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Premium Record Comments posted by GabijaCij

  1. Just now, deniz said:

    Hi dear Gabi! But they must have been? I never purchased one and have bingewatched them soon as i became a member. So where did I see them? 

    I appologize ifI am wrong. 


    Not sure, maybe in the old days on livestreams? Also some of these were (or still are) pirated by people and posted on YouTube 🙂 

  2. 11 minutes ago, deniz said:

    Ok need to get this of my chest: Hey team! Why are you posting workshops and saying they are new while I have already seen them? None of them are new, they were in the workshop-list. Do you want to give the impression you have new content while  there is none? Or have they vanished for a whole and added again? What is going on?

    I supscribed to premium because of  the promise there would be an online synchronization workshop worth 20,- for free every month. Just wanted to remind you, you(actually Blake promised that)  did not keep that promise. It is also obvious Teal is not involved in premium at all. She comments on facebook but I wonder if she even ever looks at the comments and questions on premium.

    In spite of my complains  I can not unsuscribe cause don’t want to miss a single thing...and because of the new workshops ofcourse.  I also sometimes (not always) enjoy the comments of others here. And I am a strong supporter of Teals organization and Teal ofcourse. 

    Thanks for listening.

    much love, Deniz


    These are not "new" workshops, they just were never on Premium before so they're "newly added" 🙂 

  3. 52 minutes ago, Witt said:

    @GabijaCij why isn't there going to be a live stream for the portland workshop?? it always used to be included for premium members....workshops live streaming. this makes me SOOO sad 😞😞 there has not been an online workshop since jan/feb. can't remember which one, but! she used to do one every month.....and then it just went to nothing. and now , no live streaming??? what??????? i could see for some events, like mirror event or curvball, something of that nature...but just a regular sync workshop?? why has this changed???  i so badly wish i had the money to make it to events.....but i don't. and so the online workshops were perfect for me, and then they stopped . 😞 what is going on ?? is it gonna continue to be like this?

    Not all venue set ups / contracts permit a livestream unfortunately. If it were up to us, we would livestream every single workshop!

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  4. 2 hours ago, AbbeyGF said:

    Is Teal considering going back to China for a synchronisation workshop at all? Also, Would love to know the collective consciousness of China atm 🙂


    1 hour ago, Kaile Kelu said:



    2 minutes ago, JP2 said:

    Is teal coming to Canada again at some point? 

    Yes, yes and yes! Synchronization workshops everywhere! Just a matter of time 🤔

  5. 29 minutes ago, Suzanne Collins said:

    Incredible! I discovered your videos two weeks ago. The messages pierce me to the core.  In the future, I hope to attend a work shop for further enlightenment and to connect with similar people.

    I am not sure who or where to write... but a situation that is in the center of my life cannot be found on one of your current videos. Indirectly, yes. Directly, no. I would like to request a topic;  however, where can I make that request? Warmly, Suzanne

    You can submit it here:

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  6. 7 minutes ago, H_Eart(h) said:

    What is it for meal, which Teal make as birthday dish?.....I see only paprikas.

    Happy "future" birthday Blake....what for presents or surprises are prepares from Teal or Team for Blake?

    The tiles on the wall in kitchen, they was in that house before or are designed by new owner?.....amazing color!

    See to first time Teals tattoo on her back, has the symbol some deeper meaning?

    ....and very pretty hairstyle Teal!


    She made a video about her back tattoo here: 🙂

  7. 2 hours ago, H_Eart(h) said:

    Is there an written article for the older YT episodes too?

    I didn't search all the pages in detail, but there are quite interesting topics on the last page too ;o)

    I don't want to be impudent, but could be in the future possible to create on the site a nifty search engine?

    Thank you for what you do for us! 👍 🙂 

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  8. 48 minutes ago, Olivia Bell said:

    How do you send in questions??? I recently sent a question via 'contact us" , and was responded with "this is for questions about the website, or a product, not asking Teal questions....So WHERE do you ask questions for Teal??

    Comment on her social media 🙂

  9. 13 minutes ago, andi0211 said:

    That was sooooo amazing! 😍😍😍

    PS: Do I miss stuff if I'm not on facebook? I don't wanna miss ANYTHING 😉

    Well these lives are super rare, I think this is only the 1st one like this, this year.

