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  1. GabijaCij

    Tiger Lily

    Swollen, dark, bulblets at the axils of each of your whirled leaves, Pointing upwards, as if a sign of your fertility, Painting you the most sexual of all beasts. You are almost waiting here tonight, Like a siren, intent on seducing the entire month of July. Petals melting back, Daring the touch of a humming bird's tongue, Then declaring the act Erotic. Sometimes I think you wish you didn't wear the clothing of a vixen, The only lily that doesn't hold the copy write to a lonely face, so people could Find your fragility before they plucked you to watch you wi
  2. GabijaCij


    I rode, under a cloud multiplying sky, which matured yet garnered no age. The temperature had yet to dissolve into summer. Miles and miles of touch- less acres daring to be run through. Land under hooves, newly condensed with the tears of spring. Heaven and hell could have mixed and spun, as our pace made time and space seem void. Pressed up against his withers, his breath boiled upwards, through my hips and chest and heart. We've made imprints upon a field, which when blown, moves like the sea. So there I wept in some place inside, for the feeling of this I so muc
  3. I remember you and I used to play in the dirt which makes this world whole. You and I used to know how to pretend, or maybe we used to not pretend at all and that's what made us so perfect. I recognize you amongst the many. Growing lonely in your world of play things and penny candy. Your softness, like birds caged for their antics; the prison now a home. I see you in the reckless direction of everything I’ve ever fought for or believed in. I see you still in the field beside the house, an exalted fabric of green on blue, and God there too… All the answers
  4. GabijaCij

    Promise Me

    Promise me now, Promise me always Even as they strike you down with a myriad of hatred and violence, Even as they dismember and destroy you that no man can ever be your enemy. The only thing worth anything is love; Unconditional, invincible, limitless love. One day when you face this world Unburdened by the tyranny of fear and hate and greed Your fellow men will behold you. Across a thousand cycles of living and dying in full bloom Your joy will become eternal. No sun or moon that ever rises, will ever see it fade.
  5. Promise me now, Promise me always Even as they strike you down with a myriad of hatred and violence, Even as they dismember and destroy you that no man can ever be your enemy. The only thing worth anything is love; Unconditional, invincible, limitless love. One day when you face this world Unburdened by the tyranny of fear and hate and greed Your fellow men will behold you. Across a thousand cycles of living and dying in full bloom Your joy will become eternal. No sun or moon that ever rises, will ever see it fade.
  6. We are not born. We do not die. The moon, which carves its million mile course through the sky Has seen us all coming and going. One by one, Into and out of form and function. Each life, An advancement to no discernible end. Perhaps an infinite pattern of coming and going Where only the space between, Tells of the primal color of what we really are. Walking in the withered fields, Newly taken by November frost, It is easy to feel that time passes for all of us,
  7. GabijaCij


    Nigredo We are turned to ash. We are rich with the putrefaction of what we once were. And the shadow rains down upon us We suffer all but death In the perpetual fire of our own illusions We suffer all but death In the hell of our own fears Until… Albedo The ash is washed away To reveal our original purity To every black, there must be a white. A heaven to every hell. And so Behind the mask of our temporary identities, there is an eternal soul. When we remove the mask… Citrinitas We find it We turn From w
  8. Over the choir of the hour, I hear the minute whisper, that life is a series of seconds, strung together one by one. A happy life is nothing more than a succession of happy seconds. But I watch this woman before me, as I hold her in my arms, twisting with fear and writhing in the agonized resistance to death as she advances towards it with every breath she takes. And I see that her existence, like so many was a desperate quest for a happy life. Like so many, she spent her days so intent on reaching that happy life, that she missed the happy moments as the
  9. GabijaCij


    Hovering so directly exposed, we can feel the earths rotation. He is damp and desiring as if newly being weaned from my breast. His skin in a pervasive slide over mine, learning the notes to this melody of flesh. Hunting the reeking nectar lying beneath the surface of our ability to control. Latex becomes the festering of love’s honey, it fills the entirety of this ocean of blankets, preventing this action’s entire purpose. His Body arching into me, desiring to conceive a feeling rather than a thing. I want to take you deep into any part of me you wanted to coat or fill. You
  10. GabijaCij

