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Premium Record Comments posted by GabijaCij

  1. 16 minutes ago, Hyejin said:

    No, I meant 'Video' one, not the audio one.

    I could find this on Youtube, but there was no video. So, I purchased Monthly Premium to watch the video.  But since you just left this Youtube version with only audio, I guess there was no actual VIDEO version of Paris workshop in the premium contents? 

    Hope that you just left this without any words or explanation not to get any complaint in an attempt to blind or confuse myself. 





    I do not think we filmed this event :(

  2. On 1/16/2018 at 6:42 AM, Hyejin said:

    Hi, I was trying to send this message through the 1 to 1 message, but the message box didn't work, so I am just writing this question here :( 

    After I purchased Monthly Premium, I started looking for the video clip of Paris Synchronization Workshop held in 2015 but couldn't find the clips. 

    So..I was wondering whether I could watch that Paris one :( 



  3. 17 hours ago, Waterfall said:

    Witch time zone are you in....? The US is quite huge...

    It's 11AM to 2PM MDT timezone :)

    12 hours ago, BeeWub said:

    I don't really understand how to log into the chat next to the I just create a new account and if so wouldn't I have to pay another premium membership to access the live event and how would I log onto two accounts at once?

    The chat is a separate platform, not linked to your tealswan account in any way.

  4. 7 hours ago, Oliv1 said:

    Im having a really hard time in my life at The moment. Is it possible to join The event without being in a group of 4 and The The excersizes? 

    Yes, youcan skip over the group exercises

    6 hours ago, Oliv1 said:

    Maybe I misunderstood The time-zone-differensiert and have already missed it?

    Google "MDT local time" so you know how much is left at any time :)

  5. On 10/28/2017 at 10:00 AM, Hyejin said:

    Well this is off the content though, I have a suggestion that when Teal demonstrate some practice, and if there need to be some volunteers for it, it would be good and comfortable for volunteers to have a chair while waiting for Teal to ask them something. I was watching the Part work, and I felt that the volunteers looked a bit tired standing for  a while. and it made me worried watching them . just my suggestion. Enjoying watching the contents!  

    Thanks for the suggestion :)

    The people standing on stage were Teal's Team, we're used to all kinds of things and processes. Standing around for a few minutes is definitely no problem. But thank you for your condern <3

  6. I would like to address the fact that we had some replay issues with this workshop previously.

    We apologise for the technical difficulties on our end. We have made several changes to the way that we upload these videos now and some more updates to our system and hope that now all replays work well and are enjoyable to watch. If you run into a video that lags, freezes or is otherwise difficult to watch please let us know via the contact form or by messaging me.


    Thank you for your patience.

  7. 23 hours ago, Elisabeth said:

    When I try to buy the meditation on gimroad it says "this product is not currently for sale"


    23 hours ago, Ruth said:

    Yes! Same Issue :)


    22 hours ago, Marivisarria said:

    Same problem here


    21 hours ago, Victoria said:

    same problem :/


    18 hours ago, Curlylupe said:

    There is no audio for this file. I've tried downloading it many times and listening through different modes but it's just blank.


    16 hours ago, Carole said:

    the file is blank, I can't hear anything!


    12 hours ago, Aubrie said:

    This meditation has no audio.


    12 hours ago, Ruth said:

    Same :(


    6 hours ago, Irina said:

    Hi! same problem here. The meditation has no audio.


    5 hours ago, Kitty C said:

    Same, the audio is blank.

    All fixed now. Sorry about that!

  8. 4 hours ago, Crystal Rob said:

    I will have to watch this again. I'm leaving a comment after watching this some hours ago and being distracted. The sound wasn't helpful but the hurt feeling between my lovely Teal and Ale the cameraman left me feeling hollow. I have picked up on a couple of times now Teal feeling hurt by Ale and I tell you all, I hate it. I doubt I could do any better and am unsure if anyone can with Teal; her 'knowing' what her supposed loved one thinks puts anyone in a hurtful situation and I empathise. I feel for you both Teal and Ale and hope it works out between you, I really do. 

    Am I being over-sensitive on this? Let me know people, please?

    I am going to sleep now and will be sending you Ale and Teal my best wishes. I feel like an anxious parent wanting his kids to get together in a true and pure connection once more. I feel the worry and love of a parent. Maybe a good slap to wake them both up: "Hey, don't fuck this up - you have a good thing going!" is the answer.

    Ale, go talk to Blake as he has been Teal's constant (but I know what he will say)... "Ale just stay true man - you know Teal knows anyway - be true to Teal and do what you can for her here, now - forever authentic to her."

    My dreams will be about Hope and Truth. No fairy tales here; just raw and open to the end.

    Light be here

    crystal Rob

    Ale didn't film the video, he wasn't even in the room :)


    I'm the girl in the black dress sitting on the floor in the background. 

  9. On 6/15/2017 at 6:32 AM, Sofia Vegan said:

    Dear Teal,

    Please consider to use vegan brands, there are several that are fabulous and you will be supporting ethical businesses at the same time <3
    The non-vegan ones test on animals and/or contain animal products such as bee wax, honey, dairy sub-products, smashed insects (cochinilla), eggs, urea and even animal placenta, etc.

    There are a lot of vegan makeup (and any kind of toiletries) brands lists, here are some that I find useful:

    In this website you can choose by country and product to find cruelty free brands:

    Love and Gratitude <3

    As she said in the video, all of her make up is vegan :)


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