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Premium Record Comments posted by GabijaCij

  1. 3 hours ago, Witt said:

    @GabijaCij Can you tell us why it's taken so long? Blake said in an update like two weeks ago that he just finished editing it. I get you guys are putting time stamps on the video and all and that takes a while....but it really feels it's just taking so long. So many of us are really anticipating this workshop! Help?

    The audio for the recording isn't very good so we are working on it 🙂

  2. 5 hours ago, vatya said:

    I "can't" do the Completion Process of my own initiative because.. well, why? Because I feel like I would lose something essential?

    I can only recommend talking to the part of you that is resistant to healing. Or resistant to finding what works. Or however you would put it in your own words, I obviously don't know you well enough to say 🙂 And resolve that split.

    That's my 2 centsfrom personal exprience with resistance... From the words you wrote it looks like there is an aspect of you that is resistant, so deal with that first. Find out WHY. And find resolve, find a 3rd option.

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  3. 2 hours ago, The_HQ-Lacerta said:

    omg. I must of not heard very well at all when i was at the workshop because I don't remember this. Next time i need to sit very close to the stage. lol. wow. I can't wait for the stream to come out so i can see what else that i didnt hear clearly.  i can't wait. ❤️ thank you!!! 

    What was your fav part of the workshop? I haven't seen it yet, I'm SO looking forward to it.

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  4. On 9/13/2019 at 2:59 PM, my-alteregos-and-me said:

    a pitty that the audio again is so bad. i barely can understand what is said even with full volume.

    i would like to know and understand more about whats going on in the middle east right now and why their issues are coming over to europe now ... sadly she never talked about it. only about american, euopean, russian and chinese problems, nothing about middle east, their religion and the violence. i mean maybe from where she is sitting its funny to laugh about to get the head cut off, but i dont think its so funny over there or for european people at the moment who geht into their religious motivated acts of violence...

    turn on the subtitles 🙂 

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  5. 2 hours ago, irn727 said:

    Teal can you do more daily updates talking about the conciousness of asia? Will you ever go to asia for your workshop?

    There is an insights video coming up about China. Being edited and subtitled later this week 😉 Hopefully will be published next week.

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  6. Just now, Marinage said:

    Is anyone able to tell me what Teal says in the beginning after: .......won’t or can’t go unless they have a personal __________(??). 

    Turn on the subtitles! 🙂 

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  7. Ok, so pretending there is no shadow in it, here are some of my pet peeves:

    - People not using their blinkers while driving

    - White cups. They don't wash off from some teas or other drinks! And white plates in general. BORING.

    - Ghosting. Grow up and let's talk about it.

    - People who can't just think to google simple things...

    - People who don't take actual physical action towards what they say they want. For years! The spiritual ones just "meditate" on it, or do affirmations or just do shadow work and then sit there, not taking any actual action. Other ones just do "research" for years and it's always "not yet the right time". I have passive people who talk a big game, especially when they comment on how others should live their lives.

    - On a similar note - people who try to "convert" you to their beliefs, who feel they are "right" and they feel somehow obligated to make you not only see their point, but also conform to their choices and do the same.

    - ASMR

    - People playing music out loud while I'm working or in office settings in general. I cannot concentrate, it makes me wanna crawl out of my skin! Regardless of the music type. Soothing music included. Cannot stand it.

    - People who don't read their emails at work. It's part of your job! (obv only applies to certain jobs, the kind that I've always had haha)

    - Uncomfortable couches. The wholepoint of a couch is to chill and be cozy and comfy. An uncomfortable couch therefore does not serve it's purpose to me.

    - Alarm clocks that make sound. Worst invention ever

    - People that don't have integrity. False promises, saying one thing and doing another. I can FEEL them talking out of integrity and it makes me crawl up a wall and reinforces my trust issues. Mirrors my childhood trauma. This I really need to work on, they have been plenty in my life recently

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  8. 51 minutes ago, Ingamun said:

    Since I was not breastfeed as a baby, and only artificial stuff, I obviously love milky teas ... I also do an oat milk chai that is super popular. Question: I rather have a small black tea addiction (my English thang). Does anybody know a good substitute for cow milk in tea? I have not found one I respond happy to. It is the only time I drink cow's milk (raw from the organic farm next door) and I have a suspicion that I am actually relating to the calves trauma of being without their/my mom ....

    Love all tea, though!

    Much love!! 💖

    Oatly barista is literally the best one I've ever had, it's SO good. Not sure how easy it is to get in the USA, but if you're near Scandinavia somewhere in Europe it should not be a problem.

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  9. 18 hours ago, deniz said:

    That was short! 😥

    Please record longer lectures! 🙏🏼


    17 hours ago, H_Eart(h) said:

    That was maybe short, but I do not understand, what is the advice or lesson.


    14 hours ago, Zo2 said:

    Please please please please please release a longer version 




    Noted for future retreats 😉 

  10. 13 hours ago, Liubov said:

    well, it is actually a cut from the facebook stream Teal made some time ago, this video is public and it is very upsetting to see it as a premium content...


    Sorry to hear that you're upset by this.

    The reason we post the Facebook live videos on Premium is that we have received a lot of requests from the Premium community for this. Many people are not on Facebook.  I hope that clarifies why these videos are here.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Witt said:

    I thought this was snow at first. Then I thought snow seems super calm here lol. And then I remembered how yellow he looks compared to her female dog. I forgot her name.  😞

    I had a dog as a baby and toddler growing up who looked identical to this dog. My mom's dog... his name was Handsome. He was so chill and nice. My heart gets big and a little achey thinking of that and him and how young I sweet and it stings slightly cause his passing was a tough one. Dogs r the best . I bet he's a big influence to why I love dogs so much. I sorta wanna be able to claim I'm a cat person but I just know in my bones it will never take hold over and above my love for dogs. I take pride in being a dog person. Cat people are intriguing to say the least.


    PS... Mouth breathing again. I don't know why but I just really don't like hearing it in videos. Prob in person too... Unless someone had a reason u know. Excersize... Or meditation.. lol.. I suppose I sound like a priss mentioning it. Sorry.

    Sugar is the name of the female dog 😛

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  12. 6 minutes ago, deniz said:

    Hmmmm ok. Thanks for your quick response. You are the sweetest.

    I totally get where you'recoming from, no problem!

    Btw - We have several more of these new-old videos coming in the next month or two.  Just fyi


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