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  1. Yes. It does get better. Yes. It does take time. And yes, you might have to let go of everything or everyone. I cant say for anyone else...but I needed to end all my codependent relationships, but especially the ones where I was cast as the victim. The last one was just a few days ago, an eight year old friendship. And you know what? This time it didnt hurt so much, and I dont feel bad. I feel amazing. The only way to stop being codependent is to stop being one. Its just f*** hard when surrounded by them. I have stopped the pattern. I even got signs around me, synchronicities. Do
  2. Maybe Teal has the “achiever” personality from character /developmental psychology.
  3. puncia

    The Truth About Empaths

    Interesting. I am realizing that I am clinging to a lot of negative stuff to feel “safe” . It feels safer to be with destructive codependents because it’s familiar, and because they won’t leave me because they need me. But I find it a huge paradox...that destructivity becomes associated with safety
  4. puncia

    Your Inner Goldmine

    My shadow is full of light!
  5. puncia

    Race Wars

    I just wrote an article on this called «white shame». It surfaced in me after talking or rather arguing with a friend about blm. His need to be Good and Right made him utterly blind to the obvious racist things he was saying. It furiated me, but I recognized the white shame firstly in myself, and then I saw it in him. I am ashamed of being white...even though my family is of indigenous descent, I never experienced racism, and I recognize that I am blind to my white privilege. However, the shame is not something I will carry, it is something I will acknowlwdge to let go, which will make convers
  6. I had an anxiety attack after Teals video on this too. Look up Bashars teachings, about how everything's a reflection of you. He says there are limitless amounts of possible futures for the earth for each and one of us. Since the world is a simulation, we truly can choose the world we want, but it doesn't mean that we don't care about each other and the planet. However, in total powerlessness and anxiety, it's hard to care. It's hard to do anything! I'm disappointed that Teal shares such disempowering content. She of all should know. I'm a huge fan, but not in handling corona.
  7. I can see the fear is spreading through media and so on, so I know that it's dictating a lot of people's reactions, however I couldn't help but notice that in Norway the people demanded action from the politicians, to close the schools etc, and many commenters pointed out it's out of CONSIDERATION and COMPASSION for the elderly and sick! So even though I see truth in Teals response, I see other possibilities too. F ex that this will bring about a world that actually cooperates and work together towards a common goal. In unity. Believe me, I've seen conspiracy theory Shit going on i
  8. puncia

    The Dark Crystal Series

    went to the dentist today. he suggested fluoride, even though I promptly said I don´t use it. there is "no proof that fluoride is harmful", except what I just found : Beyond this ethical dilemma and the aesthetic issue of fluorosis (teeth mottling), there are a number of other reasonable medical objections to water fluoridation. These include: that the doses of fluoride individuals receive cannot be controlled, and go to everyone using the water supply, regardless of their age or state of health; that fluoride accumulates in the body over time, especially in the bones and the pineal glan
  9. puncia

    Liver Flush

  10. puncia

    Narcissistic Service

    I absolutely love this. I wish I could pin this video to the fridge! This is something that comes up in the drama triangle, where the Rescuer is someone frequently attracted to spirituality. Speaking from experience, the Rescuer wreaks havoc, and isn´t much helpful at all, rendering the Victims MORE helpless than before. *sigh*.
  11. he he...ok ... let´s just blame mercury retrograde, then . or maybe I picked the *wrong* print ha ha. thanks anyways
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