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  1. Why women like assholes and why are they not attracted to nice guys. Let's find out why women like assholes in this video I'll talk about the reasons why women aren't attracted to nice guys...
  2. GabijaCij


    Today's collective unconscious shadow.
  3. GabijaCij


    Sugar free vegan chocolate is one of Teal's staples
  4. GabijaCij


    Ever have one of THESE funny (not-so-funny) moments?
  5. GabijaCij


    The purpose of children is not just the expansion of universal consciousness; it is also the expansion of our consciousness as parents.
  6. Your conflicts with your children are always an opportunity to recognize an area where they are trying to call you into the place of your own expansion, which is the place where you can best meet their needs and teach them how to carve out their own life here in the world. And when you do that, the conflict with your child goes away.
  7. Every interaction with your child is an opportunity to examine your beliefs, thoughts, assumptions, motivations and values so as to become more conscious and give to your children keys instead of chains.
  8. The parent and child relationship was always meant to be a partnership in expansion and awakening. We cannot do this if we take an attitude of superiority towards our children and do not realize that they, being incarnated with the essence of our desires and thus expansion, are our biggest opportunity to expand and become fully conscious.
  9. Every interaction with your child is an opportunity to either bolster their spirit or diminish it and in doing so, either support your own expanding consciousness, or hold it back.
  10. GabijaCij

    Poker Night

    Teal and the community are having a poker night. Do you play any card games?
  11. Ultimately, there is no such thing as right or wrong. But in order to progress, we must release our grasp on being right. Being right is an assumption we make based on past beliefs and experiences. In order to have new beliefs and experiences, we must first be willing to be wrong.
  12. Always in the narrow scope of adversity and advantage, can possibility for triumph be seen. Success is always yours for the taking. Joy is always yours for the taking. They always have been, and they always will be. The real value you hold in life, is not in what cards you have been dealt in this life, but how you play them. Your life can be a triumph in spite of any kind of adversity. Or your life can be a tragedy in spite of every advantage. Your freedom lies in that fact that it is your choice, which way you create your life to be.
  13. GabijaCij


    You don’t need to be sure about your life purpose to have purpose.
  14. Choose to love. Choosing to love does not mean deciding to feel positive about someone. It means to choose to include them as a part of yourself.
  15. Trusting yourself is not something that you can suddenly wake up and decide to do. It is the inevitable byproduct of gradually improving the internal relationships taking place within your system. And the better it gets, the better it gets.
  16. GabijaCij


    When a polarization occurs between groups of people based on the perception of unsafety, both sides often clearly see the danger inherent in the other.
  17. Teal and Blake share a conversation they're having today. See why Teal says that the Universe never really "tests" you.
  18. One of the most common complaints that I hear from women is that they feel totally powerless to a man being or not being in his masculine energy; and exhibiting or not exhibiting those traits that make her feel good in a relationship. And while ultimately the choice and ability for a man to step into his power lies with him and not with her, there is something that women can do in order to feel less powerless in this scenario as well as to play the role of an ally to a man’s masculinity. And doing this is one of the most powerful tools you have for creating a successful relationship with a m
  19. It's a slippery slope for Teal to be talking about this publicly... How do you in your social circle address death? Do you talk about it or is it taboo?
  20. GabijaCij

    Teal's Safe Space

    This is what Teal's safe space looks like. What about yours?
  21. GabijaCij

    Yoni Steaming

    Girl's day today and the girls are decorating their yoni steamers.
  22. Many of the spiritual practices people engage in today are a mechanism of reality avoidance instead of practices that create an expansion of subjective reality. For example, if one cannot face the fact that they are in a bad marriage, it feels much better to avoid that reality by attaching to the idea that twin flame relationships should feel that way because they are ‘intense growth relationships’.
  23. GabijaCij


    People add meaning to experiences. But I can promise you that questioning that meaning will greatly help you to be willing to see reality.
  24. Emotion cannot be talked into disappearing on the grounds that it isn’t practical. You need to be completely with it. You need to cradle your fury or worry or fear as if it were begging desperately for your help instead of trying to hurt you.
  25. GabijaCij


    If you want to thrive, root yourself into improvement in and of itself, instead of rooting into that which can be changed.
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