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  1. I was unprepared for what coming to downtown London would be like. This city’s modern life is overlaid over the top of the most active thought forms that I’ve seen yet in the world. This is even worse than Beijing China. The history is not dead here. It is alive. It doesn’t feel like you are experiencing what was, it feels like you are experiencing what is. The locals and tourists keep it alive as well by virtue of their focus on the history. And the sheer torture of the history here is too much. If it’s not be-heading and hanging, it’s isolation imprisonment. If it’s not isolation im
  2. None of us could sleep on the plane, so we flew from the darkness of night in Minneapolis for just over seven hours straight into the morning light of Europe. We made our way by taxicab to the hotel Blake had booked for us. It is so unsettling driving in England. Because they drive on the opposite side of the road, every time they turn left, my heart stops because I can’t convince my mind that we aren’t driving straight into oncoming traffic. When we got to our hotel, Blake realized he had made a huge mistake. It was run down and the rooms were so tiny, we could not move around in them.
  3. “Teal’s Ascension Hot Cocoa” (Makes Four Servings) 1/2 cup honey, agave or stevia 1/3 cup pure cacao powder or high quality cocoa powder 1 dash of salt 1/3 cup hot water 4 cups almond milk or coconut milk 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 pinch cayenne pepper Mix all ingredients in a sauce pan while mentally asking/inviting the ingredients to “awaken” and project gratitude towards them as you stir them. Bring to a boil and boil for two minutes keeping the aforementioned focused intention on the “mix’ the entire time. Pour into four individual cups and serve!
  4. Someone who read my post about how I see the world informed me that my description of how I perceive the world, sounds very much like someone experiencing an LSD trip or DMT trip. He commented that he thought living like I live, would be very much like living permanently on a “trip’ and that it would be very challenging to live like that. I agree with his assessment. Many people, who partake in Ayahuasca, come back saying that they experienced the world like I see it while on the medicine. I went out of body last night. After surveying collective human consciousness, I have the foll
  5. From universal perspective, my 'spiritual gifts' are in fact considered to be 'disabilities'. I have come into this world disabled from fully 'phasing' with the physical. In the same way that a radio that cannot tune into only one channel (and therefore receives multiple channels) is considered defective. But this defect was intentional and it also means that I can see things about this universe that others cannot. I can know, hear, see and feel things beyond the 'one channel' that most physical people are tuned into. People often ask me how I see the world (given my abnormal perce
  6. It is tempting to wall yourself off when you are hurt. Many people are advocates of that “walling off” as well. People would assume that my life experience has taught me that I need to protect myself and be more careful when it comes to love. But it has not. It has taught me about my own fear. Love never hurt or deceived anyone. Only fear can do that and for most of us, our love is cradled in so many layers of fear that we can no longer differentiate between our fear and our love. We say love is painful. We don’t understand that it is not the love that is painful. Love cannot be
  7. The collective energy in the realm of human consciousness lately is worry. Self help experts (like myself) all offer a plethora of tools that people can use to help themselves. Each one claims that their tool is “the end all be all”. But the truth is, that is the same as claiming that a hammer is “the end all be all”. Sometimes a hammer isn’t the tool you need. Sometimes a screwdriver is the tool you need. The key to living a successful life is to personalize your toolbox. We are meant to fill our toolbox with the individual tools that we have collected, which work for us personal
  8. The theme for the healing cycle occurring currently within the universe right now, is feeling. We are being called to explore the feelings that have been repressed within us. We are being called to be with and experience our feeling by diving into it and by not doing anything to try to change it. Reconnection with our feelings and the expression of those feelings within our body is the next step for all of us. It keeps coming up again and again and again. Yesterday, on a whim I decided to visit a somatic bodywork therapist. The interplay between the body, feelings and mind is so cruc
