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  1. I am in the air above the Atlantic Ocean. The murmurs of a flight completely full of passengers cannot be heard over the roar of the airplane engines. I have been too busy to write a blog this last few days. The workshop in Prague finished with a standing ovation. It was my favorite workshop yet. It is a kind of heaven to me that with the use of technology and interpreters, I can address a packed audience full of people who do not speak the same language as myself and still accomplish the same collective healing experience. And what words do not accomplish, faces do. I love nothing more
  2. The oppressive pain of communism has stained the buildings of this city. Oppressed people have one choice, and that is to find their sense of comfort and freedom by coming together. And so they have. Beneath the chilly soviet feel of the architecture, is a culture of warmth and depth. Like anywhere on earth, you can find amazingly wonderful people in Prague and also people whose pain has turned them into those who hurt others. But I will tell you that in general, the Czech people are some of my favorite people I’ve ever met. There is great emotional depth to them. These people, are not
  3. Roaming along the uneven cobblestone walkway near the River Thames, the world’s spectrum of faces pass by. From every different culture and country, they congregate to see the medieval remnants of the English empire. I spent the whole of the day watching people and visiting with friends. They have shown me that precious little pockets of genuineness and companionship exist in the oppressive, gray heaviness of this city. London is the most unfriendly city I’ve yet been to in the world. Like any extreme environment, it has bred the opposition. The counter culture here in London is a collec
  4. The rickety train made its way southeast along the tracks, swaying back and forth. Starting and stopping with little warning. The clash of metal against metal moving the passenger’s bodies in disorganized ways. Their attempts to physically stabilize themselves, perfectly mirroring their attempts to emotionally stabilize themselves in an unforgiving city and society and world. Eventually, the concrete and buildings became sparser and woods and fields could be seen between patches of houses and towns. The farther we got from the city, the more my anxiety melted away. We made our way to the
  5. Water covers the ground, like a thin sheet of glowing liquid glass whose reflections ripple and are distorted by delicate raindrops that fall across its surface. The Londoners below weave in and out of each other with a pace that causes a visceral sense of unease to arise within. It is a frenzied kind of movement. They walk with their preoccupied heads down (rain or shine) leading their hurried, rushing footsteps throughout the city streets. Nothing about this city is soothing. Nothing about this city encourages true presence. Across the road from me is a brick building that has been stan
  6. I grew up in the wilderness. I have never felt so much like a byproduct of the wilderness as I do today. Most people in the cities of Europe cannot comprehend ‘wilderness’. They will not comprehend of it until they see it with their own eyes; mile upon mile, upon mile of wild landscape, untouched by the hands of men. Man does not rule over the wilderness. He is a small, rebellious child of the wilderness. He has built this metropolis of concrete, cobblestone, metal and glass over the top of the wilderness. Like a teenage child who slams his door shut, so his parents cannot interfere in
  7. If we are going to love ourselves, we have to make the decision to prioritize our own happiness, but you can’t prioritize happiness until you begin to identify what happiness is for you. When we find ourselves in a negative space, the idea of trying to jump from that negative mental state to a positive mental state seems impossible. And as far as vibration is concerned, asking yourself to do that is like asking yourself to jump the Grand Canyon. For this reason, in addition to consciously working with those painful thoughts and emotions, it is valuable to create a bliss box. Creating a bli
  8. The hardest part about my job is that I am teaching truths in a multi-dimensional universe. I am also teaching truth to an audience that still desires conformity. What I mean by this is, everyone wants THE answer that applies to EVERY situation and that EVERYONE can agree on. This gives people a sense of security. The problem is, this actually impedes expansion in many ways. Today, I released a video called “Want to Be Happy? Give Up on Happiness!”. It is a video designed for people who are in a space of powerlessness about happiness. It is designed for people who feel like happine
  9. Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you have most likely heard about the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight 370. The Boeing 777 vanished with no distress signal and disabled ACARS on March 8 during a night time flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. 239 people were on board. Since then, the search effort has become a worldwide obsession. 26 countries are now involved in the search efforts. Every news outlet is flooded with updates and stories related to the event. And the plaguing question besides what happened to the plane and all the people aboard is… How the f#*k can a
  10. The glassy green of the sea, folds itself again and again into white foam against a glowing golden shore. The pelicans, like feathered dinosaurs float through the air in twos towards the surface of the water. They land and sit on the swell of the waves, which lift the tops of the heavy kelp beds. The beach is lined with tall palm trees. The way the wind filters through their feathery leaves, makes them look carefree. I am in Carlsbad, California again; this time not even for a day. In the early morning tomorrow I am doing an interview for the upcoming Hay House world summit. Once the in
  11. We are blocked from living in harmony with our true nature. We are prevented from living in the state of awareness. We are blocked from these things because we do not take the time to inquire within ourselves. Under normal conditions, we humans experience ourselves only partially. We do not experience ourselves in our authentic reality. We experience ourselves only through a thick veil of beliefs, images, ideas, memories, desires, external expectations, labels, assumptions, and things we think we know. All of these things are accumulated from the past. And so it can be said that we expe
  12. There is a difference between a personal boundary and a defensive wall. When a person has experienced painful childhood relationships, it is a guarantee that the personality structure of that person will be riddled with walls and defense strategies. Walls that do not come down easily. Defense strategies designed to incapacitate other people. The difference between a couple comprised of people who both experienced loving childhoods and a couple comprised of people who both did not, is that the couple that comes from loving childhoods, does not connect the dots between relationships and the