    Self Liberate

    The vibration of relinquishing the control and restriction you exercise on yourself. This vibration is particularly beneficial for setting us free from our 'emotional control strategies'.
  11. The pattern of creation. The energetic frequency of the seed of life. The birth of everything-ness from nothingness. This pattern will assist any and all creativity. It can be used as a gateway to other time space realities.
  12. An Arcturian Energetic Alteration Grid that enables a being to step outside the construct of time for any purpose and subsequently use their intention to manipulate time. There are too many potential applications for this particular frequency to list them. Anything that is inhibited or prevented by the restriction of time is enabled by this frequency.
  13. GabijaCij


    The vibration of the feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Wonder can serve as a trigger, causing a being to feel joy.
  14. GabijaCij


    The vibration of the feeling state of excitement, happiness and elation. This frequency is an antidote for depression, apathy, laziness, discouragement, disappointment, worry and sadness.
  15. The vibration of “two” coming together again after a period of separation so as to experience being a unified whole where that reunion marks the dawn of an awakening to new understandings and the creation of a new form of existence. This vibration draws to you, the people who are a match to your frequency and whose presence will elevate your consciousness. It causes meaningful reunions, and most especially unions with people who are essential to your awakening, progression and ascension.
  16. GabijaCij


    The vibration of the strong inspiration to do or to achieve something. This is the positive form of ambition. It is a most beneficial vibration for those who struggle with apathy, discouragement or low energy levels.
  17. The vibrational pattern designed by Pleiadian healers (to be used in lightwork healing), which causes something or multiple things to come into a state of harmony. This vibration is an antidote to all forms of discord.
  18. The vibration of altering the current amplitude and frequency of your energy field to a higher one. This brings about many positive changes in your life such as a positive and transcendent outlook on life, improved circumstances, an increase in health and vitality, the ability to manifest quicker, synchronicities, opportunities and the ability to perceive things beyond the physical dimension.
  19. GabijaCij


    A multi frequency painting done to invoke the watchers. Watchers have also been known as the angels of awakenedness. They watch over those on the path of awakening. These holy beings guard and assist. The watcher depicted in this painting is Sariel, the angel of forbidden knowledge.
  20. The vibrational pattern used in Arcturian light healing chambers, which opens you up to assistance, guidance and direction from the universe. This is a good vibration for anyone seeking divine guidance and for anyone who has a difficult time trusting; whether that distrust is towards themselves, other people, their life process or the universe at large. This frequency carries the message that all will be right and all is working according to the grand master plan.
  21. GabijaCij


    The vibration of the feeling of expectation that a certain desired thing will happen or come to fruition. This vibration is helpful for anyone who feels hopelessness or despair. It inspires a feeling of trust. Hope is a particularly helpful vibration for those who struggle to stay optimistic. It helps people to feel that what they want, can be had and that all will turn out for the best.
  22. GabijaCij

    Come Together

    The vibration of people coming together. This vibration assists people to create social coherence and unification. It facilitates cooperation and it dispels interpersonal conflict. This vibration is useful for people who feel lonely. It is also a very good vibration to have anywhere where people gather.
  23. GabijaCij


    The vibration of the state of arranging or ordering things with the express intention of creating a sense of ease, clarity, simplicity and structure. This vibration is excellent for people who feel disorganized, overwhelmed, stressed or confused. This vibration puts an end to chaos. For this reason it is especially beneficial to have in the work place.
  24. GabijaCij


    The vibration of like vibrations being drawn together as a result of the Law of Attraction. People experience this vibration as two or more things that are meaningfully related. This vibration enhances synchronicity and enhances the effect of the Law of Attraction in your life. It is an excellent manifestation tool. This vibration helps you to perceive divine orchestration, which brings a sense of magic and meaning to your life.
  25. GabijaCij


    The vibration of the shamanic medicine called Kambo, which is a secretion taken from a jungle frog. This vibration helps to purge one of their emotional agony and suffering, what the natives used to call “panema”. Because of this it is a superior healer for the heart. It also strengthens the immune system and causes a catharsis, whereby the being releases all that serves to keep it stuck or low.

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