  9. The new is unfamiliar. The ego says, it could be your friend or it could be your enemy. There is no way to know. The ego says, because you cannot know… resist it. The spirit says, because you cannot know… allow it. If you resist it, you are resigned to only what you currently know. If you allow it, you will never be the same. The new will always transform you into something different. The old familiar ways have not delivered to you, the desires that you seek. They give you promises. But they are only ever empty promises. We want the new. But when it comes knocking on our door, we h
  10. The brain can be compared to a biological transfer device between non-physical consciousness and the physical body. What is to follow is a translation accomplished by a third dimensional brain of an experience that occurred in much higher dimensions. If you find the vibrational edge between the eleventh dimension and the twelfth dimension, you can observe the folding of separation into unification and the unfolding of unification into separation. It is almost like sitting on the edge of a comforting black hole. I imagine that it would feel very much like being a tiny baby, be
  11. Last night, we did an episode on our live stream show called shadow house, all about racism. It was by far the most intense show I’ve done yet. To tell you the honest truth, it is much easier to simply raise my frequency to a perspective that does not facilitate any kind of identification with fear or pain. But the true spiritual journey is integration. It is to marry physical and non-physical perspective. For thousands of years there has been a strict rule among spiritual teachers. The rule is: be the role. It is considered career suicide to deviate from the role. It is consider
  12. I am sitting on my bed, watching the rain descend across the trees and rooftops of this mountain town. There is a repetitive salutation that the clouds give to the light, whose pigment spills down across the scenery making everything shine. My cat is asleep and purring against me, his white and black fur is as soft as rabbit fur. There is a rare peace that has transcended over my life today. It is a peace so simple that it is flushed by an innocence like that which belongs to a child. I did not know this innocence as a child. And so, it is like I am living my life backwards. My childhoo
  13. Blake and I have been living together for over ten years. We are not friends. We are family. We took the place in each other’s lives that was filled only with the absence of belonging. And since then, we have added 7 members to our family. They are people from all over the world. Besides a common vision for positive world change, the web that weaves us together is the burning desire for a community to depend on and a group of people to call home. Throughout our lives, we were the people who had nowhere to fit in. Sometimes just for fun, we call ourselves “the island of misfit toys”, af
  14. I watch a new baby reaching for things in the airport and I know that he has started his journey, the journey of loosing himself. He does not know that what he possesses (the innocence and detachment of pure being-ness), is something that he will spend the rest of his life trying to get back. He takes it for granted in this arcade of distraction that we call life. His eyes follow the glittering colors and the migration of people down the corridors. The peacefulness of his being is becoming lost to the development of his mind. I can possess nothing. I can only enjoy these borrowed th
  15. We woke up this morning to a storm dispensing high winds and rain across the tropical landscape. We went out as a group, onto the beach before breakfast. The hotel managers stared at us with condescending smiles as if they were all making silent bets as to how long we “tourists” would last out there. The waves, instead of clear, had turned murky. The ocean was so choppy that it felt enraged and the beach was deserted, all save one woman who had to have been over 60 years old. She was wearing goggles and a 1940s swimsuit. I watched her through the thickness of the wind as she waited, wais
  16. I walked into the town in the lazy hours of the morning, to find a restaurant that offered vegan options and smoothies. There was hardly a car on the road the entire time we were out. I sat in a window seat and watched a couple argue as little birds hopped around beneath their feet, picking up the crumbs which were dropped from their breakfast plates. It’s amazing to me that I board a plane and in a few hours, I can be immersed in an entirely different culture and lifestyle. It’s disorienting. It causes me to forget myself. But sometimes that kind of forgetfulness is welcome. Our every
  17. Lido Key is a barrier island that is part of a large energetic vortex point on the gulf side of the Florida coast. The Paleo and Calusa natives used to use this spot as a ceremonial area to worship the sun. There is an unhurried energy about the area; a kind of slow, relishing lifestyle that is so common in tropical areas. Lido Key is famous for the surreal sand that makes up its beaches. It is made of 99% pure quartz crystal. The sand is so fine and white, that it feels and looks like powered sugar. The energy emanating from the quartz sand crystals creates a halo of energy that is
