and that and would never have went into vedic astrology the way she has. she is a master in her field for her age and has the most awesome connections to really influential people etc etc. I want to REALLY create change/ i am super entrepenurial and i can see the potential in everyone and can help guide and inspire you to truly know and go for your dreams and true missions on this earth.
  9. AbsoluteWave

    Dude, you didn't give any decent comment Amaryllis On the otherhand gave a nice and on point and commented on the TOPIC at hand. all you did was ask me if i had any questions. what are you the moderator? I mean, there is no other way for me to create a thread.. So if you got nothing to add to the conversation please do go do something else more useful with your time instead of trying to derail what i m trying to do here.
  10. AbsoluteWave

    Indeed. But I do hope you find the support you seek, from here but also from anywhere else on this earth. <3
  11. AbsoluteWave

    Indeed. Which is why it really does matter who and what you surround yourself with. to be open like 100% Which includes dark sides, sensual sides, etc. I seem to notice the same thing! But there isn't anything wrong with you. Plus, if you're still in doubt, get a higher education that you are passionate about, and watch how much you can apply it to literally everything in your life. But with the communication thing, there are many nice schools for it. not just to help people with a problem, but there are all sorts of things, go to poetry clubs, book clubs. go to places where you obviously will share a passion. I say much but i haven't experienced alot myself..
  12. AbsoluteWave

    All of these comments are so great! Source really is connected with you. I mean, look at how many people were sent your way. <3 I too feel the same way, but it ain't a curse.. Sometimes i swear i am the embodiment of source due to how strangely i experience, perceive and ultimately, walk life. And yet here i am, taking a leap in seeing what expansion it will give me. I mean, i kinda used to hate the idea that trying to make a divinity come into an embodiment isn't a good thing. I mean, there are legit reasons why even the cycle masters. The Great Aethers i should say, don't incarnate and will not. I swear.. When i find out my Godname. (from a dream i had again months ago. ) I'll transform this entire world from the collective wish to just get to a better place vibrationally. Perhaps if we all found our Godname... a lot would change for the individual and therefor the whole And on the curse bit.. depends on how we view them. cause one can be cursed with good things, or if you look back on your life, you can see how said curses were benefiting you. cause everything is there to benefit... and the more often you take time to see things in such ways, it's more difficult to even be in a bad mood, etc. I mean.. Let it out, by all means. it just means there is something to review after the fact. Bottling things up indeed doesn't help without any sort of reflection, self loving, and thoughtful reflection. Even if your life and emotions are rather scattered and or shattered.. just keep on trying to get to know them... then they will be more comfortable and therefore you will be more comfy expressing yourself. This is why its the goal to understand oneself... Knowing what you want and don't want will attract things and people into your life that will benefit you. Just do and surround yourself with all you love. a path filled with love really takes you farther. <3 Hope some of this helped.
  13. AbsoluteWave

    Intentional Communities. I am looking for an intentional community in the BC Canada area. Simple as that... I've experienced too much to even bother explaining my complicated duality that is my life. I'm a paradox, so lets not open the pandoras box too quickly now shall we..? If there is one near me or my area... can we try to arrange getting me there? Cause I've pretty much had it with society. yes, the optimistic boy is now kinda cracking.. and soon he wont be so sweet anymore.. Then this Crab will be put into an enraged state... and that wont be good.... BUT the age of Aquarius is near so my fellow cancers i think will find some relief soon. <3 Even if my path of suffering still has more in store fotr me and my expansion. lol.. but I like many others i think that it just slows things down a bunch since many... me included don't know how to transmute energies and situations into becoming beneficial. let alone simply taking everything and learning from it. Right now i seek a rather nurturing community, and soon enough you all will be repaid greatly when i've been restored to my full divinity and power. I want to help you all soar.. but i need a bit of help. help me help you. <3
  14. AbsoluteWave

    I again am asking for people who are interested in friendships and the like. TRULY interested. I literally have nobody... online and in real life.. i don't care anymore if i am seen as pathetic or whatever.