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  1. GabijaCij


    If we want to find unity in a conflict, we have to stop invalidating each other or even trying to get each other to change our perception. Instead, we must shift our focus to the other party’s estimation of unsafety… The vulnerability underneath that ‘war’ they are waging.
  2. GabijaCij


    We will react in direct response to the reality that we, alone perceive.
  3. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the world today and to see just how divided people are. Relative to almost every subject, there are concrete sides. This creates a dramatic polarization. That polarization fuels division and war. Especially because so many of these polarizations that exist today are about fears, insecurities and therefore deeply held values. So, what do we do if we want unity in the world?
  4. GabijaCij

    Herb Bath

    Teal found a traditional Turkish healing herb bath.
  5. GabijaCij

    Herb Bath

    I found an incredible Turkish wood fire herb bath. Carmel CA 2021
  6. Video from the "Shadows Before Dawn" book signing in the UK. All about Self Love!
  7. GabijaCij


    Teal met a cat friend today. This is why Teal related to cats personally.
  8. How do you build up trust in friendships?
  9. Sometimes a small invalidation from a parent can turn out to be a big trauma for the child.
  10. Looking to complete something or finish what you start is an important element of creating success, except for when it comes to things where there is never going to be an end. For more on this, Teal made a whole YouTube Ask Teal episode - What if You Can Never Get it Done?
  11. Teal met up with one of her friends, Kyle Cease, today. See what they have to say about stage fright.
  12. Happy Valentines Day!
  13. GabijaCij


    Most women need a man to be 'large' but are afraid of him being 'large' at the same time. 'Large' in this sense means all kinds of things like confident, strong and powerful.
  14. Many men in the modern world have been stripped of their masculinity and therefore stripped of their power.
  15. When a man is trained to be “nice” by his parents or by modern society, he is usually not actually being trained to be nice. Instead, that’s usually a smokescreen. In reality, he’s usually being trained to get rid of his natural power. He’s being trained to get rid of his masculinity.
  16. GabijaCij


    A flip in polarity is to blame for so many relationship issues between men and women today.
  17. GabijaCij

    Nice Guy

    Saying that a woman doesn’t want you because you are nice is a way for you to avoid looking at the actual issue… The traits that you are currently not exhibiting that women need in order to feel good in a relationship.
  18. GabijaCij


    A woman isn’t unattracted to a man because he’s nice. What is actually happening is that she is unattracted to him because he lacks other traits that most women are not only attracted to, but actually need in order to feel good in a relationship.
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