  18. I am in the air somewhere above Kansas on my way to Lido Key, Sarasota Florida for The Return to Atlantis Conference. The earth beneath me extends to the horizon, a patchwork of fields intersected by tiny roads. And the sky is a suspended ocean of blue above me. The clouds seem to pass underneath the plane in slow motion, the eternal expanse of them shining a titanium white; meadow upon meadow of them, bubbling up towards the belly of the plane. In all honesty the concept of flight by airplane never made sense to me. It feels a bit like flying thousands of feet in the air in a giant metal
  19. The third energy body (what many people call the sixth dimension) draws you in like a vacuum. Often times, you are blinded and surrounded by a dense and radiant light. Within the sixth dimension, you can visit multiple realities and multiple timelines in this universe. These realities and timelines are separated (as all things in the universe are) by vibration. This vibrational difference is interpreted upon return to the third dimensional mind like an “energy veil”. When a person is not accustomed to phasing the focus of their consciousness with the frequency of their higher dimensional
  20. Today I feel inspired to share my joy with you, by sharing a list of my favorite things. One of my favorite things to do when I’m getting to know someone is to send them a list of my favorite things, and then ask them to send me a list of their favorite things in return. I love knowing what people find irresistible and worth living for. So without any further ado, here’s my list: What I am doing with my life. (My career and life purpose as a leader of the new age movement and spiritual/life improvement teacher) Cerulean Blue (the color especially in glass form) Being touched
  21. Today, I logged onto Facebook to post my Saturday video and the first thing I saw on my news feed was a picture of a baby that was born last night (ironically to my first love and his wife). Every woman has this picture in their minds of the way their life is supposed to go. We imagine we will meet that perfect man. We imagine that we will get married in a beautiful wedding ceremony where everyone is happy for us and everyone gets along. We imagine that we will easily end up pregnant shortly thereafter and that pregnancy will be a glowy, magical time of bonding. Most of us imagine th
  22. Today was the first day of snow, my favorite day of the year. Like usual on the first day of snow, I went out into it and opened my bare chest to it; letting the downy snowflakes fall against my skin. In the meadows of the sky, I could see mile upon mile of them making their way to earth. I could feel the pull of winter in the air. I fell in love with the winter long ago and made my home in the heavy folds of its purity. A part of me still lives there. It will live there forever. There is a kind of warmth to the coldness of winter. It has a particular way of wrapping the land and all o
  23. I love cooking. It is profoundly loving to feed people. With that one gesture you can say, “I love you and so here is a token of my love. It represents my desire for you to thrive because it makes me happy when you thrive”. Food is a universal language. It brings people together on all continents and in all cultures on this planet. I often call it “the great unifier”. I love it when the busy activity of our individual lives stops and we come together around the table to share the experience of flavors. I was born with synesthesia (a “disorder” many extrasensory people have). Most
  24. The oppressive silence here is so thick that it is noisy. It is a silence that seems to fill up the space between the stars, which are strewn across the sky like pixie dust. With no light pollution whatsoever, this is one of the best “night watching” skies in the nation. It seems to me that the desert here possesses people. The longer they live here, the more they become extensions of this living gallery of wind and sandstone and burning sky. Boulder, Utah is a town on the border of the Grand Staircase -Escalante National Monument. It is a beautiful little isolated town with green me
  25. The energy in the desert is hurried today. The wind is blowing in frenetic patterns across the sandstone and through the juniper trees, making it hard to relax. I took this two-day vacation to disconnect from my life. But my mind has taken my life with me. I tried to take a bath and drink some tea and instead of enjoying it, I spent the entire time reminding myself to focus on the bath and the tea. At times like this, rather than resist your mind, it is best to just let it run where it wants to and wait for it to tire itself out (which it inevitably will). Blake isn’t doing much better t

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