  13. What sets youth apart from adults, is their ability to recognize and surrender themselves to beauty and enjoyment. Happiness is straightforward for children until the adults around them present a complicated version of happiness, and urge them to agree with it. Wednesdays in my life belong to my son, Winter. I decided the best way to maintain a close relationship with him while culturing this hectic international career of mine, is to commit a day a week to just him, a day where my presence is not sporadic. I bought him a calendar so he can cross off the days and know what days he gets
  14. I received a message from someone today that inspired me greatly to write a blog entry about a subconscious pattern that so many of us have within us. It is a pattern that keeps on surfacing throughout our lives. It is the perpetual search for a rescuer. What do we want rescue from? We want rescue from our own minds and emotions and lives. We are in pain. Why did we find our way to the spiritual life and to self-help in the first place? Because for us, happiness is not easy. For us, happiness is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is a children’s Pixar film
  15. In your very hand Is found the power to open or to close. And every moment is a crossroads Which offers both an opening and a closing. It never ceases to amaze me How many miles we are willing to walk in someone else’s shoes. They do not fit us well. They leave bruises and blisters on our feet And until we take them off We cannot greet the world as ourselves. But I am glad I was not told these things upon my birth. For I could not know the sweetness Of greeting the world as myself If I had not first known the pain of greeting the
  16. I am flying to California today to meet with the CEO and the editorial director of HayHouse publishing about their plans for my new book “How To Love Yourself” and about my career direction. I am actually looking forward to this business visit because everything nowadays is done from behind a computer screen. There are people I have worked with for years that I have never met in person and will most likely never meet in person. I think business lacks a human element now. And in my line of work, the work I do is so deeply personal that it is crucial that the personal element weaves it’s way
  17. Sitting in my room this morning, waiting for my interview on the Edward Tyll radio show to begin, I was approached by an entity that I have nicknamed Ajax. He used to follow me around my house when I was young. He did not used to speak. I woke up one night and watched him bounce a ball incessantly against the door of my bedroom. He used to leave me things, things that would appear out of nowhere. And he also used to lead me to things. As cliche' as it may be, one day, when I was eight, he led me into a crawl space in my house where I found an actual old skeleton key. I still have no ide
  18. My Dear Friend, A child is born. Shortly thereafter, it is molded by society into something that is needed by society. The child becomes a utility, more like a part of a machine. Our society is a society of ignorance and cowardice. It is a society of ignorance because it fails to see that every person is born with a destiny and that by molding him or her into something, we prevent that destiny. Our society is cowardice because it does not want to take the risk of seeing what people would turn into and what society itself would turn into, if people were allowed to let that destiny un
  19. This week, so many people are feeling the mercury retrograde! From communication breakdowns to illness to delays to the past rearing its ugly head, this cycle has proven to be formidable indeed. The part no one tells you about getting to a place of safety and stability in your life is that your soul takes stability and safety not only as an excuse, but also as permission to heal all the unhealed parts within you. And when there is no external adversary, there is no further distraction from the adversary within. As per usual, this cycle of healing is happening in tandem with the planetary c
  20. Our plane took off for its four-hour flight back to Utah just hours before Atlanta’s second snowstorm of the month was expected to hit. Granted, the wet snow turns to sheer ice on the roads in the south. But Blake and I were laughing this morning when the hotel concierge and taxi drivers asked us if we are prepared for the snow and referred to the snowstorm as a “state of emergency”. In the south (which is unprepared for snow removal), snow shuts the entire city down. In Utah, school doesn’t even get cancelled unless there is literally NO way to get to school. In Utah, that means it would
  21. From my room on the 18th floor of this hotel, the view is extensive. The city skyline is doused in a gray blue haze. A train is winding its way in a lazy arc below. The trees, which all seem to grow to one level, form a dark, mossy green carpet below. You can only barely see the houses, which are sparsely dotted beneath them. True to what you’d expect of a humid area like the south, the paint is chipping off of the wood on the sides of the houses. It evokes a ghost like feeling that the old southern life is still here, just beneath a coat of modern paint. The people of Atlanta are t
  22. These hotel stays serve as my only access to television because we intentionally disconnected the cable at our house. Long story short, I am currently having a hay day watching the Olympic games. My adrenaline levels keep going up and down, up and down watching the athletes on the screen. Olympics are pure heaven to me. I could be riveted with them all day long if I let myself be. I'm sure I'll be writing more about the Olympics in the weeks to come. I am waiting two more days to make my final assessment, but so far it is looking like Atlanta may be a food city! I reserve that title
  23. My mother is a product of the sixties. She was heavily involved in the United Farm Worker’s Movement, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement and most of all, the Feminist Movement. In the 1960s women began protesting for equal rights. It was a time of reform for the stereotype of “womanhood”. Many women began burning their bras as a statement of freedom. It was a statement of freedom from the tyranny of men. It was a statement of freedom from their limited, expected roles as housekeepers and mothers. And it was a statement of freedom from the expectation that women need to alter their natural st
  24. Last night, one of our community members Bonnie (pictured at right with me on a hike we took back in the summer) returned to Canada on account of her visa running out. There is an emptiness left behind where she used to be. I know that the universe seeks to fill voids. When space is opened up, it is quickly filled in with something else. But today I am experiencing exactly what it feels like to not want a space that was once occupied by someone loved to be filled by someone new. This world is geographically small, small enough that it takes only days to fly to the other side of it. But i
  25. I am in the middle of painting a new frequency painting today. I love the sound of the paintbrush against the canvas. I love the feeling of pulling brilliant colors across the white. It is amazing to me how art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the very same time. An artist is always devout, even if he or she does not realize it. In the act of creating art, one must be aligned with their own essence enough for self-expression to occur. Aristotle once said my favorite thing about art, “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward sig

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