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  10. 17 hours ago, Lizzy said:

    Hey Blake I wish I could do research on the completion process at the University of Toronto. I’m starting school there in september to study psychology. How can I get involved or help? 


  11. 21 minutes ago, Sofia Vegan said:

    Belated wishes of a very Happy 10th Birthday to Winter!

    I am addicted to chocolate too ^_^ Vegan of course and most of the times raw and free from refined sugar.
    Maybe it is a compromised solution to teach Winter how to make his own raw vegan chocolate bars and bonbons 😄

    I have made some to share with a loved one during Summer Solstice and he have done the same! So we had a raw vegan chocolate bundle (plus raw energy balls) to keep us going ^_^  It is healthier than coffee (hint to Blake😉)

    Much Love



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  12. 14 hours ago, Radha12 said:

    I just watched 'why spiritual teachers are so contradictory'. I think that was one of the most useful videos I have ever watched so thank you so much for suggesting it to me. I found peace watching it because it gave sense to questions I have had for so long in my mind. I found myself wondering if higher dimensions/states are better/more superior/more enlightened and we need to try to climb....but this question can wait for another day. So happy to been given permission for something I always knew somehow inside (I used to say to people, these things are rarely black and white, there is normally some truth in both) but I didnt actually believe myself, not really. Until I heard it someone else i.e. Teal just now. I knew it somehow, but without being confident about it, which she gave me. Now to learn how to give myself that confidence. Thank you so much for helping me.  


  13. 2 hours ago, Radha12 said:

    Hi Teal, I have a question regarding your youtube content. I find the individual clips all make sense as an individual lesson, but when I try to put them altogether to make sense of them, I find ...contradictions might be the wrong word.....but what seems like contradictions.....or things that I don't know how to apply altogether. An example; I watched 2 videos this morning.....

    'Building walls to Keep Pain IN' & 'The Meaning of Pain'

    In the first video, the focus was on allowing more joy into your life, asking yourself why you were holding onto the pain.

    The second video, the focus was on the value of pain, and learning from pain, not trying to run away from pain, and seek simply pleasure. 

    This is one example, but there are many instances I have throughout your work. 

    Another example is related to narcissism and codependency; an issue very relevant to my life and how to understand that whole dynamic. 

    In some videos, you say certain things such as narcissists will not be able to identify themselves as a narcissist (if I understood correctly) and in others you state that narcissists can be healed. 

    We talk about intimacy and vulnerability being the 'safest' route even with 'your enemy' and then also at times, how you need to see the red flags and get away.

    I watched the latest video on codependents also being narcissists and found that really scary information/it made me loathe myself slightly learning that.

    I get confused easily, so sometimes I just wish I knew how to put it altogether.....

    I can recommend two Ask Teals - "AND Consciousness" and "Why Spiritual Teachers Are So Contradictory" - she explains in those videos exactly what you're asking.


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  14. On 5/27/2019 at 7:52 AM, Bernard Bujard said:

    Thanks for including the Closed Caption (CC) option.  Subtitles should be standard on all videos.  This information on empaths and extrasensory sounds like a Venn Diagram.  Let Set A = empaths and let Set B = extrasensory; therefore, the intersection of Sets A and B, represented as A∩B, are those individuals who are both {empaths and extrasensory}.  It would be nice to know the correlation between veganism and being an empath, extrasensory or both.  Some empaths may claim to be empathetic to animals, others to people and still others to both.  And is there such thing as a quasi-empath or pseudo-empath in which you are kind to animals but still eat them?


    5 hours ago, lightworker said:

    You can't feel a beings' pain and still go through with harming it, or you're not feeling their pain, you're blocking it out. Empathy is the natural state of all beings. We block out empathy due to trauma, creating a sociopathic society, which pushes sociopaths to the top and perpetuates a cycle of sociopathy/ numbing out to the self and others. You cannot knowingly harm a being without also harming yourself. You must first dissociate from the being in order to cause it pain, which is the opposite of empathy.

    Actually Teal talked a bit about it in her Compassion Ask Teal episode! Here:


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