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  1. GabijaCij

    Desire More

    You will always desire more. That does not mean you cannot at the same time appreciate what is. That does not mean you will always be unhappy with what you have.
  2. GabijaCij


    What does it really mean to commit? Read more on The Fear of Commitment (And How To Get Over It)
  3. Houston Synchronization Workshop 2017 - Part 1/2
  4. Houston Synchronization Workshop 2017 - Part 1/2
  5. Houston Synchronization Workshop 2017 - Part 1/2
  6. Houston Synchronization Workshop 2017 - Part 1/2
  7. How Discipline Leads to Happiness - Do you want to know how discipline can lead you to happiness? In this video, I'll explain how you can achieve happiness by just being disciplined.
  8. Here is Teal's Meditation to Release Resistance and Allow
  9. GabijaCij

    By @lexakaiia

  10. GabijaCij

    In Rejection

    People have somehow gotten the idea that to live a successful, good and right life, they must live in the rejection and controlling of their human impulses, human instinct, human desires, human biology, human physiology, human needs, human limitations, human thoughts, human emotions. It is a perpetual life of self-denial and self-rejection.
  11. GabijaCij

    Testing You

    Consider that the universe is not testing you because it is amused by watching you struggle to prove yourself. The universe may just be testing you so that YOU discover your free will. So that YOU know what you are made of. So that YOU discover your strength. So that YOU learn something absolutely essential to your future wellbeing. So that YOU can actualize your potential. Or so that YOU find your purpose, for example.
  12. A setback, a downside, a failure, a weakness or a challenge is usually not a message from the universe to quit or not do something in the first place.
  13. GabijaCij

    Inner Compass

    The inner compass is designed to lead you in the direction of what is in your best interests. But just because something is in your best interests does not mean that it will necessarily be pleasurable.
  14. GabijaCij

    Divine Plan

    Not all elements of synchronicity are pleasurable. Not every element of a divine plan feels good.
  15. Just because your internal guidance system (following what feels good and what feels like a yes to you) leads you into something painful, that is not a reason that you should distrust yourself and abandon your internal guidance system.
  16. GabijaCij

    In His Power

    For a man to be strongly in his power, as much as possible he needs to base his confidence on things that are not in the hands of others.

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