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  1. Why do some of us need to wear glasses? I wear glasses and my eye sight has been relatively stable for the last couple years. I bring up this topic because lately my eye sight seems to have faltered a little bit again, so I may need a new prescription. (I've been wearing glasses since 6th grade and I'm in college now) My question is why do some of us have eye problems and others don't? I'm pretty sure it has to do with subconsciously not wanting to see something, so that is why eyesight can get blurry.... but doesn't everyone have those moments?? I can't even imagine what it could be or if that is even the case. What do you all think? Is there a specific process that can work well with this question? Have any of you worked on this? Thanks!
  2. Fear of Intamacy? I push away guys who like me When I was in high school I had started to get friendly with a boy in my band during football away games and such. Then I started to get the impression that he liked me and he started to ask me to dances. I am shy and don't have many close friends, so I had only 1 guy friend before this. It made me uncomfortable since I couldn't return his feelings and he finally confessed via text message after we graduated. Now in college, I became friends with another boy, who I felt close too and comfortable with. But then he confesses a semester later and I also can't return his feelings. It seems that when I'm confessed to, or get the impression they like me, it makes me uncomfortable and want to push them away. The last guy confessed in person and I said we could still be friends, but he is still getting too close for comfort. He messages me everyday with things like good night and how are you. To me that seems kinda like something a couple would do and I don't like that because we are not a couple. This one is kind of spiritual and we would talk about things. I noticed he is puts himself down a lot, so I introduced him to self love techniques and Teal and Alan Watts. He watched the video: how to connect with someone, and wanted to do that with me but I said no. That is scary to me with someone who I can't return feelings toward because he still likes me and I think even more now. I like to think that if it was a girl or someone who I know didn't have a crush on me, I could do it. Like with my best friend or mentor art teacher. I CRAVE intimacy, and my number 1 desire is finding my twin flame. However, I have this fear of intimacy, but don't know how to deal with it and why I respond to people who like me this way. I watched Teal's fear of intimacy video but I want it but I JUST DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL I CAN'T DEAL WITH CRUSHES! Like how does that even relate cause I fell like I could get intimate and connect with someone if they weren't in love with me where I can't return their feelings...
  3. Peggy

    What is a "walk in soul" and "soul fork"? I have heard of soul fork before but dont know exactly what that is either. Thanks!
  4. Peggy


  5. Peggy

    I'm studying art therapy right now and it is a form of psychotherapy. The images presented in the art are often symbols of suppressed feelings and desires of the subconscious. It helps to bring awareness to the patient of some of their shadows through different art processes. Active imagination is a very popular one that was developed by carl jung. It involves dream interpretation that art therapists like to have their patients work on sometimes in their art. Art is a process and art therapy has become more popularized in recent years. It's a bit new agey since it often involves many spiritual practices and beliefs depending on the facilitated art therapisit. Meditation and and universal consciousness are not strangers to this field.
  6. Has anyone pressure canned food before? I was interested in starting a garden this summer and wanted to learn how to can the food I get from it. I also help make a lot of soups and think that it would be to can those too. But I have never canned before and a pressure caner seems hard to use. For instance, I don't know what pressure to can certain foods and for how long. I was interested in buying the All American Canner becuase it has the best review but feel weird about paying $200 for something i have know idea to use properly. If something happens to the economy, I think it would be very resourceful to learn how to can food and save it that is one of the main reasons why I am interested in this asides from always wanting to grow a garden. It also seemed confusing as to how to actually can vegetables... like are you supposed to chop them up a little and there be tons of air pockets between the chunks of carrots or whatever. Anyway and help on how to determine the pressure and length of time for certain foods and if that even matters if much appreciated
  7. Peggy

    Perhaps an art therapist? Its worth looking into.
  8. It's between "only" and "sin" both fun to say and sounds pretty
  9. Peggy

    Teal has videos on YouTube like: How to discover what you want What is my purpose in life *Discovering your negative imprint, discovering your purpose in life (really like this one) Happiness is the purpose of your life and here's why I always have moments of I don't know what I want, but then after watching the negative imprint one, I realized that intimacy is my purpose (or close to it) I would like more than anything be a mother someday and I struggle with a fear of intimacy. But the video called how to discover what you want would probably be the best thing for u to watch first. She talks about how people who don't know what they like or don't like be able to find a sort of purpose and knowing. How this helps! ?
  10. Peggy

    My age, at 18, there isn't too much independence yet. Moving out of the country isn't an option really.
  11. I've had Costa Rica pop up in my life for the past few months. The first time being me looking at international real estate homes (I love looking at houses for sale to see what they look like ?) But I am only 18, so moving to a new country is not an option for me. I feel called to prepare with what I have now. My dad and I are gathering stuff like soap, medical supplies, hygiene stuff, batteries, food, water, vitamins, and I am starting a garden this spring! Already have my seeds and markers ?When shit hits the fan, I will be level headed and ready to suggest bartering with our neighbors and hopefully starting a community garden in our neighborhood! we live in the country so we have lots of resources like land and firewood etc ?
  12. I'm sorry... I felt this was necessary.
  13. Sweet Potato Fries are the bomb. I like just cut the sweet potato in slices, put them on a pan, and put a little oil and seasoning on it. Super easy and quick!
  14. I think Teal realizes they both have their own shadows. Saying that, she never alluded to preferring one candidate over the other. Yes, she may have said he is similar to Hitler, but she also posted an ask teal video about political correctness during the debates a while back. I watched this and felt it was directed towards Trump and his authenticity. Proclaiming that Teal wanted Hillary for President is a little bizarre considering she never stated such a thing, and remained quite neutral about the whole election. I don't think it mattered who won the presidency anyway though, because I still feel a huge shift coming, and these past few months have really solidified my thoughts about it.
  15. Well I'm not so sure about that. As far as the United States is concerned, Teal had predicted that America would be taken out before WW3, so I don't think the president-elect even mattered so much since the United States would be taken out before hand anyway. I thought Hillary was going to win the election and do things that would escalate things quicker like make Putin made or what have you. However, at this point, I'm not even sure what the circumstances could be that would trigger WW3