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    The Dark Crystal Series

    went to the dentist today. he suggested fluoride, even though I promptly said I don´t use it. there is "no proof that fluoride is harmful", except what I just found : Beyond this ethical dilemma and the aesthetic issue of fluorosis (teeth mottling), there are a number of other reasonable medical objections to water fluoridation. These include: that the doses of fluoride individuals receive cannot be controlled, and go to everyone using the water supply, regardless of their age or state of health; that fluoride accumulates in the body over time, especially in the bones and the pineal gland in the brain (which regulates the release of some hormones, including melatonin); that fluoride can affect the functioning of the thyroid gland; there is also some academic research to suggest that fluoride may damage the brain and lower IQ levels; fluoride has also been linked to occurrences of bone damage, arthritis and cancer. found in this article, that is really a covert ad for mints. : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/common-sense-guide-fluoride-great-dental-conspiracy-magnet/ it´s about the dangers of water fluoridation, however, at clearly states that traces of fluoride is not something I want in my body and pineal gland. btw no holes in 7 years, and no fluoride toothpaste for several years............
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    Narcissistic Service

    I absolutely love this. I wish I could pin this video to the fridge! This is something that comes up in the drama triangle, where the Rescuer is someone frequently attracted to spirituality. Speaking from experience, the Rescuer wreaks havoc, and isn´t much helpful at all, rendering the Victims MORE helpless than before. *sigh*.
  4. he he...ok ... let´s just blame mercury retrograde, then . or maybe I picked the *wrong* print ha ha. thanks anyways
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