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Premium Record Comments posted by GabijaCij

  1. 14 hours ago, Vienna said:

    Can you make an emotions e-course that is all about feeling and processing emotions? Or a meditation for just feeling your emotions?

    Look into Teal's Completion Process. It's literally about processing your emotions.

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  2. 15 hours ago, Vegdrummer said:

    Which card is 53? From what I can tell, the tarot deck app doesn't have them numered.

    Yes. On the app you can search "Identification". The number is on the card 🙂 

  3. 18 minutes ago, Vienna said:

    Thanks, yes both the support address and the contact form in the shop. The only time I got through was with

    My personal email is different from the billable email. I will just try again later.

    Oh, I see. I checked for the one on file. You can also email

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  4. 13 hours ago, Vienna said:

    Hi! Would you know, why is there never a response when writing about an issue to the support email? I've written three times over the course of two years and never received a response.

    Hey, the support team doesn't have any emails from you. Are you emailing

  5. 7 hours ago, Witt said:

    @GabijaCij I know this is the workshop lol but was there more to it than this?????? Or did she just have them do a Judgement exercise? If there's more, will it be uploaded in the workshops section on premium? 

    Sorry, idk about this

  6. 13 hours ago, Vienna said:

    Hi! Would you know, why is there never a response when writing about an issue to the support email? I've written three times over the course of two years and never received a response.

    😮 we typically respond in 1-3 days. I will check with the support team

  7. On 7/6/2021 at 6:14 PM, Vienna said:

    I have a request for a "feel your emotions" meditation!

    I also wonder about the prices for the courses. I received many emails of the Crisis course for sale for 299 $, then today it was 99 $. I think the difference is that the first one has access to a support group? Even if that's the case, we could have been given both options at the same time. It seems very 'markety' otherwise. I would have felt regret buying the first offer for that much more, just like I did when I bought the Self Love course on sale, then at the end of the sale there was an even better offer that included a year of premium.

    This isn't to say I don't think the original price is worth paying, it just feels regrettable to buy something then a few days later it's 1/3 of the price.

    email, they can help you navigate some of your questions 🙂 

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  8. 3 hours ago, Kitty C said:

    Got it immediately!😊 I was thinking about this for a while now, and now it's here. Words can't describe how excited I am right now.😳

    Yay! Leave a review if you have a few minutes 😉 on the app store that is.

  9. 5 hours ago, deepforest7 said:

    Anyway to do the Keys To Clarity if I don't have a Facebook?

    You don't need FB to do it. It's not on FB 🙂 That's just a mutual support group...

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  10. 11 hours ago, deepforest7 said:

    Is there any recommended 'warm-up' to get into the right frame of mind?

    I don't know of any other than...

    We've only ever done where first you get out of your own perspective. Like consciously say that you're leaving your subjective perspective in the moment. And THEN get into the parts.

  11. 4 hours ago, deepforest7 said:

    My understanding of Teal's process:

    1. Define a part that you want to work with

    2. Put two chairs next to each other. Sit in one of the two chairs and as you do, go into one side of the split (part)

    3. Once this part has been explored to a fair understanding, stand up from the chair and try to neutralize self

    4. Sit in the other chair, and take on the perspective of the other side of split 

    5. Work on mediating between the two sides and make conscious decisions about how relevant each part is to your current life


    I just seem to never get into state as quickly as Teal seems to coach people into on video

    Yup. You can also do it in writing and minus the chairs if that makes it easier.

    With practice it gets super easy 🙂 You got this

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  12. 16 hours ago, deepforest7 said:

    It's a good start but if nothing is coming up? I feel I need a meditation or something stronger  

    Feelings will come up, sensations in your body, maybe memories, maybe visuals, etc. You should watch Teal's video on Parts Work, it has an in depth explanation

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  13. 5 hours ago, deepforest7 said:

    I meant like how do you identify the part 

    That is literally how 🙂 Say something like "I now take on the part of me that is bulldozing" and talk to whatever comes up.

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  14. On 2/2/2021 at 7:58 PM, MollyMadison16 said:

    Hi Teal,

    My request is that you make a success guided visualization video. A video that guides us in visualizing and feeling into our best possible outcome for whatever we are trying to achieve 🙂 

    Hi, we've been trying to reach you in regards to your Curveball ticket purchase via email, phone, DMs, trying a message here now 🙂 Any way we can contact you? -Teal's Team


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