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  1. Dear Teal, I found my eternal identity, who I am and my purpose in this incarnation (at least to the level of consciousness I reached so far). (And I achieved that through your guidance!): - I'm an Alchemist Reading your writings was deeply inspirational for me. This inspiration leads to the following suggestion: Each month drink your Yoni Nectar, this divine Elixir, this stream of life that wells out of you. Recycle it. Each time you recycle your wonderful blood it will be more and more full, more and more condense of the universal life energy. Use the best alchemical laboratory that there is on the planet. The human body. Your beautiful, divine feminine body. Now that I'm thinking about it, what would be a better suited place to make the Stone than the womb! Which electrical device, which glass container which environmental controllers can provide better conditions to hatch the Stone...!!! Make your own Philosopher's Stone! Maybe one day you'll be surprised to find out that you Became It! So, be It! And let's wait and see what presents It would bring to you! * And by the way, maybe it would be the solution to something that makes you worry. You said in a recent interview of yours that you are concerned with a specific possibility in your future... Wish you the best, Love, Chris
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